Red Dead Redemption 2: Weapons Expert Challenges Guide [Updated 2019]

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You’ll lay your hands on a lot of various weapons as you venture over the Old West, yet in the event that you need to demonstrate your ability with them, at that point the Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapons Expert Challenges are a magnificent feature for your aptitudes. As you work your way through these 10 undertakings, you’ll spread everything from blades to bows and weapons, in addition to the odd hazardous too for good measure! On the off chance that you need to improve your killing aptitudes in Red Dead Redemption 2 at that point taking on the different accomplishments here will surely help, so pursue our Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapons Expert Challenges manual for know the particular necessities that are required and you’ll finish every one of them in a matter of seconds.

Weapons Expert 1 – Kill 3 enemies with a knife

You will consequently finish this errand during the story mission called Paying a Social Call, which has you stealth slaughtering a lot of desperados, however else we suggest utilizing Arthur’s blade as an incognito weapon to get these executes, as it rapidly utilizes its feasibility when adversaries start whipping out their guns.

Weapons Expert 2 – Kill 3 enemies in 10 seconds using only throwing knives

During a similar story mission, Paying a Social Call, you’ll get a lot of tossing blades. Prepare them, and utilize the deadeye to throw a few at different adversaries in progression, going for the head to guarantee a slaughter, and this test will be finished.

Weapons Expert 3 – Kill 3 birds of prey using only a tomahawk

This current one’s precarious. You can purchase tomahawks from the Fence at Emerald Station, however it’s not actually a cakewalk to hit birds of prey and owls out of the sky with the shot, notwithstanding when utilizing deadeye. The best stunt I’ve found is execute a creature or desperado before leaving their body to decay for some time, with expectations of drawing in any close-by fowls of prey to slide upon the free feast. Something else, a few winged animals can be found roosted stationary on rocks close to streams, and Fences at ranches, however it might take you some time to get every one of the three.

Weapons Expert 4 – Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun using crafted ammo

You can make shotgun ammunition from the making menu at a pit fire, and the most effortless alternative is to make Split Point projectiles utilizing your blade, as this doesn’t require some other fixings or plans for you find as an essential. Following that, prepare the correct shots utilizing the weapon wheel, before offloading them into any close-by people.

Weapons Expert 5 – Kill 5 mounted enemies, using 1 throwing knife per kill

Tossing blades aren’t actually the most risky apparatuses in Arthur’s stockpile, so you’ll have to score headshots to guarantee you get the execute with a solitary hit for each blade. For discovering enough horseback foes, rack up an abundance of over $200 in one state, and a lot of them will chase you down in a matter of moments.


Weapons Expert 6 – Kill 4 enemies at the same time with a single stick of dynamite

Explosive can be purchased from gunsmiths or created at open air fires, and you’ll have to light and toss one into a horde of conglomerated foes for a possibility of executing 4 with one stick. Their range isn’t as enormous as you may expect, so utilize Dead Eye in the event that you need your toss to be as exact as would be prudent.

Weapons Expert 7 – Kill 4 consecutive enemies by throwing and retrieving the same tomahawk

Tomahawks can be recovered once tossed basically by running over to the spot where they landed, and Arthur will naturally lift it up. Like the tossing blades, you’ll have to go for the head to verify the kill on a foe; do this process again this procedure three additional occasions in progression, and the test will finish.

Weapons Expert 8 – Kill 15 enemies using a long barrelled shotgun

Since quite a while ago barrelled shotguns can be purchased and modified from gunsmiths in towns around Red Dead Redemption 2, so buy one, take it out to an adjacent scoundrel camp, and discharge away to effortlessly wrap up this clear challenge.

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