PUBG Vikendi Map Guide How to Survive and Win [Updated 2019]

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Winter has landed in PUBG, and with it a fresh out of the plastic new 6×6 themed snow guide called Vikendi. It depends on a segregated hotel island, which was once home to an assortment of attractions, organizations and towns. There’s a cosmodrome, a dino park, a palace and even a winery.

Vikendi: Overview

The devs accept that Vikendi is a blend of all the best pieces of PUBG’s past maps, and should include a decent pace of play. It should even now give high activity minutes like those found in Sanhok, yet in addition give players somewhat more space to move around this time round.

There are additionally two spic and span things elite to the guide. The G36C Assault Rifle, and the Snowmobile which will enable you to cross its frosty territories in style.


How can it play?

  • Vikendi is a 6x6km guide, with ongoing interaction snappier than Erangel and Miramar, however offering a more strategic encounter than Sanhok.
  • Players can toss snowballs while hanging tight to load onto the plane in the beginning territory.
  • Vehicles will be progressively tricky in snow or frosty zones. Increasing speed on cold landscape is moderate and you lose progressively broad vehicle control as you accelerate.
  • Impressions and vehicle tracks will show up as players travel in snow-secured regions. Look out! These are extraordinary to help distinguish if foes have gone by as of late.
  • Remember that impressions and tracks in the snow don’t remain around until the end of time!

Bluezone and Item Spawn Balance

  • The main hover of each game is a lot littler than different maps, however ensuing circle sizes change less radically.
  • This encourages progressively blue zone assortment and special encounters.
  • Comparable procedures chip away at Vikendi to Erangel and Miramar for the initial three stages, yet the zones will close slower beginning from stage 4, like Sanhok. The dev group feels this prompts a decent harmony among technique and gunplay all through the term of each match.
  • The general thing generate rate is at a midpoint between our maps – offering a one of a kind spot between the bring forth rates of Erangel and Sanhok.
  • Level 3 caps bring forth on the planet.
  • Level 3 vests bring forth more frequently than different maps.
  • Smoke Grenades are brought forth at a higher rate contrasted with different throwables




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