PUBG Weapon Guide: Best Weapon Loadouts [Updated 2019]

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It’s implied that there are a lot of weapons in PUBG and they’ve all got their very own arrangement of interesting qualities. Except if you’re a conservative who goes for stealthy match wins, plundering the correct weapons can represent the deciding moment a match.

Inconvenience is, there’s such an abundance of weaponry, that it tends to be exceptionally troublesome realizing which to get, not to mention picking a couple which will compliment each other in various situations.

Preferably you’ll need to prepare two fundamental weapons which can give some genuine harm in an assortment of circumstances, yet now and then you’ll need a combo that is calibrated for one explicit reason or you have a set job that should be filled inside a group.

We’ve assembled a guide beneath that will take you through four of the absolute best loadouts to enable you to flourish regardless of what PUBG tosses at you.

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Best All-Rounder Loadout

This manufacture centers around managing harm regardless of what kind of circumstance you may end up in. It’ll be adaptable enough to take on adversaries at all extents, yet it’ll be most powerful in mid range battles.

  • first Weapon: M416
  • second Weapon: AKM
  • Scuffle: Pan
  • Connections: 2x, 4x, Extended Quickdraw, Compensator.
  • Consumables: First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages.

A completely kitted out M416 is effectively the most solid weapon in the game, with average harm at all extents as well. The AKM’s a conventional optional as it does enormous harm at short range, making it a solid option in contrast to a SMG.

Best Defensive Loadout

These weapons will enable you to keep adversaries under control with stifling discharge or shut down rivals before they get an opportunity to contact you.

  • first Weapon: M249
  • second Weapon: AKM/S12K
  • Skirmish: Pan
  • Connections: 2x, 4x, Extended Quickdraw, Compensator.
  • Consumables: First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages.

The M249’s a conspicuous pick on account of its staggering flame rate and power. It’s hard to get hold of, yet you can generally swap it out for a standard Assault Rifle like the M416 or SCAR-L which are more than equipped for heaving projectiles and biting through foes.

In the event that the foe is shutting in, the AKM and S12K are ideal decisions for shooting them down rapidly. Additionally, the AKM can generally bounce into the essential opening in case you’re running low on ammunition and need a weapon that can complete a tad of everything.

Best Close Quarters Loadout

This current loadout’s ideal for taking on foes in encased spaces and destroying their wellbeing bars before they can gouge yours.

  • first Weapon: Vector/UMP-9/Groza/AKM
  • second Weapon: S686/S12K
  • Skirmish: Pan
  • Connections: 2x, 4x, Extended Quickdraw, Compensator, Red Dot, Vertical Foregrip.
  • Consumables: First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages.

We’ve opened in a couple of alternatives for both your essential and optional weapons. The UMP-9 and AKM are promptly accessible and extraordinarily powerful at short proximity, while the Vector has a quite low produce rate however it’s inconceivable for erasing adversaries wellbeing bars in a moment.

The Groza is just accessible through Supply Crates yet is seemingly the best weapon in this rundown. Discover one? Use it.

The S686 or S12K will do you pleased if ammunition runs low or you’re needing a weapon switch. Both are equipped for dropping foes rapidly on the off chance that you can arrive the shots!


Best Long Range Loadout

Pick this loadout and you’ll exceed expectations at picking off foes from a remote place with pinpoint precision.

  • first Weapon: AWM/Kar98K
  • second Weapon: M16A4/UMP9
  • Scuffle: Pan
  • Connections: 2x, 4x, 8x Extended Quickdraw, Compensator, Silencer, Red Dot, Vertical Foregrip.
  • Consumables: First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages.

Get hold of either the AWM or the Kar98K and you’re adequately set. These expert marksmen are phenomenal for picking off foes at long range, while the M16A4 and UMP9 make for some reasonable reinforcements if things begin getting excessively chancy.

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