Red Dead Redemption 2: Gangs Complete Guide [Updated 2019]

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As you investigate the world and advancement through the primary storyline, you’ll catch an ever increasing number of posses en route – it is the Wild West all things considered.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the packs you find aren’t the friendliest bundle. As a general rule, they’ll stick you up for cash or even endeavor to snare you out in nature. Depending how far through the storyline you are, and what district you’re blundering around in, various posses will raise you ruckus.

Underneath we’ve assembled all that you have to think about packs in Red Dead Redemption 2, including all the potential experiences you can have, just as likely areas for every one of them.

All Gang Encounters

Here’s a breakdown of all the group experiences in the game.


Once in a while, you’ll be trapped by a gathering of group individuals when meandering the guide. They’ll more often than not rise up out of the hedges, or behind rocks while you’re following a trail on horseback.

The foe posse will regularly hinder your way and make strife unavoidable, so it’s ideal to whip out your firearms and manage the dangers rapidly. We prescribe going into Dead Eye to pick up the high ground, before getting off and seeking shelter – you don’t need your pony taking a stray shot.

When you’ve taken them full scale, it’s ideal to leave the scene rapidly as no one can really tell when an observer or lawman will come running past. In case you’re spotted plundering, or anyplace close to the location of the wrongdoing, you’ll be a needed man.

Chance Encounters

There are various situations you can experience in the open world which don’t include you as the ideal objective. You may pass a stagecoach being burglarized, or a blameless outsider for example. It’s dependent upon you to choose how you approach these circumstances.

Hideout Captures

Refuges are fortresses filled to the overflow with group individuals. You can catch them by wiping out every one of the enemies inside the region to get profitable things.

During the story you’ll be entrusted with four refuge catches, alongside an extra two once you’ve finished Chapter 6. At last, there’s one reward den considered Twin Rocks that is just accessible to those who’ve bought the Special/Ultimate versions of the game.

Plan a long time before every alcove catch as you’ll confront an enormous crowd of foes who aren’t hesitant to flank and overpower you. Bring a lot of ammo, wellbeing things and ensure your steed is out of the peril zone as well.


These work similarly as safehouses. Sporadically you’ll catch group camps which you can get out. It’s ideal to approach these stealthily and kick the clash off with a well-place headshot from the shadows.

Get out the camp and there’s frequently a lockbox containing a money cut, and a couple of different resources as well.


Gang Locations


Dotted all through the western side of New Hanover and northern West Elizabeth. They have two dens, one in Cumberland Forest and the other north of Big Valley, right over the Little Creek River.

Lemoyne Raiders

Scattered around Rhodes and focal Lemoyne. Their den is legitimately east of Braithwaite Manor, close to the shore.

Skinner Brothers

Found only in and around southern West Elizabeth. Around Blackwater and expanding west towards Tall Trees.

Murfee Brood

Imagine a slender line expanding north from Bluewater Marsh, through Vanhorn, into Annesburg and just past. Their refuge is found only west of Annesburg.


Only found in two spots: Just west of Strawberry, alongside Owanjila Lake, and western Little Creek Lake.

Night Folk

Dense pockets of this group can be found in western Bluewater Marsh, north west of Bluewater Marsh, only upper east of Lakay and west of Lakay on the eastern edge of the Bayou and reaching out crosswise over to the Kamassa River.

Del Lobo

Found all through New Austin, a zone which opens up toward the finish of the game. Their dens can be found in Thieves Landing and Fort Mercer.

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