PUBG Solo Guide : How to Win Solo [Updated 2019]

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How to Win Solo

Heading into a match of PUBG all alone is an overwhelming undertaking, as you’ll be going toward 99 different players in a battle until the very end. You’ll have to explore a huge guide, look for ground-breaking apparatus and crash the individuals who cross your way in the early, mid and late game – it’s a long way from simple.

Not exclusively is there a great deal to consider, yet expanding your chances of survival in PUBG is generally down to holding your nerve. In contrast to couples and squads, you won’t have any other person to back you up or help you decide. It’s just you making major decisions and it’s being certain enough to do as such.

To enable you to explore the power of a performance coordinate and outfit you with the apparatuses to net some Chicken Dinners, we’ve assembled various tips and deceives that will enable you to show signs of improvement at each part of the game.

We’d love to hear a portion of the techniques you’ve thought of, so simply told us in the remarks segment beneath and we may include them in the article!

PUBG: Solo guidance


  • Keep in mind that structures can be a deathtrap and it’s amazingly simple for a foe to camp you in a structure – particularly if there’s no way out course other than stairs. Additionally, foes could be sitting tight outside for you to three step dance out with all your valuable new plunder.
  • We wouldn’t suggest concealing endlessly in a ramshackle little shack as they’re helpless against explosives and don’t generally offer you any particular favorable circumstances. For example, you’ll be compelled to unadroitly open the entryway on the off chance that you spot somebody and it’ll build the chances of another person spotting you out in the open with no place safe to withdraw.
  • Exploring the edge of the circle has its weaknesses and preferences. In the first place, it’s very powerful for picking off foes who are urgently running into the circle and you can regularly find those in the middle napping with a flanking move. In any case, the fundamental disadvantage is that you can enormously build your movement separation if the following circle isn’t caring. This’ll expand your odds of going through a fervently challenged zone and at last passing on.
  • Continuously be master dynamic with regards to the circle, plan your developments so you’ve generally got a lot of time to reposition.
  • Search for spots that will give you the high ground bit of leeway or discover a region which’ll offer you a chance to begin flanking foes. It’s significant that you’re never in one spot for a really long time and continually meaning to one-up your adversaries.
  • Use sound prompts to further your potential benefit. Hear visit discharges? Use them to shut in and get the drop on an adversary.
  • Be careful about arriving in the focal point of populated regions in case you’re gunning for the success. You’ll confront a ton of firm restriction and there’s no assurance you’ll lurch into great plunder. Some of the time it’s ideal to go to a calmer region and work your way into a match, instead of begin things off all weapons blasting and conceivably quicken your end.



  • Always ask yourself: Will this battle place me in a superior position to win? It’s critical that you’re not starting quarrel for it, yet making forceful moves with a reason.
  • In the event that you figure out how to achieve the last three, you should attempt to keep away from strife except if it’s a flat out must. This time of the match is tied in with social occasion however much data as could reasonably be expected. Knowing where foes are is vital to packing that Chicken Dinner!
  • When you’ve been associated with a firefight, ensure you reposition as players will know about your area.
  • When you’re moving toward the last couple of circles, it’s a smart thought to pop a couple of sponsor things as it’ll recharge your wellbeing in case you’re gotten after all other options have been exhausted and don’t have sufficient energy to whip out Bandages and Med-Kits.
  • Beelining towards Supply Crates is a colossal hazard. While snatching a very ground-breaking weapon has its settlements, you’re likewise at colossal danger of being spotted and getting gunned down – be cautious!


  • Ambush Rifles, SMGs and Sniper Rifles are effectively the best weapons to get your hands on as they’re compelling at any range.
  • Try not to think little of the viability of Pistols over Shotguns in the early game.
  • A completely kitted out Assault Rifle can convey all of you the best approach to triumph, however for the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress it’s great to have a Sniper Rifle as your optional. This’ll support your quality essentially with regards to long range battles.
  • It’s a given that you should keep pack your weapons out with different connections.

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