Shop Titans: Cheats, Design & Trade Advanced Guide 2019

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Indeed, we canvassed this game in April 2019. Around then, it was in beta and the name was additionally extraordinary. On the off chance that you have not perused our old guide, make a point to peruse it before plunging into this post. You can peruse that control – here(Link opens in the new tab). In the present post, we will pick up everything in profound; laborers, champions, saints, weapons, level, how to find diagrams, assets, and some middle of the road tips too. So how about we begin – Shop Titans: Design and Trade propelled guide and Shop Titans tips and traps.

Characters Guide:

There are three sorts of characters in this game; legends, champions, and the laborers. You can utilize the legends and champions in the quests(read our old guide on this game for the mission subtleties). Dissimilar to legends, champions are further developed characters; due to their incredible aptitudes and details.

The specialists in the game assistance you in creating weapons, shields, and adornments. Presently, we should figure out how to get these characters.

Legends – You can spend the gold just as jewels to enroll the saints. In the first place, tap the characters catch at the base of your screen and afterward include another saint space. On the following screen, you will see the saints that you can select – > contenders, maverick, mage, and so forth. All these saints have diverse details just as abilities. Since you can pick just one out of all the accessible decisions, it is difficult to pick the best one. For this situation, we would suggest looking at their details: –

Assault – The stars number shows how great is the saint in combat(In a hostile way)

  • HP – The wellbeing or hit focuses
  • DEF – The higher the protection, the less will be the harm taken
  • Eva/Evasion – Dodging execution
  • Aptitudes – All the characters/saints have special capacities. The expertise rating shows how great is the character in abilities execution/throwing
  • Likewise, read their abilities

Once enlisted, you will see that character in the legends area under the character menu. Tap it and prepare the riggings. You can find out about the saints in our guide(link is given above in the main passage).


ou need champion coins to employ a boss. Once in a while, unique characters visit your shop – you should serve them pleasantly to get their hero shards/focuses. For instance; To open Lilu, you need 25 Lilu focuses. These victors visit the shop arbitrarily; so try to focus on each client and attempt to satisfy their needs at any expense.

When you have enough, you will open that champion character and use them in the journeys. Moreover, you need a greater amount of their focuses to rank up. For instance; To rank up Argon(champion name), you need 5 Argon boss focuses. Continue serving every one of the clients and you will in the long run get this chance. You can likewise acquire champion coins from the chests.

Specialists In Shop Titans: Design and Trade

You can contract specialists from the city. Tap the city catch at the base – > you will see a few people willing to find a new line of work at you. Tap the contract choice – > spend the gold or precious stones to procure. On the off chance that you don’t have enough, sell and gain until you spare that much sum.

Presently, this part is about how to get the characters. Next, we will figure out how to expand the degree of these characters and get more advantages.

Resources Guide:

Assets or Materials are required to create the things. For instance; herbs. You produce these assets in the city. So put some time in perusing every one of the subtleties of the considerable number of structures in the city. For instance; Garden in the city is the generation wellspring of herbs. When you tap the art catch, at the highest point of that screen, you can see the assets that you possess.

Missions – From the investigations journeys, you can acquire the valuable materials, required for creating a few things. So make a point to send the legends just as bosses to those territories for the chase of these materials.

Sending legends on the investigation missions additionally award Exploration EXP. As you acquire, investigation level will increment and you will almost certainly get to new areas where you can discover progressively unique things. For instance; You can accumulate gleam shroom once you reach Howlong Woods level 5.

Here’s the rundown of materials and source: –

  • Elven Wood – HW(Howling Woods)
  • Iron Pine Cone – HW
  • Gleam Shroom – HW
  • Silver Dust – Aurora Caves(AC)
  • Webbed Wing – AC
  • Valuable Gem – AC
  • Living Root – WB(Whispering Bog)
  • Rustwyrm Scale – WB
  • Profound Pearl – WB
  • White Sand – BW(Barren Wastes)
  • Bronze Fang – BW
  • Moon Crystal – BW
  • Hostile stare – SGT(sun God’s Tomb)
  • Silk Scarab – SGT
  • Star Medal – SGT

Shop Titans City Buildings and Characters:

  • Smithy – Smithy building is claimed by a metal forger, named Wallace. (Specialty things, level up to open outlines)
  • Town Hall – Invest in this structure and you will probably enroll more players to the society/city in the wake of expanding its level.
  • Iron Mine – Owned by Durhan, produces iron(RSS)
  • Lumberyard – Owned by Gorza, produces wood
  • Wood Workshop – Owned by a craftsman, Allan. (Art things, level up to open outlines)
  • Bar – Managed by Naya. Level up it to show signs of improvement plunder from the journeys
  • Sanctuary – Manage by a minister, Freyja. (Specialty things, level up to open diagrams)
  • Ironwood Sawmill – Ironwood source
  • Preparing Hall – Argon Manages this structure. Level up it to raise saint max level top
  • Pharmacist – Owned by a botanist, Maribel. (Specialty things, level up to open outlines)
  • Greenhouse – Herb source
  • Architect – Owned by Roxanne. Art weapons, crossbow. Note – Premium structure
  • Gem Workshop – Owned by Katarina. (Specialty things, level up to open outlines)
  • Tannery – Leather source
  • Tailor Workshop – Julia works here. (Specialty things, level up to open outlines)
  • Weaver Mill – Owned by a Weaver, Ismael – Fabric source
  • Smelter – Brohm works here and produces steel
  • Oil Press – Beatrice possessed structure, the wellspring of oil
  • Wizard Tower – Grimar works here and produces spells
  • Ace Lodge – Owned by Theodore who encourages you in creating high-level things
  • Step by step instructions to Level Up Champions, Workers, And Heroes In Shop Titans Game

Saints and Champions – Send these characters on the journeys and they will pick up experience focuses. Once increased enough, their level will increment. To follow the level advancement, head to the characters menu – > tap the character – > under its name – > check level bar.

Specialists – Workers win experience focuses when you make the things. To give EXP to a specific character, you have to make the thing wherein they are proficient. For instance; Wallace is a smithy and gains EXP when you make the weapons. Allan is a woodworker who gains EXP when you create the wooden things. For instance; wooden shield. Maribel wins EXP when you make herbs. To allow EXP to Julia, you should art coverings.

At whatever point you make, the specialists will pick up involvement and that message shows up at the upper right corner of the screen(After you guarantee the thing). Along these lines, you can check which character is getting EXP.

Level up these characters to build creating speed, details, productivity.

Shop Titans Blueprints List

  • Squire Sword
  • Outfitting Sword
  • Gladius
  • Cutlass
  • Espada
  • Katana
  • Superb Blade

These are the swords(from level 1 to level 7), made by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city.

  • Wood Ax
  • Ax
  • Iron Chopper
  • Bardiche
  • Tomahawk
  • Battleax
  • Dwarven Greataxe

These are the AXE(from level 1 to level 7), made by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city.

  • Shiv
  • Quick Blade
  • Kunai
  • Stealth Knife
  • Balisong
  • Custom Dagger
  • Kingsguard
  • Fishmonger

These are the Daggers(from level 1 to level 8), made by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city. Among all these, Kunai opens through the starter bundle.

  • Bludgeon
  • Spiked Cudgle
  • Warhammer
  • Morning Star
  • Flanged Mace
  • Skull Crusher
  • Night Star

These are the Mace(from level 1 to level 7), made by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  • Lance
  • Chasing Spear
  • Bladed Spear
  • Ranseur
  • Trishula
  • Spetum
  • Illustrious Halberd

These are the Spears(from level 1 to level 7), made by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  • Preparing Bow
  • Elmwood Bow
  • Reflex Bow
  • Excellent Harp
  • Compound Bow
  • Deadeye
  • Raptoria
  • L-Arabesque

These are the Mace(from level 1 to level 8), made by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  • Cut Branch
  • Solid Cane
  • Oak Staff
  • Owl roost
  • Bo Staff
  • Jade Scepter
  • Wizard Staff
  • Divine Staff

These are the Staff(from level 1 to level 8), made by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city. Owl Perch opens through Lilu Package.

Things Crafted By Engineer(Blueprints)

The designer is the uncommon laborer in Shop Titans. In contrast to different laborers, you can not open her utilizing the in-game monetary standards. Roxanne, the designer is the top notch one and in the event that you need to make select things, you should get her. The architect creates Crossbow, Gun.

  • Plans By Herbalist – Maribel – Apothecary Building In The City
  • Mintyleaf herb
  • Sweet Grass
  • Moon Powder
  • Recuperating Salve
  • Silver Thistle
  • Bloodvine
  • Mandragoroot

These are the home grown medicines(from level 1 to level 7), made by the Herbalist(Maribel – Apothecary) in the city.

  • Warm Tea
  • Recuperating Potion
  • Enchantment Potion
  • XL Healing Potion
  • XL Magic Potion
  • Phoenix Tonic
  • Mixture of Renewal

These are the potions(from level 1 to level 7), made by the Herbalist(Maribel – Apothecary) in the city.

  • Look Of Sparks
  • Look Of Armors
  • Tempests Scroll
  • Tune Of Valor
  • Beast Manual
  • Tome Of Secrets
  • Bagua Board

These are the spells(from level 1 to level 7), made by the Wizard(Grimar – Wizard Tower) in the city.

Metal forger Allan Armor Blueprints:

  • Breastplate
  • Iron Mail
  • Scale Armor
  • Hauberk
  • Knight Breastplate
  • Paladin Plate
  • Samurai Do


  • Solid Cap
  • Warrior Helmet
  • Horned Helm
  • Pillager Helm
  • Knight Heaume
  • Paladin Helm
  • Samurai Kabuto


  • Iron Armguards
  • Plated Gauntlets
  • Warrior Gauntlets
  • Demi Gauntlets
  • Knight Gauntlets
  • Paladin Gauntlets


  • Shin protectors
  • Long Boots
  • Iron Greaves
  • Fortified Greaves
  • Knight Sollerets
  • Paladin Boots
  • Samurai Haidate

Tailor Blueprints In Shop Titans

  • Cowhide Boots
  • Flip-Flops
  • Delicate Shoes
  • Cheat’s Shoes
  • Elven Shoes
  • Savage Stride
  • Ninja Tabi

The tailor(Julia) likewise create maverick cap, cap, otherworldly cap, and gloves

Craftsman Blueprints

  • Wooden Shield
  • Substantial Buckler
  • Oaken Shield
  • Iron Shield
  • Tear Shield
  • Mythril Aspis
  • Wyrmguard

Jeweler(Katarina) Blueprints:

  • Iron Ring
  • Combination Loop
  • Ruby Ring
  • Silver Band
  • Honorable Ring
  • Knight Signet
  • Batrachite Stone

Priest(Temple – Freyja) Blueprints:

  • Keepsake
  • Jade Pendant
  • Iron Bond
  • Sun Pendant
  • Honorable Chain
  • Blessed Symbol
  • Titanium Torc

These are the ornaments. Level up the laborers and open these outlines.


How To Unlock High Tier Blueprints In Shop Titans: Design and Trade Game?

To open high-level things, you have to finish explicit prerequisites. For instance; To open Balisong, you have to create Stealth Knife multiple times. Furthermore, when you complete this necessity, look into gets total and you get a high-level thing equation.

To check these necessities for high-level plans or new things disclosure; tap the art catch – > go to weapons/shield/frill – > pick the weapon/reinforcement/extra sort – > In the principal opening, you can see the prerequisites to open that outline.

Level Up Blueprints/Items To Get Better Quality

In Shop Titans game, you need research look to open another item(once you complete the prerequisites). You can get it by raising the degree of one of your things. Presently, how to step up a thing? It’s quite simple to make sense of; go to creating menu again – > at the base of the thing representation, you can check how often you have to make that thing to reach next level. For instance; If it’s 5/8. At that point it implies, you have to make it 3 additional occasions to achieve the following level.

Gear Quality – Shop Titans

Here and there, clients request unrivaled or higher quality weapon(green fire). At whatever point you make a prevalent or superb rigging, the game showcases it in the huge banner(you have found an artful culmination). Presently, how to create prevalent quality or higher quality apparatus? It’s really simple; first, It’s arbitrary if the degree of that thing is low. On the off chance that you increment the degree of that item(by creating it again and again), odds of showing signs of improvement quality rigging will increment.

The quality increments as you level up. Tap the (I) symbol at the base of apparatus symbol – > achievements – > here you can check the achievement overhauls. As you level up, the estimation of that thing will increment. What’s more, sooner or later, you get a quality overhaul compensate.

Build Furniture & Upgrade Storage

You should concentrate on the shop development moreover. To begin with, we would prescribe you to expand the stock spaces for the assets things so you can keep an enormous stock. Tap the alter catch at the base right corner – > tap furniture catch – > In the subsequent tab, you can discover all the RSS stockpiling things – > assemble them and keep a huge stock. Go to the third tab – > assemble a chest. Additionally, remember to manufacture racks, racks to hang the things there – guests may think that its helpful.

Open The Chests, Get Ascension Shards, Ascend The Items

From the journeys, you may get the chests. On the off chance that you get, you will see it in the plunder section(city – > plunder). Open the chest and you may get research scrolls, climb shards, and different things. Rise shards are utilized in climbing the things. Go to the making menu – > tap the (I) symbol at the base of a thing – > climb – > here you can rise the things. Or on the other hand long push on the diagram to open data page – > climb. You can likewise get climb shards from the fortune zone and the shop. When you rise a thing, an exceptional buff gets opened.



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