PUBG: Event Mode – PGI 2018 Guide

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PUBG’s Global Invitational 2018 occasion is as of now going on in Berlin and it’s effectively the greatest PUBG occasion to date. In case you’re uninformed of what it is, or how it works, it’s basically a big showdown with all the best groups from around the world engaging it out to be delegated the victors of the chicken supper.

To celebrate the event, PUBG’s discharged a unique PGI 2018 Event Mode which replaces the customary arrangement with the expert ruleset. This implies matches will move at a quickened pace with plunder, vehicles and all the more bringing forth on the guide a lot quicker. Indeed, even the Blue Zone tightens at a quicker rate!

In this article we’ve laid out all that you’ll have to think about this new PGI 2018 Event Mode and its exceptionally significant ruleset. We’ve featured the occasion plan, what you’ll have the option to line in, the guide and a couple of different things as well.

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 is live at this moment. To stay aware of all the activity, or get a short review of what it’s about, ensure you look at our PUBG Global Invitational 2018 guide!

PUBG – PGI 2019 Event Mode: Start and End Date/Times

The PGI 2018 Event Mode started on 26th July at 7:00PM PST. That was 3:00AM here in the UK and 4:00AM in Europe.

The occasion finds some conclusion this Sunday 29th july. Once more, it’s a 7:00PM PST complete which makes an interpretation of over to the UK and Europe as well.

PUBG – PGI 2018 Event Mode: Rules

Here are all the uncommon principles set up for this occasion. In the event that there’s ever a period you needed to go expert, well now’s an ideal opportunity to rehearse as you’ll be playing with their selective ruleset!


Accessible Queues

  • 4-man squads on Erangel.
  • All locales: FPP as it were.

Official Ruleset

  • Point of view is bolted to FPP (like in numerous famous focused occasions).
  • The blue zone moves more rapidly than in games with typical settings.
  • Weapons brings forth are more liberal. (AR, SR, DMR x1.5, SMG x1.2, Crossbow x0.1)
  • Red zones are handicapped.
  • 20 autos with selective decals (and full gas tanks) are generated in fixed areas crosswise over 20 milestone regions. (It would be ideal if you note, there’s a known issue where the extraordinary vehicle in North Georgopol is stuck on the gatekeeper rail.)
  • The mode is restricted to four-man squads. Auto-coordinating is constrained.
  • The mode is restricted to 80 most extreme players (20 groups of four players).
  • Normal consideration bundle drops are empowered
  • Executioner spectating is empowered.
  • Climate is set to “Radiant Clear”.




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