Resident Evil 2: Remake’s locker codes, safe combinations & More

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In the event that you need the storage codes, safe codes, and to get inside those troublesome compact safes in Resident Evil 2: Remake, you will need to do a ton of investigating. Be that as it may, let’s be honest: Resident Evil 2 is creepy and I’d comprehend on the off chance that you’d preferably not go scouring blood-splashed corridors searching for a vacationer leaflet with a progression of numbers quickly wrote along the back. As opposed to backtrack and chance a terrible experience with a licker or, far more atrocious, the Tyrant, why not simply utilize this guide?

Resident Evil 2: Remake locker codes – Leon’s desk 

One of the main arrangement of secures you’ll experience is in the West Office, where a “Welcome Leon” sign is hanging. In this room, you’ll discover Leon’s work area that has two locks keeping it shut. To open it, you’ll have to enter the primary letter of each of your future associate’s first name. To make sense of this, you can take a gander at the arrangements of three work areas on each side of Leon’s work area. On the correct side of south-bound work areas, you’ll discover name plaques for three officials. They are Marvin Branagh (M), Rita Phillips (R), and George Scott (G).

On the north-side work areas, just two of the plaques can be seen. They are Elliot Edward (E) and David Ford (D). You need the principal name, yet it’s mysteriously absent. Luckily, you can simply savage power the lock by attempting each alternative.

The blend for that second Leon’s work area lock is NED.

Opening Leon’s work area will get you an all-encompassing magazine for Leon’s gun or a speed reloader for Claire’s gun.

Resident Evil 2: Remake locker codes – everything else 

There are three storage spaces to be found in the remainder of Resident Evil 2: Remake. Here are the necessary blends to open every one of them:

  • Raccoon City Police Station second floor shower room storage code: CAP
  • Raccoon City Police Station third floor storage (by the stairs) code: DCM
  • Sewers Control Room storage code: SZF

Every one of these storage spaces gives an alternate sort of ammo, which is extremely valuable so don’t overlook them.

Resident Evil 2: Remake safe codes

Likewise found in three zones in Resident Evil 2: Remake are safes that require exceptional blends to open. They pursue an example of turning the dial left, right, left to arrive at the necessary numbers and afterward squeezed the ‘acknowledge’ catch to open the safe. Here are their necessary mixes:

  • 1st Floor, west office safe mix: left 9, right 15, left 7 (rewards hip pocket)
  • second Floor, east wing sitting area safe mix: left 6, right 2, left 11 (gag break for Leon, expanded mag for Claire)
  • Treatment pool room safe blend: left 2, right 12, left 8 (shotgun overhaul for Leon, hip pocket for Claire)


Resident Evil 2: Remake portable safes 

Lamentably, there is no widespread codes for the convenient safes. Every one is randomized, yet they’re anything but difficult to make sense of with a little experimentation. Each catch enlightens a green light on the dial, with the objective of pushing each catch all together going counter-clockwise. You can begin with any catch, yet you need to finish a round trip all together.

Along these lines, the most ideal approach to do this is to pick any fasten and begin pushing keys to make sense of the following one in that grouping. Continue doing that until you’re ready to finish a full pivot without squeezing an inappropriate catch and the sheltered will open.

The convenient safes can be found here:

  • Playthrough A: second floor shower room, second floor material room
  • Playthrough B: first floor cross examination room, second floor material room

The prize for opening both of these safes are the substitution keys you can embed into the keypad situated on the first floor security store room. Since these substitution keys are set up, you can utilize them to open various bolted compartments to get a hip pocket and some helpful mending things.


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