PUBG: Overhauls Parachuting Latest Update (2019)

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PUBG most recent fix carries with it a total redesign of the parachuting framework, making the entire plane to ground process substantially more responsive.

Bounce into PUBG at the present time and you’ll discover changes to freefalling, parachuting and landing. Here’s a diagram of the considerable number of changes:


  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] now places you into a plunge at full speed straight down towards the ground.
  • Turning pace is presently a lot quicker and has expanded control, responsiveness, and exactness.


  • Included new freefall movements and expanded generally control and responsiveness.
  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] encourages you drop quicker and land faster.
  • Holding WALK [Default LCTRL] allows you to float, when you need to travel a more drawn out separation.
  • You would now be able to cut the parachute while moderately near the ground, while as yet traveling through the air. This can be utilized to deliberately to get to your sloping edge quicker, yet be cautious, as you can take harm on the off chance that you drop excessively far.



  • Included new landing movements.
  • The speed where you land matters, as landing too quick may drive your character to roll, or move for more, before you can deal with your development.
  • Slamming into structures or articles while parachuting will currently consequently cut your parachute. Be cautious!
  • The parachute never again vanishes in a split second subsequent to landing.

These progressions should make for a less janky begin to each match, and will probably advance more prominent early game methodologies in the genius scene.

Source By YouTube: WackyJacky101



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