Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide – All Lightsaber, Force, and Droid Upgrades

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a Metroidvania game — which means you’ll win new capacities to get to regions that you couldn’t beforehand reach.

Capacities that open new ways are Force powers or redesigns for your droid buddy, BD-1. A large portion of these overhauls and capacities are anything but difficult to discover, and you’ll run into them during the story. Be that as it may, a few overhauls are covered up on elusive workbenches.

Underneath, you’ll discover the entirety of the capacities and overhauls accessible in Fallen Order. We’ve separated them by Force capacities, BD updates, route overhauls (sort of a catchall class), and lightsaber redesigns. In each gathering, they show up in the request that you’ll get them up in the game.

We’re likewise going to put a couple spoiler cautioning pictures in here assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from any astonishments.

Force Abilities

Power capacities are the Jedi stunts Cal will (re)learn during his voyage. They’re your essential method to investigate the universes you visit. Power capacities are all piece of the fundamental story, so you can’t miss them.

Wall Run

Divider run is the primary capacity you’ll get in Fallen Order.

At the point when you get to Bogano, advance down to the most minimal level. You’ll see it in a long live with a major slant toward the end. Simply stroll up and contact the impression.

Force Push

In the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, you’ll run into a long lobby with a bolted entryway. Associate with it, and you’ll get familiar with the capacity to push items and adversaries.

Force Pull

Somewhat later, you’ll investigate the Tomb of Miktrull, likewise on Zeffo. Here, you’ll discover Force pull. You’ll arrive at a point where you tumble from a high place and lose your lightsaber. This will trigger a Force memory, and give you this new power!

Jedi Flip

Directly before you arrive at the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk, you’ll discover a lot of stages to bounce up. After you make the initial hardly any bounces, you’ll naturally get a Force Vision instructing you to Jedi flip — Fallen Order’s twofold hop.

Bd-1 Upgrades

Your droid partner will likewise adapt new aptitudes through the span of your adventure. A few these updates will come up as a feature of the fundamental story, however a few others are discretionary — and barely noticeable.


When you have Force push, you can open the route to the scomp connect. After the Zeffo sanctuary, come back to the Weathered Monument’s contemplation zone. Bounce off the little bluff and into the zone brimming with stormtroopers. Discard them, and afterward use push on the messed up entryway behind them.

Head inside. Presently you’re in a goliath bit of Imperial hardware. Stroll around and move up to discover a work seat. Collaborate with it to get the scomp connect, which lets you open up a wide range of entryways and bolted containers.


Cheat is one of those updates you need to get. At the point when you first land on Kashyyyk, pursue the way until you locate a wrecked board with no power. Look on your right side and cut open a few vines obstructing an entryway. Stroll into the following space to discover a seat. Connect with it to get cheat, which lets BD-1 turn turns on and off.



After you free the Wookies on Kashyyyk, exit the entryway and look straight ahead. You’ll see a vine hanging before you. Get it, look on your right side, and bounce to the following vine. Look to your privilege again and bounce back onto the stage. Not exclusively would you be able to open another easy route from here, you can likewise get cut: security droid, which lets you hack security droids when they arrive at low wellbeing.


After Kashyyyk, you’ll end up back on Zeffo for another tomb. Pursue the target marker to get you down into an Imperial cavern. Move the zipline before you to its down position, and two ziplines down into a little room. Approach the workbench and get the fueled zipline update.


At the point when you leave the second Zeffo sanctuary and take the zipline up from another contemplation spot, you’ll discover an extension you have to Force push. Rather than doing that, look left to discover a workbench. Collaborate with it to show BD-1 to cut test droids, transforming them into your very own little cronies.

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