Red Dead Redemption 2: Gold Bar Locations Guide

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Certainly, you can sell that mildew covered container of Whiskey you found in some farmer’s storeroom for a little whole, and that folded cigarette you’ve had buried for 10 sections may merit a couple of dollars. Oodles of cash however – the genuine cash – lies in catching shimmering gold bars, yet they aren’t anything but difficult to discover.

Sell one gold bar and you’ll make a cool $500, so it merits chasing them down in the event that you need a flawless money infusion. You’re not going to discover them settled under trees or tumbling from the pockets of bystanders, yet buried in the most unassuming of areas.

To assist you with getting hold of a couple of gold bars, we’ve assembled a guide beneath that will walk you through every one of the strategies we’re right now mindful of. Obviously, as more strategies are found, we’ll update this guide appropriately – stay tuned!

How to Get Gold Bars

Here are every one of the manners in which you can get gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Story: Complete Chapter 2

We’re not going to ruin anything here, so simply realize that once you’ve finished section 2 of the primary battle, you’ll get some gold bars.

Sheriff’s Building: Horseshoe Overlook

Endless supply of the “Spines of America” story crucial, on over to the town of Limpany toward the South of Horseshoe Overlook. Have a mooch around for the sheriff’s structure and once you’re inside, look behind his work area. There ought to be a money box sitting on the ground which contains one gold bar and various different things as well.

Jack Hall Treasure Maps

Discover all of Jack Hall’s Treasure Maps and you’ll be compensated with 2 gold bars for your endeavors. In the event that you need assistance finding them all, at that point our All Treasure Map areas and arrangements page has you secured!

Derailed Train: Cotorra Springs

There’s a wrecked train carriage in a gorge that is found simply off the train track toward the South of Cotorra Springs. Follow the train track driving East across Granite Pass until it meets with another track that leads North out of Cotorra Springs. The wrecked carriage is simply toward the south of this crossing point.

Complete Strange Statues Quest

Found East of Donner Falls and North East of Bacchus Station is a cavern out in the wild. It’s home to 7 creepy statues encompassing a statue of a blessed messenger. Turns out this is a smaller than usual riddle that will compensate you with 3 gold bars in the event that you figure out how to make sense of it – decent.

Here’s the manner by which to complete it:

  • Every statue is holding up a specific number of fingers.
  • In light of this, press the catches on the statues that have 2, 3, 5, and 7 fingers held up.

HarryNinetyFour’s created a supportive video control that shows you precisely what to do, so it’s definitely justified even despite a watch in case you’re as yet uncertain how to approach this riddle.


Catherine Braithwaite

Arrive at Chapter 4 in the story and you’ll be given the alternative to make a beeline for the roasted survives from Catherine Braithwaite’s house, looking for her body.

When you’ve found it, plunder her body for an emerald ornament and search for an exceptional box in a similar room. Inside you’ll see one gold bar, sorry Catherine.

Where to Sell Gold Bars

In the event that you have a major reserve of gold bars prepared to get hawked, at that point you’ll have to locate the opportune individual to whip it to. Fortunately the Wild West is home to a couple of dodgy sellers who’ll cheerfully drop the weight from your shoulders, and fill your pockets with money.

These dealers are called Fences, and you can discover them in a couple of spots across Red Dead Redemption 2’s colossal guide. You’ll should simply discover them, converse with them, select the “sell” alternative and let go of all your gold bars.

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