Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide – All Life Essence Upgrade Locations

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In this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order direct, we’ll tell you the best way to discover each Life Essence mystery on Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir, and [spoiler]. You’ll get a lift to your wellbeing bar for each three you get, so the 12 insider facts underneath will procure you four overhauls.

Bogano Life Essence Secrets Locations

There are two Life Essence insider facts on Bogano. You can get the principal really early (you simply need to battle a monster Oggdo Bogdo to get it), yet the subsequent should hold up until you have a late-game power whose (seemingly spoilery) name we’ll use in its area beneath.

Bogdo Sinkholes Life Essence

At the point when you arrive at the Bogdo Sinkholes, go for a privilege and stroll along the channel. Rather than easing back the fan and experiencing it, pursue the correct way until you arrive at a cavern. Here you’ll locate a mystery that the Oggdo Bogdo is guarding.

Oggdo Bogdo is hard to vanquish toward the start of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You can generally return later. Indeed, you ought to most likely leave Bogano, investigate Zeffo, and return. That is the thing that we did.

In the event that you’ve battled one of these mammoth frogs previously, Oggdo Bogdo isn’t excessively extraordinary, however it is much progressively troublesome. Simply watch out for your wellbeing, avoid its assaults, and cut at its sides. At the point when it’s dead, get the Life Essence behind it.

Subterranean Refuge Life Essence

After you’ve gotten Jedi flip, come back to the room in the Subterranean Refuge where you took in the divider run each one of those hours prior. There’s a limited, sloppy slant with runnable dividers in front of you. Utilize the divider run and Jedi flip together to climb the slant.

At the point when you arrive at the top, pivot and remain level, divider running once more. At the point when you arrive at the stage, swing over to the far way and you’ll discover the Life Essence.

Zeffo Life Essence Secrets Locations

There are five Life Essence privileged insights to discover on Zeffo. You can just get the first beneath without having late-game capacities.

Gusty Bluffs Life Essence Secret

During the first round of fans, slow the fan so you can arrive at the most elevated feign. (On the off chance that you look carefully, there’s a contemplation hover here.)

Rather than dropping down, take the way right and up into another fan confound. Slow them simply like last time, and you’ll locate some mystery burrows prompting a Life Essence.

Augur Pulverizers Life Essence Secret

At the point when you leave the passage subsequent to avoiding through all the eponymous pulverizers, look left and you’ll see a lot of shafts standing out of the ground.

Approach them, and look down to see a pulverizer. Slow it and hop down onto it. While it’s eased back, slow the one by it. Dash and seize the last minute to come to the following pulverizer, at that point do it once more. This is a lot more secure with the Jedi flip, as the separation between the pulverizers is scarcely jumpable as a matter of course. On the off chance that you make it as far as possible, you can get a Life Essence mystery.

Crash Site Life Essence Secret

At the Crash Site, search for a slammed warrior to one side of the lake you at first hop into. There’s a rope here, paving the way to a little opening. Move up and use BD-1 to cheat the board. Three pulverizers will begin. Time your utilization of delayed to stop the pulverizers and move to the top. Get the Life Essence mystery.

Venator Life Essence Secret

Climb the Venator destruction in the Crash Site, and finish the left way a monster cylinder to discover a Life Essence overhaul.

Kashyyyk Life Essence Secret Locations

There is one Life Essence mystery to gather on Kashyyyk. You’ll have the option to get it on your first visit.

Overgrown Pass Life Essence Secret

After you work your way through the Overgrown Pass, you’ll head back to the Imperial Refinery. Right where you use Force push to thump down a channel and make a walkway, this mystery is to your left side.


Dathomir Life Essence Secrets Locations

There are two Life Essence insider facts to discover on Dathomir. You can get the first early, however the subsequent should hold up until you have a (marginally) later-game capacity that we’ll name in its area.

Brothers Bastion Life Essence Secret

You’ll have the option to arrive at this mystery without unique Force powers, however you should be endure the battles with the Nightbrothers while in transit to Brother’s Bastion. Head along the passage to one side of the workbench. Move up the divider toward the end, and you’ll locate this mystery on an edge outside.

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