PUBG: Metal Rain Complete Guide [Updated 2019]

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The constrained time extraordinary occasion Metal Rain has recently gone live in PUBG. On the off chance that you missed the occasion the last time it sprung up in the game, Metal Rain makes them bring in heavily clad UAZs or unique consideration bundles by utilizing the flare weapons that are sprinkled the whole way across the guide.

In this article, we’ve sketched out all that you have to think about the occasion, from begin and completion times to the guidelines of commitment. We’ve likewise featured the lining alternatives, just as their related terminating mode limitations, and opened in a touch of video ongoing interaction from the last occasion also. That should help give you a smart thought of what’s in store.

PUBG Metal Rain: Start and End Date/Times

Metal Rain started on Thursday nineteenth July at 7:00PM PDT. That was 3:00AM here in the UK and 4:00AM in Europe.

The occasion will end this Sunday 22nd July. Once more, it’s a 7:00PM completion on Pacific Time, with a similar end times for the UK and Europe.

PUBG Metal Rain: Maps, Teams and Firing Modes

You can just play Metal Rain on the first – and some contend best – PUBG map. In case despite everything you’re getting to holds with the game, examine our far reaching Erangel guide manage for a touch of understanding on what’s in store.

Concerning group sizes, you’ll be lining up with seven different players to frame a squad. Note that you can line up with companions in the event that you’d like to play together, or simply hop into the arbitrary line where you’ll be collaborated with some brief amigos. You can really mood killer auto-coordinating and play littler groups in case you’re up for the test.

In spite of the fact that the programmed group size continues as before in all matches, note that there are sure confinements on terminating mode choices, contingent upon where you happen to play on the planet. This is what to expect in your very own side of the globe:

  • Players in the EU, NA and AS locales will almost certainly line up for both TPP [Third Person Perspective] and FPP [First Person Perspective].
  • In the KR/JP/SA/SEA and OC server locales, just TPP will be accessible.


PUBG Metal Rain: Rules

So you’re completely arranged for battle, here are the unique decides that are set up during Metal Rain matches:

  • The flare firearms used to bring in things will show up haphazardly and notwithstanding normal plunder produces.
  • Shoot a flare firearm in the protected zone and an extraordinary consideration bundle will be dispatched for you.
  • Fire outside of the protected zone and you’ll get the defensively covered UAZ.
  • You can mood killer programmed matchmaking and play littler groups on the off chance that you figure you have the stuff…
  • Match sizes are constrained to a greatest 96 players ie twelve groups of eight.
  • Redzone is dynamic during matches. Bluezone guidelines are equivalent to in standard fights.
  • Just as the extraordinary flare weapon drops, you will likewise observe ordinary consideration bundles tumble to the guide.
  • Dynamic climate is on of course and will affect interactivity.
  • Inviting flame, then again, is handicapped thus you won’t need to stress over coincidentally shooting your closest companion in the face.

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