PUBG Weapons Guide: Best to Worst Guns Tier List [Updated 2019]

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There’s an entire host of weaponry available for anyone in PUBG, and in case you’re new to the game it tends to be troublesome knowing which you ought to be preparing or leaving by the wayside. These sorts of choices can represent the moment of truth a match as well, as less time spent bumbling around picking what weapon to utilize is additional time spent squeezing the bit of leeway.

Regardless of whether you’ve been playing this game for hundreds – or even thousands – of hours, it very well may be dubious to know which weapons are plainly the best or the most noticeably awful. Obviously, they all have situational points of interest and burdens, however with regards to measurements there are some unmistakable victors.

A few weapons are absolute superior to their partners, and to enable you to recognize which weapons are the most grounded in every classification, we’ve assembled a straightforward level rundown just beneath.

It merits remembering that this weapon level rundown considers every weapon’s base measurements, with no connections mulled over. Certain weapons advantage vigorously from alterations, yet insufficient this ought to change the condition of this level rundown too definitely.

Weapon Tier List

In this area you’ll discover a breakdown of each PUBG weapon, with the most significant details for every one noted. Here are a couple of contemplations on how we’ve approached incorporating this rundown, and what the numbers mean.

Note that we’ve positioned the best weapons inside every class. A portion of the situations are down to measurements, while some of them are a lot more grounded in-game when contrasted with their details on paper.

We’ve put together our details with respect to pubg.gamepedia and this network made spreadsheet from redditor dak4ttack, and another connected by redditor RainyRayne. Each site has various insights as of PUBG’s 1.0 fix, since Bluehole doesn’t really discharge them authoritatively. Basically, it’s everything down to datamines and network testing, however the information beneath is as close as we can get to a precise portrayal.

Shot Speed alludes to the speed at which the projectile leaves the gag, estimated in meters every second. A higher number methods less lead time or point pay for slug drop.

Projectile Power shows how hard a player’s point will be lost when hit. The higher the number, the greater the recoil.

Anything set apart with a bullet is just accessible as a one of a kind drop from a Supply Crate!

PUBG: Assault Rifles Tier List

Name Damage Fire Rate DPS Mag Bullet Speed Bullet Power
Groza* 49 0.08 613 30 715m/s 10,000
AKM 49 0.1 490 30 715m/s 10,000
AUG A3* 43 0.086 502 30 940m/s 9,000
M16A4 43 0.075 573 30 900m/s 8,000
M416 43 0.086 502 30 880m/s 3,500
SCAR-L 43 0.096 448 30 870m/s 9,000

When it comes to the best Assault Rifles, it’s a pretty close contest. The Groza tears apart targets but it’s rare to find. The M416 is easily the best all-rounder, while the M16A4 is also a great choice for tapping down targets at range with its high bullet velocity. It’s hard to go wrong with this category to be honest, but those are our picks for what they’re worth!

PUBG: Sniper Rifle Tier List

Name Damage Fire Rate DPS Mag Bullet Speed Bullet Power
AWM* 120 1.85 65 5 945m/s 40,000
M24 79 1.8 44 5 790m/s 20,000
Kar98K 75 1.9 39 5 760m/s 16,000
Win94 66 0.6 110 8 TBC TBC
MK14* 61 0.09 678 10 853m/s 20,000
SLR 58 0.1 580 10 840m/s TBC
SKS 53 0.133 530 10 800m/s 20,000
Mini 14 46 0.133 460 20 990m/s 10,000
VSS 41 0.086 479 10 330m/s 20,000

Easily our favourite Sniper Rifle, the AWM is capable of dropping enemies in one booming shot. The Kar98K remains the most powerful common drop, while the SKS edges out the Mini 14 and VSS when it comes to semi-auto Snipers.

PUBG: Pistol Tier List

Name Damage Fire Rate DPS Mag Bullet Speed Bullet Power
R45 55 0.25 220 6 330m/s 8,000
R1895 55 0.4 138 7 330m/s 8,000
P1911 41 0.11 373 7 250m/s 6,000
P92 35 0.135 259 15 380m/s 7,000
P18C 23 0.06 383 17 375m/s 7,000


Fully kit out a P18C and it’s effectively a mini-SMG – definitely pick one up if you come across it. The P1911 is also a great option, capable of downing enemies in only a few shots and remaining easy to handle when squeezing the trigger in a flurry of shots.


PUBG: Melee Weapons and Bows Tier List

Name Damage Fire Rate DPS Mag Bullet Speed Bullet Power
Crossbow 105 3.8 28 1 160m/s 8,000
Pan 80 0.75 107
Crowbar 60 0.75 80
Machete 60 0.75 80
Sickle 60 0.75 80


Always grab a Pan. Not only does it act as an extra piece of armour for your backside, it’s surprisingly strong at close range.

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