Red Dead Redemption 2: All Treasure Map locations & Solutions Guide (2019)

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Red Dead Redemptions 2’s home to bunches of things, similar to a lovely scene, a charming storyline and numerous individuals to shoot in the face with a pistol. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a rootin’ tootin’ cowhand experience without one great segment – finding and comprehending fortune maps.

We’re going to keep this page pleasant and basic. First we’ll diagram what kind of fortune guide is being separated, at that point we’ll list every one of their areas and arrangements just underneath.

Since Red Dead 2’s been out for a brief period, we’ve had opportunity to list the majority of the fortune map arrangements beneath. We’ll refresh this page if any mystery maps turn up, however this page ought to have you secured until further notice!

All Le Tresir Des Morts Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

These fortune maps are just accessible to the individuals who have pre-requested the advanced form or claim the Special/Ultimate Edition of the game.

This implies it isn’t accessible to the individuals who have pre-requested a physical duplicate of the game.

Map 1: Go to the wore out settlement southwest of Horseshoe Overlook. Go inside the little prison that is as yet standing and you’ll see the guide beside one of the bodies.

Map 2: This guide is found in the Saint Denis docks. It’s covered up in an underground pasage associating Cornwall Freight Station’s yard to the harbor. Inspect the divider by the main wooden container in the way.

Last Treasure: The fortune is lcated in the Saint Denis burial ground. It’s reserved inside the catacomb with a recolored glass window, toward the west of the focal vault. Head inside and assess the divider to your left side. This will reveal a mystery opening and award you an astounding 5 gold bars.

All High Stakes Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

To access High Stakes fortune maps, you’ll have to finish the Chapter 3 mission “The New South”. When this mission is finished, a fortune tracker NPC will show up haphazardly on the guide. Figure out how to catch and take the guide off him and you’ll kickstart the fortune chase.

Where to discover Treasure Map 1: There are different bring forth focuses for the arbitrary outsider once you’ve finished the Chapter 3 mission “The New South”. It appears that he’ll show up along a significant part of the land extending between West Eliz and New Hanover.

Map 1: Head over to Cumberland Falls. Skirt along the stopgap edge that leads into the cascade and continue inside. When you’re in, the fortune guide is concealed appropriate between two enormous shakes legitimately ahead.

Map 2: The North Eastern zone of Barrow Lagoon. Take a gander at this area on your guide and you’ll see a huge shake development in the North East side. The fortune guide can be discovered covered up inside the focal point of an alternative log connect at the eastern tip of this stone arrangement.

Map 3: Sandwiched directly between Fort Wallace and Bacchus Station. Approach Bacchus Station from Fort Wallace and head towards climb up a slope until you arrive at the gorge bisecting the two areas. Go to one side and there ought to be a way that keeps running along the precipice edge, tail it along, stage your way down, continue moving left and you’ll arrive at a point where there’s a shade alongside an impasse. Search the split in the shade for the last fortune map.

All Jack Hall Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

Where to discover Treasure Map 1: There’s an outsider sitting above the cliffside toward the West of Latneck Station and North East of Bard’s Crossing. For further reference, he’s close to the byway which paves the way to Caliban’s Seat.

Map 1 Location: Towards the North East side of Caliban’s Seat there’s a particular slope scarred with trees. Head as far as possible up to the top, continue advances and embrace the correct side. Inevitably you’ll run over a conspicuous slant driving downwards and a way that keeps running along the bluff edge. Tail it, being mindful so as to bounce and climb your way to the end. When you can’t go any further, look down to one side and you’ll see a little fissure. Connect with it and that is the principal guide down!

Map 2 Location: Head toward the West side of the street that keeps running along the highest point of Cotorra Springs. Move inwards towards the south a little so you’re not straightforwardly on the way, yet running along the grass. Gradually circle around and watch out for an inquisitive arrangement of stacked stones. One has an especially enormous, wide and level shake laying on top (if all else fails, check them all). Essentially circle it and you’ll detect a little opening where the fortune can be found.

Map 3 Location: Essentially directly in the center of O’Creagh’s Run, simply over the “e” in “Creagh’s”. Swim over to the little island and you’ll see it’s part by a little level area, on the South side. There’s a free shake here where the fortune is covering up.


All Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

Where to discover Treasure Map 1: Head on over to the lodge at Cairn Lake to begin the Treasure Hunt.

Map 1 Location: On the South East side of Facu Rock, West of Ringneck Creek. Head up the incline and pay special mind to a spoiled log. There’s a tree directly here, circle round it and you’ll discover the fortune concealed at the base of the storage compartment.

Map 2 Location: West of Van Horn Trading Post. It’s in a field with a peculiar, man-made stone arrangement that looks like an eye. Plunder the “iris” to get the fortune.

Map 3 Location: North side of Elysian Pool. Head into the cascade, pursue the way inside and look down on your right side as it starts getting darker. There will be a way driving downwards towards a little burrow. Tail it right in, head left once you arrive at a stage edge, hold following the way down, into a pool of water and move up the edge. The fortune is reserved in a heap of rocks simply here.

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