PUBG Tips and Tricks to Win the Battlegrounds 2019

PUBG puts you on a plane with 99 different players, flies you over a colossal guide brimming with huge towns, army installations and humble farmsteads, and gives you a chance to pick where along the flight way you need to arrive. Once on the ground you should scramble together as much plunder as you can discover, make it to the haphazardly assigned, always contracting safe zone and duke it out with every other person until you’re the last survivor.

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Knowing the guide, devices of the exchange, and some broad PUBG tips and traps will enable you to edge your direction consistently nearer to that regarded Rank #1 spot. Along these lines, regardless of whether you’re attempting to bring down adversaries over long separations, or you need to realize which weapons to pay special mind to when plundering, we have you secured.

Searching for a particular region of PUBG aptitude? We have separated our PUBG control into the accompanying segments to make finding what you are after somewhat simpler:

Pubg Tips: Miramar Map Guide

PUBG Corp have done their best to ensure Miramar emerges as far as its ongoing interaction too its desert stylish. That implies a portion of the built up guidelines of the Erangel map never again apply. There are a lot of huge new settlements to investigate, so we will go through the best plunder spots in Miramar to spare you some time, as well.

Miramar Weapons

None of the Miramar-selective weapons are fundamental new increments, yet a few them merit searching out. First off, the Sawed-off shotgun is a strong expansion to any stock as it is little enough to consider a sidearm, which means you can convey the lacking elbow room halting intensity of a shottie without giving up an essential weapon opening. The switch activity Win94 is a strong DMR on the off chance that you can’t get your hands on a SKS – the way that it can’t take any connections implies its powerful harm rating is difficult to use. At long last, the R45 is an extraordinary gun on the off chance that you are truly attempting to discover gear.


New Vehicles

Two new vehicles and a stream ski spruce up your vehicular choices for Miramar, yet on the grounds that they are new, does not mean they merit grabbing. The Pickup is the perfect expansion for this tough new guide and is both quick and equipped for intersection unpleasant, undulating landscape easily – it can convey 4 individuals also. The VW-roused Van is neither of those things: drowsy, simple to spot, canvassed in enormous glass windows, and absolutely futile on anything other than landing area. Strangely, it can convey 6 individuals, which either takes into consideration clumsy ambushes or clues that another mode with bigger squads could be coming to PUBG. The Aquarail stream ski is a fast method for intersection Miramar’s unassuming waterway, which is significant seeing as you will probably be under overwhelming flame – desirable over the PG117 except if you are playing in squad servers.

Vertical Exploration

Miramar has plainly been worked in view of vaulting, and subsequently you can scale various shacks and houses by moving up adjacent hindrances. Abnormal state plunder is frequently emitted away over structures you would typically overlook. PUBG professional tip: these shacks more often than not have great spread at rooftop level, making them extraordinary expert sharpshooter homes.


More Entry Points

It used to be that shut entryways implied a structure was vacant. Nonetheless, the expansion of vaulting to PUBG implies you would now be able to move all through most houses without utilizing an entryway. Structures in Miramar are significantly harder to evaluate as there give off an impression of being a lot more windows, entryways, and vertical passages. Obviously this makes life intense for safeguards too: you can never again sit tight with your shotgun prepared at fundamental entryway.

El Pozo Wrestling Arena

With regards to PUBG tips and traps, plunder problem areas are commonly best to overlook due to the quantity of players you will contend with. El Pozo wrestling field flaunts various attack rifles, mending things, and an unusual number of degrees, all at moderately generally safe. Even better, you can parachute onto its rooftop and plunder the structure starting from the top, verifying all the best rigging rapidly and finding different players napping.

Hacienda Del Patron

Generally, all as well as can be expected be found in enormous structures that pull in similarly huge hordes of players. Hacienda del Patron is a peculiarity as you can dependably locate a couple of attack rifles and DMRs, just as protective layer, recuperating things, and connections in a structure that is littler than Erangel’s well known school spot.

Pecado Wrestling Arena

Clearly wrestling rings are magnets for plunder. Much like El Pozo, Pacado’s wrestling field can be immediately gotten to by parachuting onto its rooftop and dropping in through a collapsed roof. Inside there are a lot of ambush rifles, shotguns, ammunition, and connections that ought to be adequate for any chicken supper run.

Pubg Tips: Erangel Map Guide

While plunder areas, safe zones, and the underlying flight way of the generate plane is randomized for each match, you can even now make it to basically anyplace on the guide before the game’s first stage is up. It knows the most prominent tourist spots around Erangel so you can get your hands on the best PUBG plunder or so you know which zones to keep away from. PUBG tips don’t get more straightforward than learning the guide, yet when the guide is this huge it is imperative to know where you are parachuting into.

Sosnovka Military Base

A veritable reference point of military-grade weapons, connections, and protective layer, Sosnovka Military Base is an area with a robust measure of hazard appended to its abundant prizes. Why? Everybody realizes they are ensured to discover something great there, and on the off chance that you are searching for some speedy activity to dismiss the match from it is apparently the deadliest slanted edge on the guide. To make matters progressively deadly, except if you are fortunate and the play zone arrives inside Sosnovka Military Base itself, you should cross one of two scaffolds so as to achieve the terrain. As PUBG tips go, avoiding scaffolds will work well for you: they are famous snare spots.


On the off chance that it is better than average rigging you are after and you truly don’t extravagant battling for it then the archeological site in Stalber will ensure a strong loadout to any individual who can be tried to make the extensive trek there. On the off chance that another person adopts a similar strategy as you, at that point there are plentiful supplies for two and a lot of space to cover up should you wish to keep away from an early battle.


Shaped of two territories – a community in the northwest and a school complex and condo hinder in the southeast – Rozhok can be a dubious beginning spot because of its focal area and prevalence as a searching spot.

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The town will just yield standard weapons, for example, guns, shotguns, and attack rifles, yet is a more secure wagered because of the high thickness of structures and spread. The school is typically useful for two or three rarer PUBG weapons, however is inconceivably perilous because of the quantity of section focuses and the way that in the event that you would like to leave it you should battle with players watching you from the close-by condo structures.

An additional advantage of Rozhok is that it is in the focal point of the guide, which means you can stick around there for a large portion of the match piling on murders and apparatus until you have to move over to the play zone later into the match.

Lipovka Military Bunker

Found south of Yasnaya Polyana and west of Lipovka is a military dugout loaded with weapons and defensive layer. It’s ideal for kitting out a solitary player or an entire squad, with a decent shot of finding an extension, an expert marksman, and a lot of attack rifles inside it. The shelter can be a hotspot for foragers however, so it’s frequently a first-start things out served rigging spot – and whoever arrives late is in the same class as dead, so watch out for different parachutes when arriving here.

Severny Firing Range

Toward the southwest of Severny you can discover a shooting range, and as you may expect, it has a decent number of military-grade weapons, for example, marksmen and strike rifles. Odds are you won’t be separated from everyone else when you touch base here, so plunder quick and watch your back. On the in addition to side, it’s an extraordinary spot for a strained shootout. Here is a PUBG tips complimentary gift: in the event that you luck out and discover the shooting range undisturbed, at that point invest some energy discharging at removed focuses to get a feeling of how shot drop functions in Battlegrounds.


Like Sosnovka Military Base, you will discover all that you could require in this beach front town, yet be set up to fight for it in tense urban firefights. This may not be an incredible spot for making it to the later phases of a match because of the sheer number of vantage focuses you can get killed from, however an unassuming shotgun is all you should enter the quarrel with certainty here, making it among the best time spots to drop into. The sheltered zone will probably show up miles away, yet Georgopol will frequently have three or four vehicles to pick from, which makes it a more engaging prospect than Mylta Power on the contrary side of the guide.

Pubg Tips: Weapons

There are eight gun classes just as skirmish weapons and projectiles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and every variation inside them has a particular arrangement of qualities and shortcomings that make it emerge. As it has got a lot of Arma DNA going through it, PUBG completes an immaculate activity of making shootouts feel practical, and few recreations can coordinate it with regards to discharge sounds. We have a rambling PUBG weapons direct in the event that you are after definite examination on each firearm in the game, yet on the off chance that you simply need the essentials, at that point the accompanying PUBG tips will manage you through the game’s battle.

Use Fully Automatic With Caution

Having a higher harm for every second appraising does not ensure that you will prove to be the best in a strained duel. Many attack rifles, SMGs, and even the odd DMR and rifleman rifle can be changed to completely programmed shoot, however except if you realize how to deal with the backlash (and on the off chance that you do, at that point you needn’t bother with a PUBG tips and traps direct) at that point the probability is each one of those additional shots will be squandered, much like you after your objective has been alarmed to your whereabouts.

Never Overlook Shotguns

This is one of the more evident PUBG tips we have for you, yet with regards to clearing structures this point can’t be focused on enough: shotguns overwhelm nearby other people. Shotguns may be normal, yet they merit keeping around until the perishing minutes of a match as a result of their one-shot kill potential. Seeing as you will invest a great deal of energy looking through structures for additional plunder, this high harm weapon class ought to never be neglected, particularly thinking about the fact that they are so natural to point.

Assault Rifles Will See You Through Most Encounters

High harm, moderately basic irregularity, the capacity to connect with focuses at long-extend, and a sufficiently high rate of discharge to spare you after all other options have been exhausted: attack rifles can be utilized in any circumstance to extraordinary impact. In the event that you figure out how to discover an AKM or M416 and a couple of connections you have a decent shot of getting that chicken supper.

Pay Attention To Zeroing Distances

Extensions in PUBG all have a focusing separation that is shown when pointing down sights. In the event that the given separation is 100 meters, at that point that implies your projectile will arrive precisely where you snap up to that remove. On the off chance that your objective is approximately 200 meters away, at that point you should point somewhat higher – adapting precisely where takes long periods of training and preliminary by mistake, however the focusing on the focusing separation makes the procedure much simpler. Snappy PUBG tips: you can likewise increment or diminishing it with PgUp and PgDn separately.

You Can Suss Out Distances Using The Pubg Map

Each white square on the in-game guide is 100m². Consequently, on the off chance that you are in a long-go shootout, you can haul out your guide, spot generally where they are making a decision from tourist spots, and tally up what number of white lines separate you two. Point as needs be and you ought to have the option to arrive that first scrumptious long-run slaughter.

Supply Drops Hold The Best Guns In The Game

In the event that you continue pondering where different players are getting their LMGs and rifleman rifles then you have been shying far from those supply drops that are parachuted in via plane at regular intervals. Each supply drop contains a variety of abnormal state gear, so on the off chance that you need the absolute best things, at that point you should discover a vehicle, pursue the compartment as it falls, and murder every other person around the arrival zone.

Scopes Are The Best Attachments

Indeed, even the game’s best expert sharpshooter rifle is just in the same class as the degree that is fitted to it, and on the off chance that you are depending on iron sights, at that point you have effectively lost. If you can get your hands on a 4x or 8x scope you will most likely hold down any structure in the game. You can likewise utilize extensions to investigate structures from a sheltered separation. Obviously this PUBG tips guide isn’t disregarding different connections – get any gag and grasps you find en route as they definitely improve weapon dealing with.

The Pan Is The Best Melee Weapon

Not exclusively is the Pan the most harming skirmish weapon in the game, it is likewise impenetrable. On the off chance that you have one in your stock, at that point it will hang over the back of your character model, furnishing your arse with full insurance from approaching adversary fire.

General PUBG Tips

So you realize where to arrive and what rigging is directly for you, shouldn’t something be said about the remainder of the game? Here, we offer some PUBG tips and traps for guaranteeing your first chicken supper.

Avoiding Enemy Fire

Regularly in PUBG, you will end up enduring an onslaught from foes you can’t see. Some of the time it will require some investment before you are even ready to learn which course the projectiles are originating from. Going inclined is the regular reaction, yet this fair gives your foe time to reload, alter their point, and completion you off. Rather, continue running in an unusual line towards the closest piece of spread before choosing whether to continue escaping or return fire.

Use Vehicles Carefully

In the event that a player knows where you are in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds they have an incredible possibility of executing you. Driving around in a boisterous, massive jeep or vehicle alarms everybody in the territory to your quality, making it intense to then return into covering up. In the event that you are going to utilize a vehicle, do as such to make a lot of progress rapidly or head to the edge of the guide for the best rigging.

Patience Is Key

This is definitely not a game for bothersome trigger fingers or mavericks – in light of the fact that you can see a foe, it doesn’t really mean you should shoot them. It isn’t only that you may miss or get executed by them, it is that you don’t have a clue who else is watching or going for a similar target. In the event that you would like to pile on the executes, at that point it is as yet astute to hold fire until you can guarantee a speedy and simple slaughter.

Close Those Doors

By and large, you can tell if a structure has been plundered from whether its entryways are open or shut. In the event that they are open you realize a player has been there, taken all the apparatus that merits taking, and either left or adhered around wanting to utilize said rigging to murder any sharp bandits. So when you come to plunder a structure or use it as a vantage point, close the entryways behind you so as to trick different players into supposing it is a protected plunder spot. Regardless of whether you leave a structure it is savvy to close the entryway behind you to squander the season of different players, giving you a strong head begin.

Use The Third-Person Perspective In Close-Quarters

While pointing down sights gives you the best exactness, on the off chance that you’re battling in structures, at that point the third-individual view gives you a chance to see considerably more of your environment – it’s additionally exceptionally precise very close. Additional tip: you can switch which shoulder you’re investigating by utilizing Q and E.

Wear A Helmet

Headshots in PUBG are deadly on the off chance that you are not wearing a fundamental protective cap. With even a dimension one protective cap prepared you can endure a headshot from everything except the most dominant of weapons.

Play The Border Of The Safe Zone

On the off chance that you need to break into the best 20 players, at that point by all methods remain in the focal point of the protected zone and hold your head down, yet on the off chance that you are after Rank #1, at that point you will need to always skirt the sheltered zone’s fringe for good rigging. To really sweeten the deal, when the zone diminishes to its littlest size you will realize that your back is sheltered, though on the off chance that you were in the inside you would have 360 degrees to cover.



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