PUBG Guide: How to Win Latest Update (2019)

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Communication is Key

On the off chance that you’re playing in DUOS or Squads, at that point speaking with your group will be vital to your prosperity and capacity to remain alive for quite a while. You can utilize the games worked in VOIP, however on the off chance that you’re searching for an instrument that gives you better voice quality, at that point applications like Discord and TeamSpeak—or even Mumble—will carry out the responsibility much better. It will likewise enable you to convey between matches, to ensure everybody is prepared to go.

Land Fast, Strike Faster

Landing rapidly can be critical in PUBG, particularly in case you’re attempting to go for progressively populated territories. The speedier you can get your boots on the ground, the quicker you will almost certainly get your hands on apparatus and begin protecting yourself. In case you will make due until the end, ensure you get some defensive layer, a head protector, and some medicinal things to keep yourself in tip top condition for the term of the match. This is the initial step to progress, and certainly one that you’ll turn out to be better at as you play the game more.


Play Defensively

Probably the greatest misstep you can make in case you’re attempting to make it as far as possible of the match, is to play excessively forceful. Running and gunning won’t get you far in PUBG, so realizing how to play protectively, and trust that your adversaries will come to you will be vital to your prosperity. You can utilize vantage focuses like housetops, corridors, and even windows to watch out for conceivable foe areas, all while benefiting as much as possible from your area. Make an effort not to push excessively on the off chance that you figure a foe might be adjacent. Rather, let them come to you.

Know Your Cover

Spread in PUBG can be an exceptionally whimsical thing. Covering up in an inappropriate fix of grass can leave you presented to players far away—whose grass hasn’t totally rendered in—and taking up a spot behind a divider could leave you presented to assaults from behind. Attempt to set yourself up with great spread spots that don’t have a ton of vantage focuses looking down onto them, as this will decrease the quantity of slugs you need to stress over taking in the back.

Remember these things when you dispatch into PUBG, and remember to take as much time as is needed as you clear your path through the world, looking for that Chicken Dinner. On the off chance that you can keep these things at the front line of your brain, and utilize these methodologies, at that point you’ll wind up battling less and less to make it into that Top 10. For the present, head back over to our PUBG direct for more assistance, and make certain to look at our guide on the best way to discover a vehicle in case you’re experiencing difficulty scoring yourself an approach to get around effectively.

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