PUBG: How to drop items (Xbox One and Pc)

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You won’t go anyplace in PUBG in case you’re not hoovering up plunder as it so happens and preparing the absolute best apparatus you must hand. Weapons, protection and consumables all drop into your stock openings which can be extended by wearing a rucksack. It’s significant that you have your weapons and things arranged, alongside your stock oversaw.

A gigantic piece of stock administration isn’t simply re-rearranging a couple of bits to a great extent. Once in a while you’ll have to drop things that are occupying an excessive amount of room or discard things seemingly out of the blue to prepare for a weapon that is too great to even consider passing up.

PUBG’s not really the most straightforward game and in case you’re new to procedures, it tends to be precarious to make sense of how to drop things and the quickest approaches to do as such. To assist you with trip we’ve assembled a guide that will take you through the procedure.

How to drop items

Here’s the way to drop things in PUBG.


  • Enter your stock by squeezing [TAB] or [I].
  • Snap and drag the thing over the left half of your screen to the opening where it says [Ground] and discharge.
  • Dropping a weapon that is got connections prepared will drop both. On the off chance that there are any connections you need to keep, ensure you’ve taken them off first.
  • On the off chance that you have heaps of one thing and you need to drop just a couple, there’s a method to do as such. Hold [CTRL] while hauling a thing from your stock to the ground. When you’ve done as such, it’ll spring up with a message saying what number of you need to dispose of. Information anyway numerous you need and snap “Drop”.


Xbox One

  • Press the Inventory catch to access…you got it, the stock.
  • Utilize the privilege and left guards to explore your stock.
  • Press [Y] on a thing to drop it.
  • Hold [Y] to drop the entirety of a thing.
  • In the event that you have to expel every one of the connections from a weapon, hold [X] on it.

Source By YouTube: Minute Manual



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