Red Dead Redemption 2: Trinkets Complete Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Generally, Red Dead Redemption 2 is grounded in authenticity. Steed balls recoil in the driving rain, your cap isn’t stuck on, and Arthur’s wellbeing is in danger in the event that he wears an enormous coat in the mid year heat. This doesn’t imply that the game doesn’t consolidate some otherworldly, RPG-like components, however.

There are a sum of 15 Trinkets to gather in the game and they’re made from the body portions of amazing creatures. Acquire one and it’ll act like an inactive advantage, giving you incredibly supportive detail helps that will make you a much progressively productive cowpoke.

Beneath we’ve separated every one of the Trinkets in the game and nitty gritty what benefits they give and what creatures parts you’ll have to make them. Ideally this’ll make your mission to acquire them each of the somewhat simpler!

In the event that you believe we’re feeling the loss of a Trinket, do ensure you let us know in the remarks beneath and we may simply include it in the article.

How to get Trinkets

Here’s the procedure you’ll have to follow to get hold of knickknacks:

  • Chase down and skin an unbelievable creature.
  • Gather their creating parts.
  • Head on over to a Fence and make your Trinket of decision from their creating menu.

For help finding every one of the Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2, we’ve assembled an All Fences areas page so you don’t spend innumerable hours scouring the guide for them.

When you’ve created a Trinket, you don’t have to prepare it. For whatever length of time that it’s sitting in your stock some place its uninvolved impact will support your character. Also, the entirety of their belongings stack, which makes them ideal for accumulating.


All Trinkets list

Here’s a rundown of the considerable number of Trinkets reachable in Red Dead Redemption 2, close by the fixings expected to create them and the detail supports they give.

Beaver Tooth Trinket

Slows weapon corruption by 10%. Requires Legendary Beaver Tooth.

Buck Antler Trinket

Increases possibility of better creature parts from cleaning. Requires Legendary Buck Antler.

Cougar’s Paw Trinket

Deadeye Core channel is diminished by – 10% for 3 seconds in the wake of activating it. Requires Legendary Cougar’s Paw.

Coyote Fang Trinket

+10% Dead Eye XP earned. Requires Legendary Coyote Fang.

Elk Antler Trinket

+10% Loot (more things plundered). Requires Legendary Elk Antler.

Fox Claw Trinket

+5 seconds Eagle Eye span. Requires Legendary Fox Claw.

Lion’s Paw Trinket

+10% Stamina XP earned. Art utilizing the Lion’s Paw.

Moose Antler Trinket

+10% Health XP earned. Requires Legendary Moose Antler.

Owl Feather Trinket (Missable)

Reduces speed of Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Core channel by 15%. Must finish the discretionary respect story strategic ‘for Beginners’ without any slaughters (Chapter 6).

Puma’s Eye Trinket

Decreases drank speed of Dead Eye bar by 10% for three seconds. Requires Legendary Panther’s Eye.

Pronghorn Horn Trinket

Carcasses on your steed never again break down. Requires Legendary Pronghorn Horn.

Smash Horn Trinket

Receive twice the same number of herbs each time you pick oregano, crawling thyme and wild mint. Requires Legendary Ram Horn.

Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket

Reduces skirmish harm got by 10%. Requires Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn.

Wolf Heart Trinket

Player can expend 2x more liquor before feeling negative impacts of being flushed. Requires Legendary Wolf Heart.

Iguana Scale Trinket

Permanently diminishes the harm the player gets while on horseback by 10% – Exclusive to proprietors of the Special Edition/Ultimate Edition of RDR2.

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