Red Dead Online: The best Horses (2019)

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You’re going to need some assistance as you travel around the online world as there are enormous separations to cover, so getting yourself one of the Red Dead Online best steeds will enable you to go in style. You will invest a lot of energy in the seat in Red Dead Online, so it’ll satisfy to set yourself up as easily as could be expected under the circumstances. Realizing that your picked mount has a fair hold of stamina to cover the long adventures ahead, just as the speed to move you there immediately, will take a ton of the worry of meandering the fields.

With a wide range of choices accessible, it tends to be difficult to choose which steed will be the best friend on your experiences, so let us assist. We’ve looked at all of the best ponies in Red Dead Online, over an assortment of breeds to suit all circumstances and conditions. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing down foes or participating in a perseverance race over the whole Wild West, we have the full rundown of the Red Dead Online best ponies for all your equine needs.


  • Cost: $850
  • Open level: 66

The best pony in Red Dead Online is going to cost you a pretty penny… and each other last dime in your cowhand’s change tote. At $850, this is the second most costly pony in the game, however it legitimizes its out of this world sticker price with its brilliant wellbeing, speed, stamina, and increasing speed details. With its world class dealing with class, it’s additionally the most light-footed, flexibility horse around, making it a perfect alternative when riding through the thick, jumbled timberlands of Tall Trees. In case you’re playing on PS4, you can likewise guarantee this heavenly monster with the expectation of complimentary gratitude to Sony’s selective substance manage Rockstar.

Missouri Fox Trotter

  • Cost: $950
  • Open level: 58

Red Dead Online’s most costly horsey comes in two flavors: Silver Dapple Pinto or Amber Champagne. Both will cost you a wallet-demolishing $950, however on the off chance that you have the money going save, this present steed’s speed and stamina details are basically fantastic. Obviously, seeing as Red Dead Online doesn’t concede you the benefit of purchasing this mount until you hit rank 58, you’ll in all probability need to endure that wheezing Kentucky Saddler for two or three dozen additional hours. Likewise, would we say we are the main ones reasoning this steed was named by a SEAL group?


  • Cost: $925
  • Open level: 56

This multi-breed example is a phenomenal alternative for the individuals who like to participate in Red Dead Online’s race occasions. Too fast and with noteworthy wellbeing and stamina, this thin steed should promise you numerous a horse platform place. The Dark Bay breed is the least expensive variant accessible, and can be yours for $925… giving your online fugitive has hit rank 56. Despite the fact that its taking care of is classed as standard, practically speaking, this is one of the game’s most coordinated steeds.


  • Cost: $150
  • Open level: 36

Not to be mistaken for a popular Belgian timberland, this warhorse is an especially durable client. In the event that you have to secure a stagecoach or need to clear a posse fort, this present steed’s heavy conceal will prove to be handy. The Ardennes is additionally one of Red Dead Online’s boldest ponies, and even in battle or when looked with a predator, it will infrequently jettison you. They’re not especially quick, yet in case you’re not unreasonably complained with speed and support sturdiness rather, the Ardennes truly is an intense pony to top.

American Paint

  • Cost: $130
  • Open level: 21

In spite of the fact that this tough workhorse isn’t the quickest pony around, it unquestionably packs an incredible motor. Unmistakably this breed has been chipping away at its cardio, in light of the fact that these ponies’ stamina is completely top of the line. In the event that you can neglect their underneath normal speeding up, either the Tobino or Overo variations – which both open at level 21 – are certainly justified regardless of the $130 for a creature that can ride throughout the day and night without issue.

Hungarian Halfbred

  • Cost: $130
  • Open level: 24

In spite of the fact that it’s not exactly as strong as the Ardennes, the Hungarian Halfbred is as yet a fantastic warhorse. This breed is additionally less expensive than the Ardennes and is accessible to purchase 12 levels prior. Like Red Dead Online’s different warhorses, the Halfbred doesn’t flaunt incredible speed or accelaration, yet it’s an extraordinary alternative when the slugs start flying. You can purchase either the Flaxen Chestnut or Piebald Tobiano at rank 21.



  • Cost: $120
  • Open level: 1

Its details may pale to different ponies on this rundown, yet the Belgian is one of the most solid steeds you can purchase when you’re first beginning in Red Dead Online. The quickest of the Draft breeds, the Belgian can outrace the Shire, while it additionally flaunts great wellbeing and stamina. Truly, its substantial taking care of model methods its not perfect when you have to escape difficult situations in a jiffy, yet in case you’re simply setting out into Rockstar’s online Frontier, you could do a ton more awful than braving with the husky Belgian.

How Horse Insurance functions

You wouldn’t take to the street in a uninsured vehicle, so don’t hit those dusty earth trails without first safeguarding your pony at a steady, similar to the one found in Valentine. Pony protection in Red Dead Online spreads you for demonstrations of sudden filly casualty. On the off chance that your mount gets shot or falls over a precipice, horse protection gives you a security net, recuperating your pony over a brief timeframe before making it accessible once more. Without it, any steed you possess that croaks will be lost until the end of time. Only an expression of caution: should you incidentally shoot your horse buddy (you articulate beast) your pony protection will charge you an expense to resuscitate it.

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