PUBG: How to Heal Yourself Guide [Updated 2019]

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A Battle Royale game like PUBG is about survival, and with 99 other individuals out to ensure that you don’t in certainty endure, all things considered, you’ll get something beyond a couple of scratches.

Wellbeing doesn’t naturally recover in PUBG, however fortunately there are many approaches to bring top up your wellbeing bar if things do get somewhat furry. Things go right from moves of Bandages and heaps of Energy Drinks that will recuperate you a bit, to massive Med Kits that are difficult to find yet will totally reestablish all your HP in one use.

Beneath we’ve assembled a guide that will take you through how to recuperate yourself, just as rundown the majority of the mending things in the game alongside their adequacy.

When you’re set here, ensure you investigate our tremendous PUBG control as it contains all that you could need to think about the game!

PUBG: How do I heal myself?

Here’s a breakdown of how you can mend yourself in PUBG.

  • First you’ll have to get a mending thing, how about we use Bandages with the end goal of this model.
  • Open up your stock.
  • Discover the Bandages and right snap to utilize them. Each recuperating thing has an alternate cast time and once they’ve slipped by, the mending impact will trigger. Little side to side developments won’t disturb the cast, yet intentional steps will.
  • Default hotkeys 7, 8, 9 and 0 compare to Med Kits, First Aid Kits, Bandages and Booster Items separately.
  • You can likewise appoint diverse keys to certain recuperating things in the choices menu in case you’re on PC.

PUBG: How does the healing system work?

Beneath we’ve assembled a review of the mending framework in PUBG. There’s a whole other world to it than meets the eye!

  • At the base of your screen you’ll see a long white bar – this is your wellbeing bar. Take harm from any source and this’ll drain.
  • Legitimately over your wellbeing bar is the supporter bar. You top this off with explicit promoter things and it’ll apply distinctive mending buffs.
  • There are three essential wellbeing things in PUBG: Bandages, First Aid Kits and Med Kits. These all reestablish your wellbeing bar.
  • There are likewise three promoter things in PUBG: Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Adrenaline Shots. These all expansion your promoter bar.
  • Top off your sponsor bar and it’ll gradually renew your wellbeing after some time. The more it’s full, the quicker the wellbeing recovery. On the off chance that it’s pushed to the limit, you’ll additionally pick up a little development speed help also.


PUBG: Healing and Boost Items

Healing Items List

Bandages – These can be found in heaps of five and are the most minimal level recuperating thing in the game. They each have a four second cast time and will recover 10 wellbeing more than seven seconds once connected. Be that as it may, you can just recuperate up to a limit of 75% HP with Bandages.

First Aid Kit – These take six seconds to cast and will recuperate you up to 75%.

Med Kit – The best mending thing in the game, yet one that is elusive. It has a long cast time of eight seconds yet once complete, it’ll reestablish you to most extreme HP.

Booster Items List

Energy Drink – The least level supporter accessible and the one you’ll discover most usually out in nature. They take four seconds to cast and will fill 40% of your sponsor bar.

Painkiller – Painkillers take seven and a half seconds to utilize and fill 60% of your sponsor bar. They’re a pleasant update over the Energy Drink.

Adrenaline Shot  – These are very difficult to find as they’re just found in Supply Crates. Figure out how to get your hands on one however and it’ll totally maximize your supporter bar following a ten second cast time.

Healing: Tips and Tricks

Keeping your wellbeing bested up is imperative to survival and we’ve assembled a couple of focuses to endure at the top of the priority list when you’re next battling it out in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

  • You shouldn’t convey more than ten or twenty gauzes, as this’ll be all that anyone could need to mend some minor injuries. Any more and it’ll likewise occupy some genuine stock room which could go towards greater and better mending things, or weapons and defensive layer.
  • Be careful about accumulating First Aid Kits and Med Kits as they occupy some genuine room as well.
  • Try not to be reluctant to stock up on Boosters as you can never truly have enough. They’re particularly significant in the last phases of a match as you garnish up your sponsor bar will guarantee you’re altogether buffed up and prepared for a confrontation.

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