PUBG Farm BP Guide: Best Way to Get and Farm BP (2019)

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Dropping into a guide loaded up with players hungry for blood is a vital part of PUBG. Regardless of whether you figure out how to endure the following confusion or succumb to the swing of a Pan, you’ll be remunerated with Battle Points (BP).

How to Get and Farm BP

Players will consistently procure BP for playing matches and they are utilized to buy cases which contain an assortment of corrective prizes. On the off chance that you need a sweet new shirt, a well-fitted shirt or an uncommon hoodie, at that point you’ll have to procure BP to be in with an opportunity.

There are at present three criteria to satisfy when acquiring BP in PUBG, and they all relate to how well you perform in game. Bite the dust ahead of schedule without truly achieving anything? At that point you’ll procure far short of what somebody who’s dispensed with various rivals before stowing a Chicken Dinner.

Beneath we’ve assembled a basic guide which’ll enable you to acquire more BP per coordinate so you can get spend them on those restorative filled cartons.

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How to earn more BP


With regards to winning BP in PUBG, it boils down to how well you perform in game. Here’s the criteria for winning BP:

  • Kills – How many players you’ve killed.
  • Rank – How long you survived in a match.
  • Hits – How much damage you inflicted to other players.

Likewise, you’ll additionally win various measures of BP relying upon which mode you play. Here’s a breakdown of the amount BP you procure for a success in each game sort:

  • Solo – 800 BP.
  • Duo – 400 BP.
  • Squad – 200 BP.


Farming BP

In case you’re hoping to procure BP quick, your most logical option is to pursue executes instead of attempting to make due for whatever length of time that conceivable. Concealing ceaselessly may net you nice BP per coordinate, yet it can take for eternity. Continually dropping into fervently challenged regions and battling different players will cost you not so much time but rather more regularly than not, it’ll demonstrate to be progressively rewarding.

You’ll need to drop in populated urban areas or zones which numerous players normally assemble, similar to School or Hacienda Del Patron. On the off chance that you figure out how to get by subsequent to killing various players, attempt and in any event get by for whatever length of time that conceivable. Something else, jump straight once again into matchmaking and rehash the procedure!

It merits referencing that this hyper-forceful methodology wins you more BP, however it’s an extraordinary method for really improving at the game. Always searching out gunfights will fix your point, uplift your game-sense and progressively increment your certainty when dueling adversaries.

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