PUBG Sanhok: Tips, Vehicles, Loot Spots and Map Locations Guide

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Another guide is relied upon to dispatch in PUBG this week and Sanhok positively hopes to add something other than what’s expected to the game. With an attention on an a lot littler playable zone (exactly 4 x 4 km), you can anticipate quicker, more distraught matches than are normally given on the game’s bigger Erangel and Miramar maps.

To assist you with acing Sanhok, we’ve assembled a guide stuffed brimming with convenient tips to assist you with enduring and succeed on this new guide. On the off chance that you didn’t get an opportunity to mess around with the new substance during the ongoing Codename Savage beta tests, you’ll unquestionably need to catch up on before dropping into fight here.

We’ll continue adding more assistance to this guide after some time, and as we increase a significantly more profound comprehension of the little scale difficulties gave by Sanhok. In the event that you’ve any smart stunts of your own, drop them in the remarks and we’ll include them in with credit whenever we update this guide.

UPDATE – JUNE 2018 #2

Since Sanhok’s gone live, we’ve included another segment that gives you a concise diagram of the new Sanhok select weapon the QBZ95. We’ll look out for any progressions and keep refreshing this guide as the game develops, so stay tuned for all the most recent.

At the point when you’re set here, ensure you additionally examine our Event Pass manage as it’ll take you through every one of the subtleties you need, just as the Sanhok themed outfits you can snatch in the following a month!

Sanhok FAQ

Before we stall out into the procedure side of things, here’s a brisk review of what the guide involves so you comprehend what you’re giving yourself access for:

  • Sanhok was discharged on Friday 22nd June 2018.
  • The playable zone is just 4km by 4km, making it the littlest PUBG guide to date.
  • The engineers accept this progressively claustrophobic playable territory will make an increasingly serious, and quicker paced Battle Royale experience than has at any point been delighted in previously.
  • This is the principal map dependent on the engineer’s investigation of a genuine area. The group visited Thailand and the Philippines to pick up motivation for the guide’s advantages and environment.
  • Sanhok won’t influence your matchmaking rating (MMR) in any capacity. As it’s an altogether different style of play to that found on different maps, the engineers need to limit the guide’s effect on the general matchmaking framework.
  • The name is gotten from the Thai word “for the sake of entertainment” and the Filipino word for “chicken”!

Sanhok Map Locations

First up, here’s a review of the guide which you can tap on to make bigger. Credit to PUBG Interactive Map for giving the apparatuses to assist us with assembling this, alongside the other guide pictures made in this guide.

  • Ban Tai
  • Bootcamp
  • Camp Alpha
  • Camp Bravo
  • Camp Charlie
  • Cave
  • Docks
  • Ha Tinh
  • Kampong
  • Khao
  • Lakawi
  • Mongnai
  • Na Kham
  • Pai Nan
  • Paradise Resort
  • Quarry
  • Ruins
  • Sahmee
  • Tambang
  • Tat Mok

Sanhok Loot Spots

When in doubt, each named area has a high grouping of plundering open doors in the principle part of the zone, with less apparatus to be found as you investigate the structures on the edges.

On the off chance that you’ve just got an OK determination of weapons to go with your great point, you can stand to go into the spicier focal spots to get loaded up. On the off chance that you need to play things somewhat more mindfully, investigate the encompassing structures where you’ll likely face less quick challenge.

Certain zones on Sanhok have an especially high centralization of plunder, in any case, thus we needed to feature the accompanying zones as speaking to the absolute best plunder spots on Sanhok.

  • Bootcamp – Slap-blast in the Bootcamp complex is a structure molded similar to a pitchfork. In the focal point of this structure you can locate a sickening measure of shield and weapons.
  • Remnants – The fundamental ruin directly over the name itself is an extraordinary spot to discover gear, yet expect firm challenge on the off chance that you rush toward this area immediately.
  • Sahmee – The structures nearest to the zone name on the guide contain the most elevated centralization of defensive layer and weapons.
  • Camp Charlie – Search the structures closest the focal point of this area for a decent took shots at outfitting pleasant and rapidly.
  • Ha Tinh – Another area where making a beeline for the middle will all the time deliver profits as you scramble for as good as ever gear.

Sanhok Vehicles

There are four land vehicles and two water vehicles accessible on the Sanhok map. Players are dropped into fight on old fashioned C-130 plane.

Here’s a diagram of the considerable number of vehicles that produce on Sanhok, with data on what number of tenants every one can deal with.

  • Cruiser – 2 – Land
  • Surrey – 2 – Land
  • Pickup – 4 – Land
  • Van – 6 – Land
  • PG-117 – 5 – Water
  • Aquarail – 2 – Water

Be incredibly mindful with regards to starting up a vehicle on Sanhok. The playable territory is such a great amount of littler than Erangel and Miramar that you can without much of a stretch part with your area by bouncing in a truck and firing up the motor!

Sanhok Exclusive Weapon

With the arrival of Sanhok, PUBG Corp additionally acquainted a Sanhok elite weapon with go with it.

  • The QBZ95 is an Assault Rifle that takes 5.56mm adjusts, and can hold up to 30 in its magazine. An Extended Magazine will give it an increase in 10, giving you 40 adjusts altogether.
  • The SCAR-L has been supplanted by the QBZ95 in Sanhok’s guide pool, so you won’t locate the previous producing by any stretch of the imagination.
  • According to common, you’ll discover the QBZ95 as floor plunder and in Supply Crates.
  • It’s really a generally excellent rifle – nearly overwhelmed from what we’ve seen. It’s well worth getting in the event that you discover it!


Sanhok Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice

Here are a couple of valuable tips to assist you with finding a workable pace on the new Sanhok map.

  • One of the most helpful things you can do on Sanhok is to organize slapping a silencer on your weapon of decision. As we’ve referenced before on in the vehicle area of this guide, this is an a lot littler guide and you should be exceptionally cautious about parting with your position.
  • It’s significant that you remain progressing and give a valiant effort to be proactive. Digging in a structure doesn’t work very also on Sanhok contrasted with different maps, and that is down to the territory. Numerous structures are encompassed by moving slopes so it’s hard to hold an area without being flanked.
  • As Sanhok is an a lot littler guide, be cautious when you’re endeavoring to mend when enduring an onslaught. It’s altogether conceivable that another person is on your tail, so check your surroundings first before tasting an Energy Drink or utilizing Bandages.
  • You’ll be battling a great deal so more slippery players may battle to adjust. Accept the open door to rehearse your looking abilities as it’ll come in convenient when dueling adversaries between structures or behind trees.
  • We’d organize Assault Rifles and Snipers on Sanhok – you can’t generally show signs of improvement than this arrangement as we would see it, albeit again be careful of the racket you’re making.
  • Your decision of beginning zone is less significant on Sanhok than on different maps in PUBG, just due to its diminished size. Notwithstanding where you pick, you’re practically sure to experience different players at an early stage. Plunder is pretty uniformly circulated also, so our recommendation is to just pick a spot with a bunch of structures outside the primary named segment.
  • Remember also that since somebody leaped out of the plane sooner than you, that doesn’t mean they won’t scramble toward your own arrival spot of decision. They may alter their perspective and float over. As such, never accept that you’re going to land alone – regardless of whether you hold up some time to jump out of the plane.
  • Sanhok acquaints a powerful climate framework with PUBG As each match plays out, you may appreciate perfectly clear sparkle, thick haze which genuinely impacts your perceivability, or only a soggy and bleak Sunday evening.
  • At the point when you’re stuck in the mist, consider moving immediately between trees which limits the opportunity of expert riflemen taking you out. At the point when it’s coming down, know that moving quick causes a sprinkling sound which can likewise part with the game rather seriously.
  • As has presumably been clarified in this guide as of now, you will be confronting more firefights, all the more frequently on Sanhok. Thus it’s essential that you stay mindful of your environment, where your foes might be stowing away, and where you can rapidly run to so as to pick up the advantage. Know where your closest purpose of shelter is and be prepared to move to it instantly.
  • The entirety of the notice guides given above can be utilized toward your bit of leeway, obviously. Get your earphones on and remain super-tuned to sound prompts that demonstrate you’re either going to be hopped – or a chance to do the bouncing has quite recently introduced itself to you…
  • While we’ve cautioned about the utilization of vehicles somewhere else in this guide, you can likewise utilize your vehicle to make a snare. Pummel it into a plunder spot and afterward bail and find higher ground. From here you get an opportunity to take out anybody enticed to drop by and get the hop on the person who just bursted in to pack all the plunder!
  • There’s nothing superior to anything seeing an inventory drop come in close by on Erangel and Miramar, however on Sanhok you’re going to confront much more challenge with regards to getting your hands on the treats. Once more, it’s the guide size that makes packing these things so a lot harder, and you ought not make a beeline for gather them without anticipating hardened challenge.
  • A last word on SMGs, which can pack even more a punch in general given the size of the guide and the quantity of medium to short proximity experiences you’re definitely going to end up in.

Source By YouTube: Powerbang Gaming



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