Teamfight Tactics: Little Legends Eggs Guide 2019

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If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics, you’ll control a podgy blue symbol called “Waterway Sprite”. It’s fine, you’ll let yourself know. Until you recognize another player controlling a little penguin wearing a handkerchief and using a dinky sword – at that point it’s not fine by any means.

These symbols are considered Little Legends and they’re all strangely cute. Of course, they don’t change ongoing interaction, however you’d kid yourself in the event that you would not like to control these cutesy partners.

Similarly as with most restorative things in League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics, it’s not clear how you acquire them, redesign them and so forth. Beneath we’ll disclose all that you have to think about Little Legends so you can start moving in the direction of the one you need.

How to get Little Legends

There are two different ways to acquire Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics at the present time:

TFT Beta Pass

Teamfight Tactics presently has a Beta Pass framework which prizes you with focuses for finishing explicit difficulties. Procure enough focuses and you’ll open levels, which will remunerate you with a restorative thing.

The principal level of the Beta Pass requires 100 points and will remunerate you with a “Starter Little Legend Egg”.

To achieve this level, you’ll have to finish Weekly Missions which will compensate you with 30 to 50 each. These undertakings don’t require much idea, sincerely. They as a rule come down to, “Play X number of Alliances”, or “Achieve X number of rounds in a match”, the kind of stuff you’ll tick off just by making the showing enough.

There’s likewise the Orb of Enlightenment which’ll remunerate you with 80 points like clockwork, simply try to guarantee it each time you sign in. There’s no trick either, it’s essentially an instance of clicking “guarantee” and getting your free focuses. It’s probably Riot’s adaptation of a Daily Login reward until further notice.

Along these lines, the least demanding approach, is to finished one Weekly Mission and guarantee the Orb of Enlightenment consistently.

When you have enough focuses, guarantee the Starter Egg, head to your Loot page and select it. You’ll at that point be given a decision between three unique symbols: Sentinel Runespirit, Soft-nosed Molediver and Demacian Silverwing.

Spend Riot Points

Right now, in the event that you need to open each and every Legend and start overhauling your current gathering, spending Riot Points is your lone choice.

Little Legend Eggs can be found in the “Plunder” area of the Riot Store.

Here are every one of the Eggs, Little Legends and groups you can buy:

  • 10 + 1 Bonus Little Legends Series 1 Rare Eggs – 4,900 RP
  • 10 + 1 Bonus Little Legends Series 2 Rare Eggs – 4,900 RP
  • Little Legends Series 1 Rare Egg – 490 RP
  • Little Legends Series 2 Rare Egg – 490 RP
  • Demacian Silverwing Egg + Icon – 750 RP
  • Liquid Furyhorn Egg + Icon – 750 RP
  • Pengu Featherknight Egg + Icon – 750 RP
  • Sentinel Runespirit Egg + Icon – 750 RP
  • Shadow Isles Haunting Egg + Icon – 750 RP
  • Delicate nosed Molediver Egg + Icon – 750 RP

Buy the initial two packages on this rundown and you’ll win 10 Little Legends eggs, close by 1 Bonus egg.

In the event that you buy the Series 1 group, you’ll get Silverwing, Hauntling or Furyhorn variations from each egg.

Buy the Series 2 pack and you’ll get eggs that will bring forth out Featherknight, Molediver or Runespirit variations.

The Little Legends Series 1 and Series 2 single eggs pursue similar standards, however you’ll just get one egg, not 11.

Mob Points aren’t shoddy, and in great smaller scale exchange style, you can’t buy the careful sum required – you’ll need to buy a touch more.

– To get hold of one egg which costs 490 RP, you’ll have to burn through £5 for 730 RP as this is the least sum you can buy.

– If you’re after 4,900 RP, you’ll have to buy the 5110 RP (+370 extra focuses) for £35.

Each Little Legends has a total of six variants or styles, each progressively rarer than the last.

For example, let’s take the Silverwing Little Legend. The first and most common variant is entitled “Demacian”. If we move up a couple of tiers, there are two “Rare” variants entitled “Rosebloom” and “Dawnglow” which retain its core appearance but alter its colour scheme.

Move up a tier to “Epic” and it’ll completely alter Silverwing’s appearance. Finally, there’s a Legendary variant called “Lost” which is a spooky, purple version of Silverwing – very fancy.


How to upgrade Little Legends

Redesigning Little Legends works also to overhauling champions in Teamfight Tactics. You’ll have to win copies so as to expand their star levels, which will make them greater and flashier.

First you’ll have to gain a variation of a Little Legend which you’d like to update. It’s then an instance of purchasing the relating eggs and packages which will give you a shot at acquiring a similar variation.

Not at all like Teamfight Tactics, you needn’t bother with nine copy Little Legends to open the three star variation. Rather, you’ll just need to get three as it’ll star-up once per copy.

When a variation has hit three stars, you won’t get them from any future eggs, so you’ll be bound to get the rest of the variations when you open more eggs from a similar arrangement.

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