Resident Evil 2: Every Safe code and Dial Lock Combination Guide

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Inhabitant Evil 2 is brimming with locks and riddles. Finding each mix and code, however, takes a great deal of work and all around backtracking.

To spare yourself all that going around, this guide will give you each Safe code and Dial Lock mix — alongside where to discover the arrangements.

Police Station Codes And Combinations

The undeniable codes you’ll requirement for the Police Station are the ones you’ll requirement for the three Medallions, however there are likewise a lot of safes and dial locks to open en route.

Lion Statue And Medallion Combination

The blend for the Lion Statue is in the Officer’s Notebook that you get from Officer Elliot (well, half of him) in the Watchman’s Room (1F).

Enter lion, branch (or sprig or leaves or anything you desire to call it), and falcon (or feathered creature or whatever) into the statue’s base in the Main Hall to get the Lion Medallion.

Unicorn Statue And Medallion Combination

This blend is likewise in the Officer’s Notebook. Enter the fish, scorpion, and water container images to get the Unicorn Medallion from the statue in the Lounge (2F).

Maiden Statue And Medallion Combination

The third Medallion takes the most work to gather. You have to get the Detonator from the Operations Room (1F) and the Battery from the STARS Office (2F), and afterward you have to blow open the cell entryway in the West Storage Room (2F).

This blend is the hardest to enter also on the grounds that rust makes it difficult to select the lady’s head, bow, and snake.

West Office (1f) Safe Combination

The blend for this safe is on the Internal Memo you’ll discover in the STARS Office (2F). At the point when you discover it, you’ll discover that the blend is Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

West Office (1f) Rookie’s First Assignment Combinations

The note on the move top work area advises Leon to enter his individual officials’ first initials into every one of the dial locks. You can get the names off of the nameplates on their work areas. Enter NED on the left lock and MRG on the correct one. (We never found the G nameplate, however got this one through experimentation.)

Locker Room (2f) Dial Lock Combination

The storage to your right side in front of you when you stroll into the Locker Room has a dial lock on it. You’ll discover the blend — CAP — composed on a whiteboard in the space toward the south of the Operations Room (1F). You need the Bolt Cutter to get in there, however.


Locker Room (2f) And Linen Room (2f) Portable Safe Combination

There are two Portable Safes that you’ll discover in Resident Evil 2 — one for every one of the Spare Keys you need in the Safety Deposit Room. There’s no single blend to opening them, however.

Every one of the eight fastens on the Safe relate to one of the lights above. Those lights have bolts between them showing what direction you need to illuminate them. Your responsibility is to light them all together, yet it doesn’t make a difference where you start.

You can understand these by experimentation, or by recording which catch lights which light and tackling it deliberately (which is most likely way faster).

Here’s a tip for making it somewhat simpler: Always start at the upper left catch. Think about that as your command post. At the point when you commit an error, you should simply return home once more.

Waiting Room (2f) Safe Combination

You won’t discover the blend for the safe in the Waiting Room until you’ve gone into the Parking Garage and came back to the Police Station, however we’re including it here in light of the fact that you’ll locate the sheltered a lot sooner than that.

The mix is on the Confiscation Report in the Observation Room (1F). You’ll require either the Club Key (as Leon) or the Heart Key (as Claire) to get in.

The mix is 6 remaining, 2 right, 11 remaining.

3f Locker Combination

This storage is remaining without anyone else in the lobby on the third floor. You’ll spot it the first run through when you get the Spade Key.

The mix — DCM — is on the “3F Locker” Film that you’ll discover in the Firing Range close to the Parking Garage.

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