PUBG Late Game Guide: How to Win the Late Game (2019)

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Figuring out how to grip a match of PUBG isn’t actually simple. You’ll have to endure the majority of the early and mid-game fights to try and arrive at a point where you’re trying for one of the match’s top spots.

Getting acclimated with PUBG’s scope of weapons and the different maps is a certain something, however figuring out how to hold your nerve and settling on the correct choices when the circle’s choking quickly isn’t something that you’ll have aced immediately.

Figuring out how to explore the power of the late game can take many hours, yet we’ve assembled a guide that will ideally give you a superior thought of how to get a one-up on the resistance and sack the Chicken Dinner.

Underneath you’ll discover a rundown of tips which will enable you to finish off matches, however don’t be hesitant to toll in with your very own recommendation. We’d love to hear a portion of the procedures you’ve thought of, simply let us know in the remarks area underneath and we may highlight it in the article!

PUBG: Late Game Strategy Advice

Here are a couple of tips and deceives that will go far to helping you close out matches.

Know when to fight

It’s significant that you don’t draw in an adversary too soon when you’re in the last throes of a match. Neglect to take them out and all you would’ve done is give away your situation to everybody close-by. In case you’re going to take somebody out, ensure you’re sure beyond a shadow of a doubt they’ll be going to the following life.

Use your grenades

Regardless of whether you’re in squads or performances, ensure you’re utilizing any explosives you’ve grabbed en route. Smokes can be splendid for veiling your quality while repositioning, while cover shelling a situation with dangerous nades can draw out any adversaries stowing away in the brushes.

Proactive boosting

Pop your promoter things (Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Adrenaline Syringes) when the player check drops shockingly low. You won’t have numerous chances to recuperate in the late game, so it’s significant that you’re in any event recovering wellbeing in case you’re ever in a difficult situation.



Endeavor to move to the most ideal position when you know the last couple of circles are shutting in. Search for spots that will give you the high ground favorable position or discover a zone which’ll give you an extraordinary chance to begin flanking your adversaries.

Going prone

Given the reality you’ll be inside nearness of different players, you’ll need to utilize hunching and going inclined as this’ll make you a lot harder to identify – particularly in case you’re gotten out in the open.

Remain calm

It’s implied that you should do whatever it takes not to freeze when you realize the match is attracting to a nearby. We’ve thought that it was’ ideal to overlook that you’re in a strained circumstance and spotlight on executing a system. The more loosened up you are, the better your point, mindfulness and basic leadership will be!

Get the right weapon setup

It’s implied that you ought to do your best to have a decent essential and optional weapon set. Strike Rifles, SMGs and Snipers are your best wagers for an exceeding expectations at a blend of extents.

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