Teamfight Tactics: Champion Tier List (Patch 9.22)

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Teamfight Tactics mode is effectively one of the most fleshed out Auto Battlers out there, and it’s absolutely giving Valve’s own official interpretation of the Auto Chess classification a genuine run for its cash.

In case you’re new to Teamfight Tactics – and the Auto Chess/Battler class when all is said in done – it’ll make them endeavor to fabricate a synergistic armed force of champions that are sufficiently able to see off a progression of battle experience against seven different players.

Periodically, you’ll fight against unbiased “crawls”, and even participate in a mutual round where you’ll have the option to get a free unit and thing as well. As each game advances, you’ll increase Gold which can be utilized to buy new advocate to overhaul your piece, level up your character and the sky is the limit from there. See our How to Play Teamfight Tactics control for more help on this front.

Who are the best champions in Teamfight Tactics, however? To assist you with showing signs of improvement thought of which champions you ought to pick, we’ve aggregated a level rundown positioning every one from most grounded to weakest dependent on our own involvement in the game, nearby network input as well.

Tier List – Rise of the Elements Update

Beneath we’ve isolated every one of the heroes in Teamfight Tactics into classes dependent on how solid they are at the present time. As the game advances after some time, we’ll make certain to refresh this level rundown to mirror these adjustments in the meta.

Set two is presently live!

New attributes, champions, things and more are currently live with Rise of the Elements, Teamfight Tactics’ subsequent season! We’ve rolled out some enormous improvements to our boss level rundown underneath to celebrate and assist you with ascending the stepping stool.

Tier List – Top tier picks

The accompanying bosses have some unbelievably solid capacities and can conceivably convey a whole group whenever overhauled and gave the correct things. On the off chance that you spot them in the shop, genuinely consider getting them.

We’d likewise prefer to credit Keane’s victor/thing tierlist for fix 9.22 (champ of the debut set 2 TFT competition). While we’ve cleaved and changed some of his picks, it’s unquestionably helped us get to grasps with the most recent set.

  • Diana (Inferno/Assassin)
  • Kha’Zix (Desert/Assassin)
  • Related (Shadow/Inferno/Ranger)
  • Lux (Avatar)
  • Malzahar (Shadow/Summoner)
  • Ace Yi (Shadow/Mystic/Blademaster)
  • Nami (Ocean/Mystic)
  • Qiyana (Cloud/Assassin)
  • Sion (Shadow/Berserker)

It’s nothing unexpected we’d prescribe seizing each champion on this rundown, however we are very brave top choices:

– Kindred’s an extremely solid victor in case you’re going for the Shadow sythesis.

– Kha’Zix is costly, however a quality professional killer who conveys some huge harm numbers.

– Qiyana’s about her shock which can render adversary champions absolutely pointless for what appears to be an unending length of time.

– While Diana probably won’t appear that incredible, she’s one of, if not the best 1 cost champion in the game.

– If you’ve figured out how to arrive at the late game, getting the correct Lux for your structure can be a distinct advantage. She can be exactly what you have to maximize a cooperative energy!

– Shadow is solid at the present time, so Sion and Malzahar are both incredible worth units with viable capacities.

– Master Yi has a solid blend of cooperative energies worked in. Shadow and Blademaster is ridiculously solid, so tossing him on the board will probably ensure a best four completion in the event that you’ve manufactured the correct arrangement.

Tier List – Very strong picks

These heroes are incredible increases in the event that you assemble effectively around them:

  • Azir (Desert/Summoner)
  • Janna (Cloud/Mystic)
  • Olaf (Glacial/Berserker)
  • Scorched (Poison/Alchemist)
  • Vladimir (Ocean/Mage)
  • Yasuo (Cloud/Assassin)
  • Yorick (Light/Summoner)
  • Zed (Electric/Assassin/Summoner)

– Azir is very brave cooperative energy potential, being a Summoner and Desert. This implies you can combine him with Kha’Zix, or any semblance of Yorick, Malzahar and Zyra for genuine board control.

– Janna’s mending and knockback is priceless in case you’re constructing a Rangers centered comp, yet she likewise combines pleasantly with for all intents and purposes anybody.

– Olaf doesn’t begin solid, however assemble the correct things on him, get him to Tier 2+, and he’ll bargain surprising measure of agony while supporting through for all intents and purposes anything.

– Yasuo thumps up a foe with the most things, which can truly swing things in support of you with regards to the late game. He additionally matches pleasantly with Qiyana, which is certainly a major in addition to considering exactly how solid she is at this moment.

– Yorick is effectively the most grounded Summoner champion as he’s ready to make minimal Light flunkies of any individual who falls on the combat zone.

– Get Vladimir to the grandiose statures of a three star unit and he’ll be basically relentless with the Magic Damage and continue he brings to the table.

– Build Zed with Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark and a harm thing, and well, he’ll do you pleased.


Tier List – Solid situational picks

You’ll see it difficult to manufacture a reliably ground-breaking group utilizing just the characters beneath, however they will without a doubt have situational use contingent upon your group progress as yet:

  • Aatrox (Light/Blademaster)
  • Annie (Inferno/Summoner)
  • Ashe (Crystal/Ranger)
  • Brand (Inferno/Summoner)
  • Dr. Mundo (Poison/Berserker)
  • Ezreal (Glacial/Ranger)
  • Ivern (Woodland/Druid)
  • Jax (Light/Berserker)
  • Malphite (Mountain/Warden)
  • Maokai (Woodland/Druid)
  • Nautilus (Ocean/Warden)
  • Nocturne (Steel/Predator)
  • Sivir (Desert/Blademaster)
  • Soraka (Light/Mystic)
  • Syndra (Ocean/Mage)
  • Taric (Crystal/Warden)
  • Jerk (Poison/Ranger)
  • Varus (Inferno/Ranger)
  • Vayne (Light/Ranger)
  • Zyra (Inferno/Summoner)

– Annie’s not exactly Yorick, however dropping Tibbers on a foe comp can give some solid disturbance and harm.

– Kit out Dr. Mundo with wellbeing things and he’ll be one of the most reliable tanks in the game – he’s for all intents and purposes unkillable on the off chance that you can level him up enough.

– Again, pack Nocturne out with the correct things and he can for all intents and purposes take on a whole adversary group without anyone else. Go down the Predator course and you’ll be giggling.

– If you’ve constructed the correct organization, staying Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Vayne, alongside a few other harm things can transform her into a hyper convey.

– Zyra’s another modest Summoner pickup who evokes heaps of frightful plants which dispense a lot of torment. Unquestionably one to keep in case you’re going down the Summoner course as the match stretches.

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