Resident Evil 3: All Hip Pouches and Get more Inventory Space

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Discovering all the Resident Evil 3 hip pockets to get more stock space is a crucial past of the game. Every one includes two spaces and there are six altogether – four for Jill and two for Carlos that will bring both Resident Evil 3 characters’ beginning stock up to 16 openings. Some are anything but difficult to track down – on work areas in safe rooms and different zones different missions will take you to – while some are shrouded away, in kept safes and off the beaten path territories. Here’s the place to locate all Resident Evil 3 hip pockets and get more stock space.

Hip Pouch 1 location – Subway Power Station

You’ll locate your first Resident Evil 3 hip pocket in the Subway Power Station Control Room when you’re headed to responsive the force. It’s simply on a stepping stool to one side as you go in. The Control Room is likewise a sheltered room so pause for a minute to recover and sift through your new pockets.

Hip Pouch 2 location – Subway Station

The second Resident Evil 3 hip pocket you can get is entirely the Subway Station entrance you start in. You’ll need to work for it however is it’s inside the strange clock and you’ll have to locate the Resident Evil 3 blue gem to open it.

Hip Pouch 3 location – Sewer Control Room

You’ll see the third Resident Evil 3 hip pocket directly toward the beginning of the Sewer level, through a window. You won’t have the option to arrive at it however until you have the battery that opens the entryways here. When you have it, head to the Control Room on the Upper Waterway some portion of the guide to at long last get the pocket.

Hip Pouch 4 location – Police Station West Office

The forward hip pocket you can gather as Carlos while you’re investigating the RCPD building. It’s in the safe in the West Office and, luckily, not exclusively do you not have to discover the blend to open it, it’s a similar one utilized in Resident Evil 3 – Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

Hip Pouch 5 – Hospital Lobby

The fifth Resident Evil 3 hip pocket, which is the subsequent you find as Carlos, is an abnormal one. You can discover it in the back room of the medical clinic entryway while Carlos is warding off a zombie swarm getting through the windows. You’ll just have the option to arrive at it once a Hunter Beta tears open the entryways however, so sit tight for that fun minute. What makes it too odd is that you discover this over the most recent couple of minutes of playing as Carlos and never truly use it, making it each of the somewhat inconsequential.


Hip Pouch 6 – Underground Storage

The six and last Resident Evil 3 hip pocket can be found in the protected room you’ll discover in the Underground Storage region you arrive at soon after utilizing the mammoth lift. It’s on a little bureau just to one side as you go in so get it before you proceed onward.

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