PUBG Miramar Map Guide: The Best Spot to Drop

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The Miramar guide’s 2017 introduction in PUBG was something of a catastrophe. It was just the second guide in the game, and players were at first eager to make tracks in an opposite direction from Erangel to have a go at something new—yet assessment immediately soured against its parched deserts. Notwithstanding numerous changes, it’s still seemingly the least-cherished guide in PUBG, and subsequently the one that players have put minimal exertion into idealizing. Fortunately, that implies a speedy take a gander at our PUBG Miramar map pointers will give you learning that numerous others won’t have.

On the off chance that you pursue our recommendation, and read the clarifications regarding why we suggest certain areas, you’ll be in the blend when the last ten players are left. Here are the best places to arrive on Miramar, and why…

El Pozo

El Pozo can be an unsafe play, particularly on the off chance that it is inside close separation to the plane’s way, yet it can undoubtedly set you up for a stunning game. It’s the second biggest city on the guide and, as you would expect, houses a great deal of plunder.

The boxing ring is a spot many like to drop, so except if you extravagant your odds early game the better wager is to attempt to land further into the city and plunder you path through a portion of the bigger structures. At that point pick off the survivors from the boxing ring. Be exhausted of everybody that drops with you however, on the grounds that it is moderately simple to move around El Pozo while remaining in spread and staying inconspicuous.

There are all that could possibly be needed vehicle generates here to nearly promise you one if necessary, and keeping in mind that its area isn’t the most focal, it’s very uncommon that the circle will push you to leave early, in contrast to a portion of the areas on the very edges of the guide.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment may resemble an awful spot to arrive, however it really has an extremely high measure of good quality plunder, and is in an extraordinary area to wind up close to the principal circle, if not in it. Be that as it may, presently more individuals know how extraordinary Water Treatment can be, so it’s likewise a significant well known drop.

At best this can pack out a full squad of four, however you should bring down whoever grounds with you with the restricted plunder you arrive on. There truly isn’t that much strong spread in Water Treatment, and even the zones that you can take cover behind take into consideration simple flanks. Join that with a great deal of the plunder areas leaving you extremely uncovered and you’re regularly stayed with what you arrive on until you take out the challenge.

The fundamental two structures are strong yells, however the genuine plunder can be found around the funnels in the center. You will be uncovered, yet with huge amounts of individual plunder brings forth around there it ought to be anything but difficult to drop onto a strong weapon.

Los Leones

Seemingly the most alluring area on the guide, Los Leones is the greatest city in all of PUBG by a significant long way, and with it comes a ton of plundering alternatives – you ought to never leave Los Leones without two completely kitted out weapons of your decision. This obviously carries a great deal of players to the region, however the sheer size of Los Leones offers up a ton of spread and space to plunder in, which means on the off chance that you play brilliant you can stay away from early-game battles all together.

In the event that you don’t extravagant heading directly into the city, there is a line of stockroom structures going North to South on the whole West side of the city. Land here and clear your path through all the enormous structures and you should turn out with strong plunder, in a short measure of time and with little obstruction.

Vehicles are likewise not a worry with a greater number of generates than you would ever utilize, and there is a huge amount of approaches to escape the city in the event that one street is secured. Truth be told the main real drawback, outside of the prominence, is that a portion of the structures, or building locales, offer little plunder and take ages to investigate. Adhere to the finished structures and you ought to be fine.

Hacienda del Patrón

In the event that you are new to Miramar there truly appears no rhyme or reason to drop on Hacienda del Patrón. It’s a modest area, with little in the method for structures and it’s ideal alongside the a lot greater town of San Martin. In any case, drop there once and you’ll comprehend that the plunder accessible here is not normal for some other on the guide.

Head towards the manor towards the North of Hacienda and you will be welcomed with more plunder than any one individual can convey. It’ll effectively unit out a squad of four, nine times out of 10, and chances are you’ll exit with in any event two or three quieted weapons and the same number of level two protective caps and vests and you could require.

This sort of plunder obviously carries with it a ton of adversaries, who you should destruction to exit with the wealth Hacienda brings to the table, and vehicles are not ensured. Be that as it may, it is extremely focal, and regularly in the main circle, so you’ll have sufficient energy to win a few battles and plunder everything there is.


On the off chance that you need to pass on, or get a great deal of training in early game battles at that point go to Pecado. This small town is found right amidst the guide, which means it is reachable from pretty much every plane way, and has essentially turned into Miramar’s rendition of School. You drop here, get a firearm and go battle straight away.

The boxing ring and gambling club are the two noteworthy attractions, and offer strong plunder, however that truly doesn’t make a difference 90% of the time, in light of the fact that Pecado is dependably an instance of snatch what you can when you land and make its best. Different structures on the West side can be strong alternatives on the off chance that you need to endure, however that truly isn’t getting tied up with the enjoyment of Pecado.

On the off chance that, by some marvel, yo do make it out of Pecado alive and with strong plunder, which you will have on the grounds that you’ll have the option to plunder around 10 distinct bodies once the residue settles, you ought to be in a decent spot. In any case, be cautioned that notwithstanding for the best players getting away Pecado is an uncommon event.


Valle del Mar

Valle del Mar is a dangerous play, not as a result of the measure of individuals that go there, which is typically low, or in view of faulty plunder, which is very high, but since of its area. Sitting on the South coast it’s the most nearly as far West as you can go. There are a couple of vehicle produces, particularly around the scaffold, however once in a while you probably won’t get a vehicles and that is fundamentally game over.

In the event that you get a plane way that permits it, at that point Valle del Mar can be a decent yell. It has strong plunder, is once in a while a bustling area and sits on the water, which means you can make pivots through the waves in the event that you need to. Yet, you must be prepared to move early if the circle isn’t caring.

While it’s substantially less of a suitable methodology than on Erangle, you a scaffold camp here to get a couple of simple murders. It obviously relies upon the plane course, however with southern planes you can surely pile on a few slaughters along these lines.


Chumacera is a peculiar one. On the guide it looks quite sizable yet as a general rule just ideas up enough plunder for one squad and no more. Nonetheless, this implies its uncommon various individuals drop here, except if it’s near the plane, so it very well may be a protected drop for those not hoping to battle. In the event that it’s not legitimately under the plane, at that point this can without much of a stretch be a game winning drop.

Plunder is normal, best case scenario, however in the event that you are distant from everyone else you should turn out with a tolerable burden out, particularly in the event that you mop up all the littler structures on the edges. While it is enticing to go for the high ground that has several major sheds, the plunder up there is really constrained, so beginning the lower part of town is typically the better alternative.

There’s a couple of vehicle produces and a heap of littler mixes in the encompassing territory, so regardless of whether the town itself is baffling, you have a ton of different choices, which makes this an incredible flexible drop.

This cavern only south of Los Leones

This is one for solo recreations just, or perhaps at a push teams, yet it is highly unlikely a squad is leaving here with enough plunder to support them. Be that as it may, when playing alone this is an extraordinary drop. Not excessively numerous individuals either think about it, or worth it enough to go there, which means more often than not you have this whole cavern framework only south of Los Leones to yourself and it more often than not has some truly great plunder.

It can require a significant stretch of time to get your heading when in there, and for the initial couple of times you will miss a portion of the plunder produces, yet after a couple of visits you will realize where to look. Insight: there’s in excess of a couple of plunder produces just on the floor. This is likely the most underestimated drop on the rundown, and should be utilized more.



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