Resident Evil 2: Combining Ingredients and Recipes Guide

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Raccoon City is a quite unwelcoming place in Resident Evil 2, since it’s loaded with zombies and beasts and goliath, insidious companies. You’ll discover a ton of provisions to get en route — like keys and Hip Pouches and ammunition — however a few things require a little get together.

Since assets in Resident Evil 2 are really rare, you would prefer not to consolidate things just to perceive what occurs. Rather, ensure you’re joining those important things to get what you really need. This guide will give all of you the plans you have to know.


Consolidating some Gunpowder with another Gunpowder will make ammunition. What kind of ammunition you make relies upon what sort of Gunpowder you consolidate and what character you’re playing as.

You’ll locate a snappy introduction on making ammunition from Gunpowder in the West Office on the primary floor of the Police Station.

You will locate a couple of containers of Gunpowder (Large) all through your game. These demonstration like the standard Gunpowder, just … more. On the off chance that you consolidate it with standard Gunpowder, you’ll get more Handgun Ammo. In the event that you consolidate it with High-Grade Gunpowder, you’ll get a couple of additional Shotgun Shells.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Gunpowder Recipes

Item 1 Item 2 Result
Gunpowder Gunpowder Handgun Ammo
Gunpowder High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) Shotgun Shells
High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) MAG Ammo


Resident Evil 2 Claire Gunpowder Recipes

Item 1 Item 2 Result
Gunpowder Gunpowder Handgun Ammo (specifically, 9mm)
Gunpowder High-Grade Gunpowder (White) Acid Rounds
High-Grade Gunpowder (White) High-Grade Gunpowder (White) Submachine Gun Ammo


Herbs are the mending things in Resident Evil 2. There are Green, Blue, and Red Herbs. Wellbeing isn’t displayed as a measure like you may anticipate. Rather, there’s a condition in the lower left of your stock screen — it would appear that a heart screen — that is shading coded. Green methods you’re sound (Fine), yellow methods Caution, and red methods you’ll kick the bucket in the event that you take considerably more harm (Danger). Your character’s liveliness likewise passes on your condition. In the event that they’re holding their arm or side, your condition is Caution. On the off chance that they’re limping, snorting, and moving gradually, you’re presumably in Danger (the edges of your screen will likewise be tinged red here).

  • Green Herbs mend you and improve your condition.
  • Blue Herbs expel poison — this turns out to be significant in the Sewers.

Red Herbs don’t do anything all alone, however they can reinforce the impacts of the other two when joined.

In the Darkroom on the primary floor of the Police Station, you’ll locate an exceptionally speedy (and not excessively helpful) leaflet about Herbs, yet it does exclude any plans.

As you’re getting Herbs, utilize the plans above to arrange for how to join them (and attempt to consolidate them frequently to save money on stock space). Your objective ought to be to wind up with a Mixed Herb (G+B+R) at whatever point you can — that impermanent buff against harm is important.

Contingent upon where you are in the game, you can hold off on getting Blue Herbs. In case you’re still in the Police Station, for instance, you don’t need to stress over toxic substance, so you can store your Blue Herbs in the Item Box for the time being.


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