PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Guide: How to Survive Till Dawn 2019

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Guide How to Survive Till Dawn 2019

Here I’ve chosen to review a short minimal convenient manual for the new game mode: Survive until Dawn. I will likewise be transferring a progressively far reaching interactivity video with analysis going into more subtleties and experiences, just as how you could and ought to respond during various waves, just as experiencing various supervisors.

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At the Beginning

You begin off inside a minor hover around a field encompassing pochinki, vestiges, school and the 6 aparments close school. From my experience, the racoon police headquarters likewise dependably brings forth in a similar territory in the middle of school and the close-by structures inverse to the sixaparments. (Same area as unique zombie mode, yet since the other two conceivable generate areas of RPD are outside the hover in this mode, you can’t get to them. I’ve never observed it NOT SPAWN either)

Every one of the firearms you can discover before the main wave will be SMGs(9mm, .45 ACP) and Shotguns (S1897/S686)

I suggest UMP/Tommy weapon + a S1897, and EXTENDED QUICKDRAW OR QUICKDRAW mag. On the off chance that you can pick among quickdraw and broadened, take QUICKDRAW.

Get however many fluid nitrogen projectiles and STUN explosives as could be expected under the circumstances. Discover a structure with a limited/tight opening just as long corridors. Great decision would be the goliath two-story structures in Pochinki, one of the six lofts close school. Awful decisions would be Garages, structures with pivot stairwell, absence of windows.

The initial couple of waves ought not present a lot of an issue, put something aside for the hazardous materials zombies close to the end. Utilize your S1897 however much as could reasonably be expected. It is a promised one shot murder in the event that you figure out how to bit the head. Exploit the extraordinary reloading component of shotguns and shoot a crisis shot or two during reloading.

Ensure YOU TAKE OFF YOUR AUTO PICK UP LIMIT ON AMMO TYPE, or else your shotgun shells will be restricted to 40.



When you move beyond the main “night”, flee from the structure. Try not to sit idle on the zombies, since all they drop are ammunition and medication. What you need right presently is a prompt update on your stockpile.

Search for sparkling yellow markers on your guide. They demonstrate zombie crowds, making out of ONE goliath protected zombie, TWO monster enlarged zombies, just as certain stragglers.

The ideal measure of zombie crowd you should get out as a squad is 3. As a performance I would state 2.

A significant hint to getting out crowds is USE YOUR STUN GRENADES, and if not, LIQUID NITROGEN explosives. Stagger projectiles can paralyze zombies for an aggregate of 10 seconds, leaving them speechless totally. Concentrate on taking out the protected one and after that the two enlarged ones.

They drop S12K 7.62 and 5.56 rifles, and in the event that you are fortunate, certain rifle connections. Two connections you would need to pay special mind to is JUNGLE MAG, and LASER SIGHTS.

The one weapon you truly need to pay special mind to is S12K. On the off chance that you are soloing, S12K is MANDATORY. You won’t make due without it. Indeed, even in a squad it is a finished brute. With a wilderness mag it goes up to 13 rounds for each mag, and tear through most zombies easily.

In the wake of getting out the zombie crowds, the following waves ought to be near upon you. Come back to a decent structure and begin taking cover there. Things will get somewhat furry beginning from now.

Prior to beginning the night, try to gobble up your painkillers and caffeinated drinks. You will get bounty later on from zombie drops.

With your freshly discovered rifles and S12K, your squad ought to tear gaps in zombies left and right. Zombie canines will join the battle. They are quick, nimble, bargain a heap of harm, however are powerless.

Alternate grabbing ammunition and don’t submit narrow minded errors, for example, going out. On the off chance that ANY of your squadmate happens to go down today around evening time, let him/her DIE. On the off chance that they can’t endure today they won’t endure the last wave. Do no hazard yourself.

Close to the end bloaters will presently join the battle. Not at all like the one you face already in the zombie swarm, These are ordinary bloaters, do remember that despite everything they bargain a lot of harm on death. They are the essential motivation behind why bowed stairwells will turn into a deathtrap.


After the Night, snatch whatever ammunition you need off the ground and begin running. Make sure to hurl away undesirable ammunition, for example, 9mm and .45 you piled up.

Begin heading towards the RPD if conceivable. In the event that you are unfit to discover it, or that it has been plundered, (or out of the blue), head towards the despot.

RPD Scenario

Likewise with the past zombie mode, RPD will be loaded up with cops zombies, just as G(Stage 1). There is additionally a default brought forth minigun in one of the three areas (Lobby, under statue, over stairs) Run through the cops zombies and snatch the minigun. Begin cutting down everything, except your PRIMARY target is G. Your squadmates should help you by taking out the encompassing zombie police officers.

With G dead, his case has the best plunder in game: Another minigun/flamethrower, an AWP (pointless), a GROZA, and in the event that you are incredibly fortunate, a ROCKET LAUNCHER (RPG will 20 shots) this rocket launcher can likewise be gotten as world bring forth yet just accompanies 5 rockets.


The flamethrower is a standout amongst the best, if not THE BEST group control weapon in the game. Buffed from its past form, it can soften any zombies put something aside for managers in merely seconds, even Bloaters and shield zombies.

Its ammunition are uncommon, so use sparingly and request that your colleagues pick any they find.

Rocket launcher enables you to truly one shot any zombies put something aside for the despot. It ought to be utilized just when you have a reasonable shot and when the zombies are jumbled.

Minigun has additionally gotten a force and exactness buff. It presently shoots considerably more precisely and arrangement noteworthy harm to typical zombies.

Now, check for staying number of players. In the event that it’s just your squad left, don’t hesitate to have your entire squad change gear to zombie murdering munititions stockpiles. On the off chance that more than 6-7 individuals are alive, keep one (should be a decent player) with a rifle. I’ve had my entire squad gotten out by another coming into the police headquarters since we are altogether utilizing flamethrowers and miniguns.

Alot less zombies produce in the RPD. Special cases incorporate ZOMBIE DOGS and BLOATERS close to the start of the end wave. Take them out as fast as could be allowed. One of your minigunner/Flamethrower ought to watch the passage. The other three should bolster him by getting out zombies that DO bring forth inside the station, just as snatching whatever ammunition they can and drop it to the fundamental passageway protect.

Moving toward the end the most irritating foe will arrive: LICKERS. They slither very quick, and typical weaponary would expect you to point explicitly at their heads and after that move your point back up to the zombies.

On the off chance that you are as yet utilizing a rifle now (Worse, without a wilderness mag) view yourself as confirmed dead. You won’t probably surpass them, and coming up short on a structure even with a remedy will just keep going you so long. Note:Flamethrowers are incredibly successful against them

Moving toward Wave 14/15, have your principle entryway watchman retreat up to the 2F behind the statue. Spot two men on every one of the stairs. A couple of mutts/bloaters sometimes generate behind you yet will make a colossal thundering burrowing clamor and should represent no issues. In the event that you are as yet unfit to hold this, retreat to one of the gallery passages.

It is the longest passage in this mode and will furnish you with a lot of range to securely dispose of bloaters and lickers. BECAREFUL when utilizing Rocket launchers in this passage.

Nearing wave 15, in the event that you are SOLO, regardless of how great you are the zombies WILL invade you. The most recent 30 seconds see an intense increment in the effectively overpowering measure of zombies. Snatch a cure and Stick it in yourself, at that point keep running outside and entirely through the fundamental patio to the rooftop until salvage arrives. On the off chance that you are playing squads, you ought to have the option to go on until the end safeguarding the passage.

Tyrant Scenario

Terrible news: You are unfit to reach RPD out of the blue. That naturally denies you of the most grounded cautious structure in the game, just as a minigun+ whatever flamethrower/minigun/rocket launcher in it.

Your next best wager is to take out a Tyrant. He will even now drop amazing plunder, yet is a lot harder to murder. Regardless of whether you have a rocket launcher before bringing him down, Tyrant still takes up to 8-9 shots of rocket to execute, and around 600-800 minigun projectiles.

Subsequent to investing MUCH of your energy GETTING to the dictator and taking out the despot while imploring you don’t pull in the consideration of adjacent players, you have to get to a structure asap.

The additional time you spend outside of a structure during a wave the more harm you will take from the poison. Don’t hesitate to pop a cure on the off chance that you are unfit to get to a structure in time.

Without the security of RPD, you are compelled to stick to old ordinary 2-story/3-story structures. You should totally have everybody in the squad in one structure. BE PREPARED to have your structure OVERRUN. Ideally you are in a city like pochinki or the 6 lofts.

Rapidly turn to another as a squad and squat in the staircase once more. On the off chance that you happen to run solo, bring down however many zombies as could be expected under the circumstances and keep running up to rooftops, hop off, pop a counteractant and raced to another structure. Rehash. Try not to Hope to murder every one of the zombies as a performance or hold a position. It is outlandish.

That is basically it for the present, still wound up as a sufficiently long guide. On the off chance that you got any inquiries, don’t hesitate to remark or watch the video which I will post later and alter in a connection.



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