PUBG: War Mode Guide [Updated 2019]

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Another restricted time occasion has quite recently gone live in PUBG, and it sees War Mode come back to the game. In this exceptional occasion, you’ll begin the game off with a variety of weapons so you can stall out into the challenge straight away, and there’ll be air drops to assist you with further supplies as well.

In this article we’ve pulled together all that we as of now think about the occasion, so you’re prepared to stall out in when you next flame the game up. From principle sets to occasion timings, you ought to have the option to get all that you need from this page.

On the off chance that you need more assistance playing the game, look at our enormous PUBG manage which contains all that we’ve expounded on showing signs of improvement at the game!

PUBG War Mode: Start and End Date/Times

War Mode started on Thursday fifth July at 7:00PM PDT. That was 3:00AM here in the UK and 4:00AM in Europe.

The occasion will end this Sunday eighth July. Once more, it’s a 7:00PM completion on Pacific Time, with a similar end times for the UK and Europe.

PUBG War Mode: Maps, Teams and Firing Modes

On the off chance that you need to stall out into War Mode, you will be limited to playing on Sanhok (and our Sanhok guide is a basic asset on the off chance that you’ve not a ton of involvement with the most recent guide).

Players will be isolated into ten groups of five for every match except there are a couple of unobtrusive contrasts about the terminating modes that will be accessible on various servers.

Players in the EU, NA and AS locales will most likely line up for both TPP [Third Person Perspective] and FPP [First Person Perspective].

In the KR/JP/SA/SEA and OC server locales, just TPP will be accessible.


PUBG War Mode: Rules

Here’s a finished breakdown of the standard framework for Sanhok’s War Mode occasion.

  • While generating, all players will get a Shotgun, a Handgun, a Frag Grenade and swathes.
  • Extra drops will show up like clockwork, and will give DMRs, SRs and different treats to give you a favorable position.
  • So as to win a match, a group must score 200 points and the first to do as such will develop successful.
  • In the event that no group has arrived at 200 points following 15 minutes, at that point whichever group has the most focuses by then will be proclaimed the champ.
  • Groups increase three for every end and one point for a thump.
  • At the point when players are killed, they will respawn in planes that show up like clockwork.
  • There is no well disposed flame during War Mode.
  • Vehicles and run of the mill world plunder won’t generate while playing in the occasion.

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