Resident Evil 2: Every Key Item Location Guide

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Resident Evil 2 is a game loaded with baffles and bolted entryways. Fortunately, the world is additionally loaded with keys and key-like things that will open those entryways. This guide is here to assist you with finding each Key and Key Item in the change.

We’re going to split them up into areas dependent on when they happen in the game — the Police Station, at that point the Parking Garage, at that point the Sewers, and afterward the NEST Laboratory. We’ll stall down into two general classifications:

  • Keys, which are genuine physical keys and things you’d perceive as a key
  • Key Items, which are things like handles that open or open things yet aren’t in fact keys

Police Station Key Locations

One key that particular to each character, and that key is here in the Police Station — the Club Key for Leon and the Heart Key for Claire. There are a couple others — the Power Panel Parts — that are in various areas for each character. We’ll get out the character-explicit keys in the headings underneath.

Gas Station Key Location – Claire And Leon

We’re including this one only for the good of completion. This key is in the back room of the Gas Station you experience in the game’s preamble.

You’ll utilize it to get once again into the Gas Station’s fundamental room.

Spade Key Location – Claire And Leon

The first of the playing card-themed keys you’ll discover is the Spade Key. It’s on the third floor (3F) on the west side of the Police Station. You’ll experience a gap in the divider beside an exceptionally sharp human shadow counterfeit out.

You’ll utilize the Spade Key a few times all through the game — in the Waiting Room to open the entryway to the Art Room and the Main Hall for the ways to the Library and the West Office, for instance.

Weapons Locker Key Card Location – Claire And Leon

You’ll discover the Weapons Locker Key Card in the Art Room on the east side of the subsequent floor (2F) of the Police Station. You’ll require the Spade Key to arrive and you’ll most likely visit the room while attempting to recover the Red Jewel (above).

The Weapons Locker Key Card opens the storage at the rear of the Safety Deposit Room on the west side of the principal floor (1F). Leon gets the Shotgun here and Claire gets her Grenade Launcher.

Police Station Key Item Locations

The Police Station is the most noteworthy grouping of bolted entryways and storage spaces that you’ll discover in Resident Evil 2, so it fits that there are a huge amount of Key Items here, as well.

The main Spare Key you find is in the second floor Locker Room (2F) on the west side of the Police Station. It’s in a Portable Safe. Versatile Safes have eight fastens, each related with one of the lights above. Your responsibility is to squeeze catches to illuminate the lights all together counterclockwise. It doesn’t make a difference where you start, you simply need to continue lighting the lights all together.

The Spare Key fits on the Lockers Terminal in the Safety Deposit Room on the main floor (1F). We suggest putting the first in the 2 position.


Red Book, Scepter, And Red Jewel Location – Claire And Leon

You’ll locate the Red Book in the Library directly alongside the Spade Key entryway back to the Main Hall. After you open the Spade Key entryway in the Waiting Room and get to the Art Room, the Red Book gets joined with the Statue’s Left Arm and put on the statue to get the Scepter.

Inspecting the Scepter lets you evacuate the Red Jewel. The Jewel fits onto the Bejeweled Box (underneath).

Bolt Cutter Location – Claire And Leon

The Bolt Cutter is at the base of the Fire Escape on the far east side of the Police Station’s subsequent floor (2F) close to the helicopter crash. You’ll see them in a push cart at the base of the stairs.

The Bolt Cutter is important to overcome any entryways that are tied shut — like the entryway directly alongside where you get it, the entryway toward the East Office, and the entryway in the Operations Room.

Main Hall Fuse Location – Claire And Leon

During your first run, this Electrical Part is on one of the work areas in the East Office. At the point when you analyze it, you’ll recognize it as the Main Hall Fuse.

The board it goes into is by the shade that you initially slithered under to explore the east foyer. Spot it in the board to open the screen to the Main Hall.

Valve Handle Location – Claire And Leon

The Valve Handle is on the work area in the workplace inside an-office inside the East Office (1F).

Take it to the Locker Room on the subsequent floor’s (2F) west side to kill the steam pipe blocking access to the Shower Room — this at last gets you to the STARS Office.

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