Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Gameplay: How to stop Flameheart

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Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Gameplay

The Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire journey is the twelfth Tall Tale, and it includes a recognizable face; Captain Flameheart. The notorious cap’n is enrolling a military as he hopes to recover force and rule the oceans with Machiavellian dread again. It’s up to you and your Sea of Thieves group to stop him in Heart of Fire, one of the most smoothed out and activity stuffed Tall Tales yet. In case you’re searching for help to endure the Devil’s Thirst alive, we have all you need directly here in a bit by bit manual for the Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire journey.

Sail to Morrow’s Peak Outpost

The story starts on Morrow’s Peak Outpost, which is the main station in the Devil’s Roar, the volcanic locale on the far eastern piece of the guide. Head into the bar and decision on the story before the bartender. Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Gameplay She will start to relate the history with that diary, how it has a place with Grace Morrow and how you should return it to her. Commander Morrow ordinarily rests directly outside the bar so following the monolog, head out and return the diary to her.

Morrow will clarify how the diary is utilized as a methods for following Stitcher Jim, whom she doesn’t confide in at all – legend dogs realized their relationship was stressed as of now and here you get more backstory on that contention.

Chief Pendragon appears in his soul structure again and the two solicitation that you offer pursue to Stitcher Jim as he’s plainly planning something sinister again. It’s here that your experience starts vigorously.

Sail to Liar’s Backbone

You’re bound for Liar’s Backbone, situated on map tile S11 in The Wilds. At the point when you show up on this little island, you’ll notice it’s manufactured like a little slope. Most of the way up the slope the way forks, left to its pinnacle or right to what resembles an impasse. Remain right and search for the switch in the stones.

Pull that switch and you’ll locate there’s a mystery entrance. Inside is Stitcher Jim’s alcove. The awful backstabber has abandoned a place of worship to Captain Flameheart, just as the first of five diary sections.

Gather the diary and head to the rear of the cavern for a riddle. Three turning stone squares rest in a contraption here and won’t uncover their mysteries without the correct answer. Match the stones to our screen capture beneath. For legend fans, the markings mean “Master Flame Heart.” Jim’s fixation isn’t unpretentious.

With the correct answer embedded, the vault will open and uncover two things: more journal pages to be added to your stock just as a shining red “secretive key.” Grab both and try to keep tightly to the key as you can lose it not at all like some other journey things. With it close by, come back to your boat.

Sail to Devil’s Thirst

Counseling your new journal passages will indicate that Flameheart’s mystery refuge is situated on Devil’s Thirst. Sail there straightaway (map tile W21). At the point when you show up, you’re searching for the top on the northside sea shore. Head up top and light the goblet. Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Gameplay Despite the fact that lighting the vessel is discretionary, it likewise conveys a cool true to life second where Flameheart insults you with his blasting ethereal voice.

Dive to Flameheart’s Hideout

Head down to the sea shore before the boat and plunge submerged. You’ll discover resting underneath the surface is the passage to Flameheart’s den. Carry the strange key with you and spot it on the stone column to open the alcove. Gather your breath above water and afterward head through the recently opened mystery section.

When you’re through the entryway, you’ll proceed through a twisting yet direct way. Keep on finishing the openings gave to you, at times expecting to jump off of unobtrusive bluffs or stage across volcanic stones. Remain safe, yet in addition don’t worry on the off chance that you come up short. This Tall Tale profits by better checkpointing. Should you pass on, you’ll not respawn on your boat, however normally one minute from where you were previously.

Enter one of three doors

Before you pick an entryway, gather the second of five diaries on a stone to one side of the center (green) entryway. Every one of the entryways can be opened by tossing a firebomb at the comparing skeleton rock carvings. Look to one side or left of the individual entryways, or over the inside entryway should you wish to enter that entryway. On the off chance that you have no firebombs, check the barrels before every entryway. They’re stacked with them. Take extra as well, as they’ll prove to be useful in the blink of an eye.

When the entryway based on your personal preference is opened, a lethal gauntlet anticipates regardless of which way you take. In case you’re playing with a team, you can really take various courses, however there is just one bit of leeway to this. Behind every entryway lies one new diary. To gather every one of the five, players should in the end observe through every one of the three ways in any case, or split up and have your team individuals gather one each. Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Gameplay In any case, to accumulate all recognitions for Heart of Fire, you’ll have to by and by observe every pathway yourself so you’re in an ideal situation remaining together and confronting the approaching threats as a group.

After a few endeavors to stop you, and as Flameheart’s insults become less certain with every one of your victories, in the long run you come out to an excellent volcanic cavern with a live true to life currently unfurling before your eyes. On the privilege is Flameheart’s spooky boat he vows to cruise again soon. On an edge to one side is Stitcher Jim who attempts to open the Chest of Rage to demolish the spirits inside, and join Flameheart’s hover of trust after his demonstration of passionate duty.

Tsk-tsk, the swindler plans go amiss, as he was only a pawn in Flameheart’s more amazing arrangement. Stitcher Jim in his human structure is of no utilization to the Big Bad, however Flameheart traps Jim and starts his change into an Ashen Lord, the genuine right-hand men of Flameheart’s military. Jim is probably simply the first of numerous Flameheart plans to make in his resurgence, yet Jim runs off before we can get a brief look at what this new adversary will resemble – anticipate that in the following Tale, we think.


Collect the Chest of Rage

With Jim gone and Flameheart’s arrangement coming nearer to realization, you can in any case free a portion of the reviled spirits caught inside the Chest of Rage. Head up to where Jim was and guarantee the chest for yourself. Presently you should get it out of the fort securely. Like all Chests of Rage, this exceptional chest will detonate if it’s not chilled routinely. Luckily, your getaway course is by and by direct and now covered with little pools of water.

Clear your path through the following round of traps and adversaries, normally dropping the chest into pools of water where you can. It’s likewise savvy to keep your water container full at whatever point you can, so top off it at each chance. That way you can keep the chest chilled even in the middle of waterways.

Escape and bring the chest to Pendragon

After a few additional snares of swinging cutting edges, flamethrowers, and skeleton blade battles, you’ll end up rising up out of the watery fort, still on Devil’s Thirst. Pendragon anticipates your protected return and demands the Chest of Rage. Offer it to him and watch him do something amazing.

With your assistance, Pendragon has liberated his previous team and securely restored their spirits from underneath Flameheart’s notorious boot. There’s as yet the chaos about Ashen Lords and Flameheart’s developing impact over the Sea of Thieves, yet for the present, you and your group can guarantee this little triumph. Heart of Fire is finished.

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