PUBG Rifle Guide: The Best Sniper Rifle (2019)

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With regards to dropping adversaries at a separation, there’s just no better instrument for taking care of business than a Sniper Rifle. The capacity to zoom in with an incredible degree and shake off projectiles isn’t select to this class of weapon – Assault Rifles and DMRs are fit for this also – yet riflemen set themselves apart from the challenge with their unmatched precision and ultra-ground-breaking single shots. All things considered they’re an absolute necessity have weapon with regards to testing focuses at range in PUBG.

In your normal round of PUBG you’re probably not going to discover numerous Sniper Rifles while establishing through structures or plundering players. They’re entirely uncommon weapon all-round, and are generally found in fervently challenged regions, populated urban areas and most usually – Supply Drops. It’s very worth battling and plundering your way through these areas and pursuing down Supply Drops for an opportunity at getting hold of one however, as a Sniper can essentially expand your odds of outliving the challenge.

Expert marksmen do experience the ill effects of low magazine sizes and low paces of flame however, so you need to employ them with extraordinary alert. Missing a solitary shot can spell debacle if the foe spots you, yet land them without flaw and you’ll drop focuses in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination.

Underneath we’ve recorded all the primary Sniper Rifles in the game from best to most noticeably terrible, with qualities and shortcomings plot for each weapon.

The Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG: #4 VSS Vintorez

The VSS Vintorez shoots ordinarily found 9mm ammunition in both self-loader and completely programmed terminating modes. It’s the least ground-breaking Sniper Rifle in the game, with the most reduced projectile speed, making it exceptionally hard to hit long separate shots.

The VSS’s fundamental quality is its silencer – it’s the best in the game. Adversaries from a separation won’t understand where your shots are coming from!

While we don’t suggest utilizing this weapon over an all the more dominant partner, the VSS makes its mark in the late-game gratitude to its calm shots and amazing viability at closer runs. Ideal for killing focuses in the last circle!

The Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG: #3 Kar98K

Right now the main jolt activity Sniper Rifle accessible as a typical drop, the Karabiner 98 Kurz is a brilliant long separation harm vendor. Labeling foes with body shots will hit their wellbeing bars hard, while a very much put shot to the head will generally mean insta-passing.

It’s fundamental disadvantage is the time it takes to reload a round between each shot, and the extensive reload time for a whole magazine. This implies you’ll need to keep up pinpoint exactness for an all-inclusive timeframe as targets escape once they’ve been shot – this isn’t simple.

Over this current, it’s additionally amazingly uproarious. One shot without a Suppressor will give away your situation to everybody adjacent.


The Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG: #2 M24

Another Sniper Rifle that is selective to Crates, think about the M24 as an overhauled Kar98K. It has higher harm, slug speed and reload times between each round which makes it a lot simpler to use than its vintage partner.

Simply be watchful that in case you’re accustomed to utilizing the Kar98K, the M24’s higher shot speed implies that you don’t have to point as high when discharging at focuses out there.

The Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG: #1 AWM

Beyond question the most dominant weapon in the game, the AWM obliterates anybody lamentable enough to be forced to bear one of its colossal .300 projectiles. This Sniper Rifle feels profound, and each shot roars out of the barrel at such a rankling pace, that there’s not really any slug drop, even at outrageous separations – it resembles a laser shaft.

Top of the range head protectors don’t stand an opportunity here. Get thumped in the noggin by an AWM and you’ll be dropping dead to the floor regardless of how awesome your defensive layer is.

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