Star Wars Battlefront 2: Hero Guide and The Best Hero Star Card Builds

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You may place in a great deal of time as a normal trooper, yet whenever everything looks good you’ll find the opportunity to play as a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero. Regardless of whether you’re setting aside focuses in Galactic Assault, playing a series of Hero Hunt, or simply having an ordinary Arcade meeting, when you get to one of the 16 Heroes accessible in Star Wars Battlefront 2 you’ll need to benefit as much as possible from your time with them. To accomplish this, picking the best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Star Cards for each character will improve their capacities and can give you probably the best encounters in the game. Peruse on for subtleties of each Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero and what our top Star Card fabricates are for each character.

Boba Fett

The thing about Boba Fett is that he’s incredibly versatile and can be hard to take out whenever utilized appropriately. So the primary card you should pick is Blaster Disabler, which takes out the weapons of anybody hit by his Concussion Rocket. That implies you’re difficult to kill while flying. Next up, take Intense Barrage to expand the strength of your torrent. What’s more, given how it’s intense for ordinary troopers to take you out, why not twofold down on protection with Anti-Hero Rockets, which will give you an edge against lightsaber-using foes.


Gotta love Bossk. Without a doubt, he’s in the films for around five seconds – however in Battlefront 2 he’s an incredible method to spend your Battle Points. You should intend to play around his Predator Instincts capacity, so the main card to take is Ultimate Predator. This broadens the force’s utilization after each adversary murdered. Supplement that with Predator Resilience to remain alive longer during Instincts, and Unrelenting Predator, which makes your different capacities charge quicker while utilizing the force. You’ll be relentless, particularly in the event that you utilize Trip Mines to cover your back while you chase.


Chewie isn’t much for extra powers, yet his Bowcaster is perhaps the best weapon over all the Heroes and can crush through rushes of adversaries. Enraged Bowcaster – an upgraded form – is the top pick of his capacities, so utilize Echoing Roar to expand its utilization time after each kill. Keep yourself alive during Furious Bowcaster (which makes you move more slow) with Furious Resilience. Top off the work with the straightforward Bonus Health card.

Darth Vader

Everybody needs to be Vader, and he’s an authentic Dark Side threat in this game. While not as quick as Kylo Ren or Darth Maul, he can withstand significantly more discipline and hand out immense harm. We recommend making him harder to execute with Bonus Health, at that point multiplying down on his Choked capacity. Rebuffing Grip makes it harder to part from Choked, so you will do harm in normal and Hero Hunt modes with that. Also, Last Gasp lets you take out gatherings of adversaries all the more viably (it awards reward harm for at least two casualties).

Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine is one of the more vulnerable Dark Side legends, however you can transform him into a group executioner with a couple of decision Star Card picks. Go for Lightning Absorption, which leeches foe wellbeing during Chain Lightning; that will keep you alive longer. Next, pick Prime Electrocution, making Electrocute stun adversaries for more, and Lightning Reach, which gives you more range on the entirety of your Lightning assaults. That should give you a better than average enough set-up to bargain gigantic harm against gatherings of troops.

Han Solo

Beside his incredible jokes, Han is known for having an overwhelming blaster that does genuine harm per shot. Exploit this strong capability by preparing Heavily Modified Blaster, which diminishes heat develop, which means you need to reload far less frequently. Next up, support his Sharpshooter capacity by including Sharpshooter’s Calm (use Sharpshooter shots more) and Sharpshooting Frenzy (which implies each SS slaughter really diminishes the capacity’s cooldown so you can utilize it again sooner). Fundamentally, this construct will mean you once in a while need to quit shooting. Aside from perhaps to joke.

Iden Versio

The saint of the story mode, Versio doesn’t really have explicit forces, so the entirety of her capacities rotate around weapons and devices. It makes her one of the more fragile Dark Side characters, yet she’s still excessively successful against troops. Take Cooled Blaster to lessen the warmth development in her TL-50 blaster (less reloads), and lift that weapon further with Alternative Methods (which permits you to utilize auxiliary shoot all the more regularly). Given her absence of hotshot powers, top everything off by preparing Pulse Cannon Mastery so she can uncover adversaries on the guide with each hit.

Kylo Ren

As the primary enemy of the new motion pictures, Kylo Ren has been given some better than average powers in Battlefront 2, and he’s a mainstream decision among players. His freeze power is especially viable, particularly when joined with furor and a portion of his speedier assaults. Thusly, Solid Freeze – which allows a greater zone of impact – and Total Control (which gives longer stop on at least three adversaries) are absolute necessities. What’s more, in case you’re going to freeze huge gatherings, Bloodlust will permit you to strike your casualties more occasions utilizing Frenzy, which makes for a shockingly ground-breaking blend.

Lando Calrissian

You’ll need to cherish Lando. Be that as it may, in all actuality, he’s a frail character – except for his Sharp Shot capacity, which can be utilized to take out different adversaries with a solitary catch tap. Augmented Efficiency will decrease the cooldown of the capacity on the off chance that you figure out how to hit three focuses in one burst. Handy. Wide Eyed will assist you with doing that by expanding the separation on Sharp Shot. What’s more, on the off chance that you take Hot and Cold, Lando will have the option to support his wellbeing to remain alive longer.

Leia Organa

Of all the Hero characters, Leia is the one in particular who represents considerable authority in guard over assault, so she’s helpful in specific situations. Quite possibly don’t bring her into Hero Hunt, yes? Optimistic mood implies she’ll over-recover wellbeing, making her intense to take out. Beside that, pick Relentless Firing and Rebel Heart to let her utilization the E-11 blaster longer and take less harm at the same time.

Luke Skywalker

Everybody needs to be Luke. Everybody. He’s presumably not as incredible as Yoda or as speedy as Rey, however Luke can absorb standard blaster fire throughout the day and cause harm to different Heroes as well. Jedi Fighter implies his skirmish assaults and squares channel less endurance, so join that with Deflection Mastery (which means blocked shots are increasingly exact, however channel more endurance) for an incredible lightsaber manufacture. At long last, add Stronger Push to thump adversaries back (and off edges). It’s a shockingly compelling strategy for scoring murders, particularly in Hero Hunt.

Darth Maul

One of the snappiest Sith in the game, Maul is entirely hard to control, as his strikes cause him to run everywhere, leaving him horrendously uncovered. Better to take something like Lightsaber Defense, which implies he takes less harm from blasters. Distracted Strikes is an unquestionable requirement, making scuffle assaults cost less endurance. At long last, support his Choke Hold capacity with Forceful Thrust. Not on the grounds that it sounds filthy, but since your Choke Hold will toss adversaries further and put them at striking extent.



Rey is in reality best utilized as a help character, since her assaults are progressively equipped towards empowering others to execute. Road Fighter will permit her scuffle strikes to deplete less endurance (helpful for lightsaber battle). Join that with Opportunist and she’ll bargain more harm, for more, against foes immobilized by Mind Trick. At last, take Strong Mind, which expands the zone of-impact on Mind Trick and finishes the arrangement of Star Cards pleasantly.


Alright, Yoda is the Oddjob of Star Wars Battlefront 2. He’s little, difficult to take out, and can bargain huge harm. He can recuperate himself as well, which implies he’s extremely, difficult to stop. This fabricate will make him close strong. Taking Jedi Mentor will mean Yoda gets less harm by and large. Next, Enduring Presence mends Yoda and his partners for longer when utilized. At long last, Feel the Force will cheat his wellbeing when Presence is utilized, giving him considerably more life. It’s practically similar to cheating.

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