PUBG PTS Guide: How the Public Test Server works and what it’s for

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The PUBG PTS PS4 and Xbox One (Public Test Server) has been around for some time for PC players, yet it’s as of late been acquainted with both PS4 and Xbox One. A great deal of players are pondering precisely what the PUBG test server does and why it’s there, so we’re here to reveal some insight into it and why it very well may be helpful. Here’s all that you have to think about the PUBG PTS, including how to download and get to it.

What is the PUBG PTS?

The PUBG PTS is basically the spot you can get to up and coming PUBG refreshes early. Each significant update for the game – like comfort update 6.2 as of late – will be accessible on the PUBG test server before it’s actualized into the primary game.

This implies you can get to highlights early, yet above all, you can help PUBG Corp discover bugs and issues with the current form. It’s outlandish for the dev group to discover each bug there is, so the PTS permits players to contribute.

Eminently, your advancement and execution on the PTS doesn’t mean the full game; it’s exclusively for testing purposes and to review new highlights.


How to download the PUBG PTS on PC

At the point when you buy PUBG on Steam, close by the fundamental game, the PUBG: Test Server will be added to your library. You’ll have to introduce it independently however when you do, you’ll approach the most up to date fix before the worldwide discharge.

How to download the PUBG PTS on PS4

On PS4, explore to your Game Library and you can discover the PUBG – Public Test Server underneath the Purchased class.

How to download the PUBG PTS on Xbox One

In case you’re a Xbox One player, look and download the PUBG – Public Test Server on the Microsoft Store, or discover it in the My Games and Apps segment.

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