PUBG: Find the Best Places to Drop in Sanhok Map

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The PUBG Sanhok map, is by a long shot the littlest in PUBG, estimating simply 4x4km – the PUBG Erangel guide and PUBG Miramar guide are 8x8km, while the PUBG Vikendi guide is 6x6km. A great deal of Sanhok is water, as well, further limiting the play region, which can make it feel disordered. In the event that you’re kicking the bucket time after time too immediately, at that point give this PUBG Sanhok guide direct a read for certain pointers on the best places to begin each adjust.

Sanhok’s size methods there’s an a lot higher possibility you’ll arrive with different players, particularly in the named areas, so you should be prepared to battle any place you choose to drop. In any case, similarly as with each PUBG map, there are a few regions you should support over others, and we’ll go through them beneath. Drop in these spots and you’ll have a vastly improved possibility of triumph.

Paradise Resort

Heaven resort is one of only a handful few named territories towards the focal point of the guide and offers some strong plunder for anybody that goes there. It’s really a quite enormous region, so can deal with different individuals dropping, however the open yards you need to cross mean sooner or later you are most likely going to be in a battle. Regardless of whether you believe it’s far enough away from the plane way that nobody will go there, there’s constantly a high possibility of somebody going along with you.

Just as being a well known area, there is likewise an absence of vehicle produces. Well that is not regularly a gigantic issue since strolling anyplace in Sanhok is really simple at an opportune time, yet is something to remember. Be that as it may, neither of these issues ought to be sufficient to dismiss you – the plunder here is extraordinary and in the event that you endure you’ll be in a strong position.

Boot Camp

Training camp should be what might be compared to School or Pecado on Sanhok. Its privilege in the guide and has truly elevated plunder produce rates, however the key contrast here is that the size and format of Boot Camp mean different individuals can coincide in the territory for a long time.

There will be a great deal of battles, however its not exactly on the level where just a single individual will endure. Various individuals can discover out of Boot Camp and typically with some incredible apparatus. It has maybe the best plunder on the total of Sanhok and all that could possibly be needed to unit out different individuals. Simply make certain to check wherever for dead player boxes, in light of the fact that they will regularly have done a great deal of the plundering for you.


On the off chance that you need a progressively loosened up time, at that point head to the gigantic quarry, which is likewise genuinely focal. Nobody drops here on the grounds that the plunder is restricted and you are uncovered from practically every point. Be that as it may, as nobody drops anyplace close here you are normally ensured a simple initial couple of minutes.

The plunder is the issue, yet in the event that you are distant from everyone else, at that point you can ordinarily turn out with two or three strong weapons and enough gear to oversee you. The greater part of the cases and boxes have a potential plunder generate over them, so make certain to scale over the high ground zones to find the best weapons.

The huge drawback here is that anybody passing by will have the option to spot you and you will have constrained spread and be on the low ground. So this truly is a spot to drop, snatch enough hope to get by and after that leave and attempt to chase slaughters.

Camp Bravo

Like the greater part of different camps on Sanhok, Camp Bravo offers some extraordinary plunder, however its area on the edge of the guide can make it a torment if the circle isn’t benevolent. On the off chance that you are sure about your revolutions, at that point this is a strong drop, and there are three potential vehicle brings forth in nearness to the camp to assist in such manner.

On the off chance that you are tested by different players on the drop, at that point you need to avoid the center structures. There’s a huge amount of open windows here which means you can without much of a stretch be shot in the back when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore. Adhere to the edge on the off chance that others are with you and attempt to find them napping.


Ha Thin

Ha Thin is a shockingly enormous zone to plunder, and its format implies you can rapidly travel through it and proceed onward with a not too bad weapons store in your rucksack. It’s practicality truly relies upon the plane way, anything excessively southern and this is likely a terrible call, yet on the off chance that you can arrive at it effectively it is an incredible drop.

It’s northern position may cause it to appear to be a bizarre area to drop, however there is a heap of vehicle generates here, for both land and ocean, so getting to the primary circle will never be an issue. In our brains this is extremely a top level drop, sure the plunder probably won’t be as dependable as state Boot Camp, yet you’d must be very unfortunate to not turned out with in any event an AR and some adequate reinforcement.

Sah Mee

Sanhok is unquestionably ailing in appropriate urban zones, however Sah Mee is most likely the nearest you will get. This obviously brings a great deal of plunder, yet with it being all in two story houses its not the most effortless spot to plunder productively. You’ll likewise must be cautious when moving from working to building, since it is truly simple to sneak past somebody unnoticed.

The fundamental motivations to drop here is the plunder accessible and the spread the region gives. You will in all likelihood be joined by another player or two, regardless of whether it is a decent good ways from the plane, however giving you play shrewd and don’t simply run capriciously from working to building you would all be able to get some respectable plunder before the battles unavoidably start.

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