PUBG: Dodgebomb War Mode Guide

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Dodgebomb is PUBG’s most recent constrained time mode and it’s touched base with a blast (sorry). As the name recommends, it’s a mode centered absolutely around the mayhem that a skillet, molotov and 20 frag projectiles can cause.

Groups of 10 players will drop into Erangel furnished with a suite of apparatus ideal for detonating foes or smacking them very close. As it’s a War Mode vent, players can respawn in planes that fly by like clockwork, however there aren’t any knockdowns – just impact offs.

Underneath we’ve assembled all that you have to think about this new occasion mode and it’s immensely significant ruleset. We’ve additionally featured the occasion plan, what numbers you’ll have the option to line in and a couple of different subtleties as well.

War Mode – Dodgebomb Start and End Date/Times:


Dodgebomb starts on the ninth August 2018 at 7:00PM PST. That is tenth August 4:00 AM CEST and 11:00 AM KST for those of you in different pieces of the world.


The occasion arrives at an end on twelfth August 7:00 PM PST or thirteenth August 4:00AM CEST or 11:00AM KST.

Dodgebomb: Ruleset

Here’s a finished rundown of all the extraordinary guidelines for the occasion, including what weapons you can utilize, what number of individuals you can collaborate with and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Accessible Queues

  • 10-man squads on Erangel
  • NA/EU/AS: TPP and FPP


Event Rules

  • No weapons or vehicles bring forth on the planet.
  • Climate is Sunny.
  • Red zones are handicapped.
  • Executioner spectating is impaired.
  • Care bundles are handicapped.
  • Benevolent flame is handicapped.
  • Dodgebomb is a War Mode occasion.
  • 30 Players crosswise over 3 groups on Erangel.
  • Players generate with 20 frag projectiles, a molotov, lvl 3 protection, and a skillet.
  • Thump downs are debilitated. When you take deadly harm, you kick the bucket in a split second.
  • Killed players respawn in planes that fly by like clockwork.
  • Killing an adversary procures your group 3.
  • In the event that no group arrives at 100 preceding as far as possible, the group with the most focuses wins.
  • 10-man squads as it were. Auto-coordinating on.

Source By YouTube: The7WorldsGaming



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