PUBG Mobile: Best Audio Sound Settings [Updated 2019]

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It’s sheltered to state that PUBG isn’t the most cleaned Battle Royale game out there. Most matches contain some truly diverting glitches and it’s gratitude to the marginally janky nature of the game – further enhancement is unquestionably required.

One thing PUBG nearly gets right is the sound structure, however. You’ll hear slugs whistle past and lash the earth by your feet, or hear the startling rattle of adversary strides while you lie in pause, firearm prepared on the entryway in expectation. It truly sucks you into the Battle Royale experience.

The huge “however” is PUBG’s sound blending – it’s not the best. Except if you go everything to max, you’ll truly battle to hear a portion of the games better subtleties which can prompt normal ear parting minutes when poop hits the fan.

Having the option to distinguish the wellspring of gunfire, or go to manage a danger at last is significant to verifying slaughters in PUBG yet additionally to encountering the full degree of the game. To help get you up to speed with the best sound settings in the game, we’ve assembled a guide that will walk you through which alternatives you’ll have to change and why.

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Best Audio Settings

It’s value rapidly referencing that, generally, there aren’t numerous inside and out changes you can make to improve sound in PUBG. We wouldn’t suggest messing around in the dinky universe of outside programming as no one can really tell how PUBG hostile to cheat will respond, not to mention how it’ll affect your different games as well.

So its an obvious fact that PUBG’s sound settings aren’t the best, and we’ve done our best to list all the easily overlooked details you can do to improve it without creating any serious issues. On the off chance that we locate some other approaches to improve the sound, we’ll make sure to refresh this article further, so hold on for us on this front!

Turn off SFX Plug-Ins

It’s a given that you’ll need your sound to go unhindered by any incidental modules or programming. Ensure you turn them off before heading in-game!

Use Headphones

Similarly as with any first individual shooter, you’ll get the absolute best solid involvement with earphones. Not exclusively will you hear all the better subtleties you wouldn’t get with normal speakers, you’ll receive the rewards of having the option to all the more likely recognize where foes are in connection to your position.

Earphones will give you unmatched directional mindfulness and it’s really the best way to play PUBG in the event that you need to improve. You don’t have to use up every last cent as there are some forceful great gaming headsets out there for those on a financial limit. Lift yourself up a couple, you will love it!

Attempt Dolby Atmos

The Windows 10 Creator’s Update presented Dolby Atmos include for earphones and speakers. It’s basically an improved kind of virtual encompass sound that will enable you to pinpoint where shots and strides are originating from with additional exactness.

So as to empower this component, download the Dolby Access application from the Windows Store and dispatch it. The application will direct you through the entire procedure, and you’ll need to choose the “With my earphones” or “With my home theater” contingent upon your arrangement.

Do know that Dolby Atmos isn’t free, however you can pursue a multi day free preliminary to give it a go.

Sound Volume Settings

In case you’re pursuing the most clear stable conceivable, there’s very little space for development here. All in-game “Sound” settings ought to be sat at 100, and that is simply so you have the most ideal possibility of hearing the littlest subtleties.

At max sound settings it very well may be somewhat burdening on your ears, so have a go at bringing down your Windows volume levels to dodge superfluously harming your hearing.


Sound Card

On the off chance that you have an incorporated sound card, at that point there’s very little else you can do to improve the game’s quality. With a top of the line sound card you’ll have the option to press out more execution, but a serious minor improvement.

Your sound card settings are generally subject to the model, so look at your manual or the maker’s site for tips on improving sound quality.

Future Sound Improvements

As you can most likely tell from the tips above, there isn’t much you can do to radically improve PUBG’s sound quality or enable you to more readily hear strides. One of the fundamental ways is to max out the in-game volume however this can be inconvenient to your hearing much of the time.

It’s imaginable we’ll need to sit tight for PUBG to present a genuine sound update that improves things.

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