Red Dead Redemption 2: Masks Locations Guide [Updated 2019]

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As bandit Arthur Morgan, there’s no making tracks in an opposite direction from crime. All through the game’s story you’ll regularly need to take part in some not exactly legal minutes, such as ransacking trains or taking wagons.

Once in a while however, captivating in frightful business can emit out of the most commonplace situations – that is the Wild West for you. Regardless of whether you’re holding up retailers or getting out a bar with your guns, you’ll have to wear a cover on the off chance that you need to remain unidentifiable.

Neglect to wear your veil and your respect will drop essentially, so it’s ideal to make wearing one a propensity before carrying out a wrongdoing. In the long run it’ll turn out to be natural when you’re a solidified veteran who’s seen everything, except there will come a point where the default handkerchief probably won’t do it for you. Stress not, for there are various covers accessible to discover and purchase.


Where to find and buy all masks

There are five covers in all out which you can purchase from wall specked around the game world.

  • Killer Hood
  • Canvas Sack Hood
  • Metal Skull Mask
  • Psycho Mask
  • Fabric Mask

There are a sum of four veils you can just discover in the game world.

  • Agnostic Mask: Worn by a custom penance, northwest of Owanjila.
  • Pig Mask: Hanging off a chain outside a butcher’s shop in Butcher Creek, north of Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Slam Skull Mask: It’s in Rathskeller Fork ranch in New Austin, upper east Cholla Springs. It’s hanging in a close by sheep pen.
  • Feline Skull Mask: In one of the depressed shacks in Lakay. Hanging over a wooden box.

When you’re wearing a veil, ensure you never wear one before a lawman as they’ll see through your camouflage straight away.

In case you’re carrying out a wrongdoing, ensure you wear a veil before entering the territory, and ride off rapidly once the deed has been finished.

In the event that a lawman spotted you wearing a veil, and you return later, everybody (counting outsiders) will remember you. You’ll have to change both pony and outfit on the off chance that you need to come back to a territory in which you may have been seen.

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