PUBG Weapons Guide: The Best Guns for Chicken Dinner 2019

Be that as it may, there are piles of PUBG weapons to look over, and as you can just convey two essential weapons, a gun, a skirmish weapon, and an explosive, picking what to keep and what to dispose of is a large portion of the fight. There’s likewise significantly more to think about when assessing PUBG’s weapons than to what extent they take to drop a foe or how exact they are. A few rifles may come up short on some punch, however they more than compensate for it in other, more subtle territories like projectile speed, which will mean less shot drop and travel time. In like manner, a few firearms probably won’t appear to be such great at first, yet become the best in their group with the correct connections.

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With an end goal to settle on those choices simpler for you, we have gathered this PUBG weapons guide stuffed with subtleties and tips on each firearm in the game. Expect data on where you’ll locate a particular gun, what kinds of connections it can convey, the ammunition it utilizes, and the sorts of commitment it exceeds expectations at. We’re nothing if not intensive.

We have separated our PUBG weapons manage into classes to make it simpler for you to discover the firearms you are searching for:

PUBG Sanhok Weapons


Ammunition: 5.56

Attempting to discover the SCAR-L on Sanhok? In the PUBG new guide the SCAR-L has been supplanted by the Chinese QBZ95, an advanced bullpup strike rifle. This world generate rifle has a marginally buffed produce rate so it ought to be anything but difficult to discover. Like the SCAR-L, the QBZ95 loads a 5.56mm bullet that arrangements 43 harm for each hit and conveys 30 adjusts in a standard magazine, which can be increased to 40 with the all-encompassing magazine connection.

The QBZ is strikingly like the SCAR-L in that both arrangement a similar measure of harm and can convey a wide assortment of connections, anyway they do contrast in two different ways: the QBZ95 takes any longer reload, yet will down snappier gratitude to its somewhat higher rate of flame.


Ammunition: 5.56

This DMR may need harm inferable from the 5.56 rounds it loads, yet it makes for it with excellent gag speed, a high rate of flame, and a bipod that about dispenses with backlash when conveyed. Without a doubt, you’ll have to put a couple of rounds into an objective before they drop, yet the insignificant travel time makes landing hits a lot simpler, particularly over long separations.

The QBU can take gag, sight, and magazine connections, making it sensibly modifiable for a DMR. Like the Mini 14, the QBU can remain in for an ambush rifle if the RNG has been especially remorseless to you, yet where it truly exceeds expectations is among medium and long-extend firefights. 5.56 rounds are additionally basic crosswise over Sanhok, guaranteeing you’ll generally have a decent supply of ammunition.

PUBG Miramar Weapons


Ammunition: .45

It is difficult to put this antique rifle into any PUBG weapons class: it can’t take any connections, it bargains sensible harm, and it is switch activity. Since no degree will fit this rifle, its pragmatic range is generally short. In any case, the Win94 boasts high slug speed and enough harm to put a foe down in a couple of shots. Sadly, the switch move implies this rifle makes as long as the 98 Kurz to discharge successive shots, so a missed shot can be a capital punishment with this rifle. All in all, when would it be a good idea for you to utilize the Win94? The Win94 exceeds expectations at mid-extend where you can set aside effort to put each overwhelming shot, however just on the off chance that you can’t locate a superior DMR or sharpshooter rifle. The Win94 is selective to the new Miramar map.


Ammunition: 12 Guage

This thickset twofold barrel shotgun the desert-themed PUBG new guide, Miramar. Its range is awful, yet nothing looks at when adjusting a corner. Obviously the principle reason you will need to get hold of this boomstick is on the grounds that it involves a sidearm opening, which means you don’t need to fill one of your essential spaces with a shotgun.


Ammunition: .45

This Miramar select gun is the six-shooter we as a whole needed the R1895 to be. First of all, the R45 accompanies a speed loader as standard, which means reload times are sliced. It probably won’t pack very as quite a bit of a punch, however the iron sights make it a shockingly decent sidearm, especially for mid-go commitment.


PUBG Assault Rifles

Mk47 Mutant

Ammunition: 7.62

There aren’t many blasted discharge strike rifles among the bunch PUBG firearms, which is the reason PUBG. Corp included the Mk47 Mutant, a solitary or burst-shoot attack rifle with sublime exactness.

The Mutant arrangements the equivalent per shot harm as the AKM, yet with the exactness of it’s two-round burst shoot mode, it tends to be deadly at mid-go. The Mutant likewise flaunts both upper and lower rails so you can equip it with a pack of connections that expand its compelling reach. Simply don’t depend on in it lacking elbow room as most completely programmed weapons will overwhelm it regarding harm every second.

Beryl M762

Ammunition: 7.62

This cutting edge Polish strike rifle offers ceasing power that is barely short of the AKM, however on an increasingly steady and adaptable stage. In contrast to the AKM, the M762 can take hold connections, enabling you to ease a portion of the force in the event that you have the plunder.

While it’s halting force doesn’t exactly coordinate that of the AKM, its rate of shoot is a lot higher, closer to that of the considerable Groza, so the M762 is in reality significantly more lethal on the off chance that you interface a couple of shots.


Ammunition: 7.62

As you would figure from the 7.62 projectiles, the AKM packs a punch for a completely programmed attack rifle. Stick to self-loader fire for medium-and long-go commitment as the force will demonstrate too hard to even think about managing. The AKM can just acknowledge a gag, magazine, and sight connection. Given its capacity to slaughter shielded focuses with five shots we prescribe a sight as it can make the AKM obliterating in the correct hands.


Ammunition: 5.56

Presently, the AUG A3 must be found in airdrop containers, so getting your hands on one is quite troublesome. Not too bad blasted force makes this strike rifle very successful up to medium range. It is likewise one of the more flexible PUBG weapons with regards to connections and can be fitted with most sights, an assortment of gag connections, expanded and quickdraw magazines, and holds.


Ammunition: 7.62

Another strike rifle that must be found in airdrop containers, the Groza is a genuine diamond and almost unrivaled as far as its harm every second (DPS) rating. As it loads a similar 7.62 cartridge as the AKM each given arrangements a ton of effect, however where the Groza exceeds expectations is in its rate of flame: you can empty 750 rounds for each moment with the Groza contrasted with the AKM’s 600 rounds for every moment. Gag, mag, and sight connections are accessible for the Groza – as it has a great deal of force, it is prudent to equip this PUBG weapon as though it is a submachine firearm.


Ammunition: 5.56

Strong harm, low backlash, high slug speed (which means low shot drop), and a lot of degree with regards to which connections you can plug onto this famous rifle: the M16A4 is a brute. In any case, a great deal of players disregard it because of its absence of a full-programmed fire mode. To compensate for that, you can switch this PUBG weapon to blast shoot for a DPS rating near that of the Groza – simply remember the postponement between blasts, which makes the M16A4 extreme to go through close.


Ammunition: 5.56

Take your pick of connections for the M416: gag, magazine, stock, lower, and upper rail connections would all be able to be fitted. Other than that, the M416 does not have numerous characteristics to gloat about. It can shoot quicker than the SCAR-L and has the absolute best iron sights in the game, however on the drawback it has horrifying effect, which means your adversary’s point is scarcely bargained when they get harm from this PUBG weapon.


Ammunition: 5.56

It may have the most reduced DPS rating of any strike rifle in PUBG, yet the SCAR-L compensates for it with its completely programmed force design, which is practically identical to the measure of kick created by the M16A4 when discharging in single-shot mode. While, hypothetically, an adversary with a Groza should win in a duel, by and by you will have an a lot simpler time finding the majority of your shots and may prove to be the best as a result of it. You can likewise furnish the SCAR-L with most AR connections, however it is important that the iron sights are constraining, so a sight or degree should take point of reference when plundering structures.


Scaled down 14

Ammunition: 5.56

On paper it is hard to discover much worth celebrating for this assigned marksman rifle. Its harm isn’t especially high, it has a considerable measure of kick, and an exceptionally moderate rate of flame. In any case, the Mini 14 has extraordinary projectile speed, preferred even over that of the AWM. That implies great travel time and low slug drop, making long-run commitment a breeze. The Mini 14 is in fact named an expert sharpshooter rifle thus can be fitted with an assortment of extensions, just as some magazine and gag additional items.


Ammunition: 7.62

Need to hit more enthusiastically than a strike rifle without trading off your rate of shoot? The SKS is the perfect center ground between the two prevalent essential PUBG weapon classifications. You can likewise discover the SKS around the guide, making it a weapon worth getting great with. Its different reward is that it can acknowledge connections to each of the five spaces, so in the event that you set aside the effort to improve, this rifle it is effectively a standout amongst the best long-extend firearms in the game.

PUBG Sniper Rifles


Ammunition: .300

Ostensibly the best rifleman rifle in the game, there is a valid justification for the AWM being an uncommon drop from airdrop cases: it is the main non-shotgun with a power rating of 100. That means a one-hit slaughter on unarmoured foes, and two shots in the event that they are wearing protection; headshots against any dimension of cap are an ensured murder. What’s more, the AWM additionally has alongside no projectile drop, so you ought to have no issue getting those deadly .300 magnum shots.

Karabiner 98 Kurz

Ammunition: 7.62

On the off chance that you are searching for a stage up from the SKS as far as range and ceasing power then the Karabiner 98 Kurz is a phenomenal expert rifleman rifle. Its vintage nature implies a cripplingly moderate flame rate, however it more than compensates for this with its exactness at long rang.

PUBG Submachine Guns

Small scale Uzi

Ammunition: 9mm

This PUBG weapon is the embodiment of shower and ask. Because of its poor harm you will just need to utilize the Micro Uzi ahead of schedule into a match, where its high rate of flame should shred unarmoured adversaries plundering as they look through structures for plunder. It is near on difficult to control while pointing down sights, so stick to hip flame. The Micro Uzi can be fitted with a stock, gag additional items, and different magazine changes.

Tommy Gun

Ammunition: .45

Ok, the Chicago Typewriter – on the off chance that you need to feel like a mobster, at that point nothing beats the Tommy Gun. Hard-hitting .45 rounds make this a standout amongst the most dominant submachine firearms in Battlegrounds, however a failure to append sights and some flighty force mean this weapon is just helpful in master hands. Broadened mags are an unquestionable requirement as they twofold the Tommy Gun’s magazine limit without adding whenever to the reload speed.


Ammunition: .45

You just get 13 rounds for each magazine for this lacking elbow room executioner, so make expanded magazine your need when plundering. Luckily, the Vector flaunts moderate harm, high rate of flame, and low force, so finding those hits does not take a specialist marksman. So, practice alert when pulling the trigger as all that’s needed is over one moment to discharge a standard magazine. The Vector additionally profits by having the option to get a grasp, different magazine types, gags, sights and scopes, and a stock. This is a standout amongst the best PUBG weapons for close experiences.


Ammunition: 9mm

A standout amongst the most widely recognized PUBG weapons, the UMP9 will work well for you among close and medium range, yet as it fills in as a scaffold among SMGs and ambush rifles it doesn’t exceed expectations in a specific circumstance. Genuinely sensible force with a hold and compensator connection prepared, high harm, and regular 9mm rounds make this a stalwart of the submachine weapons classification.

PUBG Shotguns


Ammunition: 12 Gauge

A self-loader shotgun sounds like the ideal firearm for urban conflicts, however the S12K fills a specialty need: squad wipes. Extremely poor range implies you can just capitalize on its self-loader fire mode when you are in the live with your objective. At this range, be that as it may, its magazine limit, harm, and rate of flame make it decimating, considerably more so on the off chance that you can locate an all-inclusive magazine for it – in the event that you are plundering loft structures, at that point the S12K is a decent partner. In contrast to different shotguns, the S12K can acknowledge various sights and gag connections.


Ammunition: 12 Gauge

With regards to shotguns, a great many people consider unrivaled halting force around other people – keeping that in mind, the S1897 (or Trench Gun) conveys, to say the least. One-shot kills against unarmoured adversaries very close make this an incredible optional weapon, especially when plundering structures.


Ammunition: 12 Gauge

This twofold barrel shotgun is for players who never miss. The capacity to discharge two adjusts all the while make this by a long shot the deadliest weapon in the game with regards to battle in tight regions. Obviously, you should complete a great deal of reloading with this shotgun, and keeping in mind that its reload speed is fair, it can make it a cumbersome sidekick in squad servers.



Ammunition: Bolt

Tortuously moderate reload times, low speed, and low range make the Crossbow an overwhelming weapon to utilize. In any case, it can infrequently merit the hazard on account of its capacity to quickly murder with a headshot against all cap types, just as with middle shots to unarmoured adversaries. The main connection worth obtaining for the Crossbow is the quiver, which lessens the reload time.

PUBG Pistols


Ammunition: .45

The P1911 crosses over any barrier between most present day handguns and pistols, giving adequate ceasing power at the expense of a low magazine limit and unremarkable rate of shoot. On the off chance that you can’t locate any not too bad PUBG weapons ahead of schedule into a round, at that point this will serve you shockingly well.


Ammunition: 9mm

The P92 has a marginally lower rate of flame when contrasted with the P18C yet some additional ceasing capacity to compensate for it. Try not to sit idle settling on the two.


Ammunition: 9mm

Low harm may obstruct the P18C, yet as it flaunts a high magazine limit and the classification’s most noteworthy rate of flame, you will discover the P18C is great at smothering and completing off adversaries.


Ammunition: 7.62

On the off chance that you can arrive each shot, at that point the pistol may spare your life, in the event that not, at that point the low rate of shoot, agonizingly moderate reload times, and substantial kick of this sidearm can be excruciating. Swap out to clench hands and go H.A.M. – you will have much increasingly fun in any event.


Ammunition: 9mm

With a compelling shoot scope of 50 meters, the choice of completely programmed discharge, and piles of connection spaces guaranteeing you can improve its details, the Skorpion is a brilliant gun to convey at all phases of the game. Use it for crowdedness fights at the very beginning of a match when foes haven’t got an opportunity to snatch protection and you’ll see it a helpful, pocket-sized SMG.

PUBG Grenades

Frag Grenade

Got a foe bound? Throw a ‘nade their way and flush them out of their concealing spot. These throwables are startlingly deadly and extraordinary during the last period of a match where compelling your adversaries out of position is so critical to winning.

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is an odd throwable and is infrequently more valuable than a Frag Grenade. It deals consuming harm to foes over a brief span, yet it is increasingly helpful for zone disavowal: blocking access to staircases, denying flanking courses, and preventing adversaries from bouncing into vehicles. One slick peculiarity of the Molotov Cocktail is that it can in a split second annihilate entryways, which could be useful for hurrying campers.

Smoke Grenade

The Smoke Grenade is perfect when you are bound behind spread. Pop this throwable to cover your development between spread or getaway the circumstance completely. On the other hand, you can utilize the Smoke Grenade as a distraction.

Stagger Grenade

On paper, the Stun Grenade ought to be a basic apparatus for clearing rooms, yet the bewildering impact triggers conflictingly, making it difficult to prescribe.

PUBG Melee Weapons


On the off chance that you are going to sit around idly settling on scuffle weapons, at that point this is the best choice accessible to you. Why? The Pan flaunts a bizarre attribute: the cast iron skillet is impenetrable thus shields your back from harm when it isn’t prepared. That is correct: this scuffle weapon can truly spare your arse. It likewise bargains more harm than the other scuffle weapons, however we incline toward it as additional protective layer.


Accommodating for Gordon Freeman cosplays yet very little else. The Crowbar, similar to all skirmish weapons, is a final hotel PUBG weapon.


It may look deadlier than a crowbar yet the cleaver will bargain the very same harm. Successful against unarmoured adversaries who don’t have any acquaintance with you are behind them.



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