PUBG Sanhok Guide: Best Places to Land in Sanhok (2019)

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds most recent update brought the arrival of Sanhok, another little royale map which brings the best highlights of PUBG to a littler, progressively conservative guide. This gives all of you the extraordinary things you adore about PUBG’s greater maps, yet in a littler region that is simpler to cross and work inside. Be that as it may, with the new territory implies you’ll have to realize the best places to arrive in Sanhok. To enable you to become accustomed to the new guide, here’s are the best places to arrive in Sanhok so you have a couple of spots to look at when you’re searching for some place to arrive.

Best Places to Land in Sanhok

Presently, there are continually going to be better spots to arrive—in light of your playstyle—than those that you may discover on the web. In any case, in the wake of investing a considerable amount of energy in the new guide, we’ve thought of three spots that have never let us down with regards to situating, plunder worth, and by and large vital area. Your own encounters may differ, yet in case you’re simply becoming accustomed to the guide, these drop-in focuses offer really great beginning stages for your hurried to be the last individual standing.

Southeast of Camp Alpha

In the event that you look on your guide, and look toward the west, you’ll see one of the greater territories in the guide, Camp Alpha. These camps are huge hotspots, yet dropping in close them can demonstrate generally excellent, as you’ll get an opportunity to apparatus up and stake out your adversaries as they escape from the location of the campground. On the off chance that you take a gander at Camp Alpha, there is a little arrangement of structures toward the southeast of the area. You can drop in here to locate a decent collection of plunder, just as a decent vantage point over the camp as individuals flee from it. Simply be cautious as this spot is likewise entirely well known with other people who land close-by, so they may swing by to check for plunder and survivors to take out.



Situated on the eastern side of the guide, Lakawi is an enormous harbor-like zone that is overflowing with incredible plunder and is set up with an extraordinary area to move out regardless of where the circle lands. There are likewise a few different instillations of structures adjacent—should you battle to discover the products you’re searching for here—and it makes it exceptionally simple to rigging up and begin, regardless of whether you’re playing in a gathering of two, three, or even four. You’re additionally entirely near the Bhan, which is a contention hotspot in rounds centered around the eastern edge of the guide. Simply be cautious if the plane flies also near Lakawi, as it tends to be prominent during certain matches.

Southeast of Sahmee

Sahmee is one of the greater town regions in Sanhok and landing anyplace close to these can be perilous. In any case, this little anonymous arrangement of structures and dockwork close Sahmee has demonstrated to be an awesome beginning stage for us a few times all through our time in Sanhok. There’s a ton of space for plunder to be found here, including a few things out on the different dock pieces. Ensure you check all over—and watch out for the skyline—and afterward head north, evading along the edge of Sahmee until you detect any adversaries in your manner.

As we expressed above, everyone is going to discover places that they’d preferably land over others, and our preferred spots probably won’t fit your playstyle such well—particularly in case you’re into the serious battle that originates from dropping straight into hotzones. In any case, these three regions have a great deal to offer you as a player and are unquestionably worth looking at in case you’re searching for probably the best places to arrive in PUBG’s Sanhok map. You can come back to our PUBG direct for more assistance and data.




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