Terraria 1.4 Guide to Luck: How to Increase Luck and What it Does

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Terraria 1.4 Guide to Luck

Presented in Terraria’s 1.4 update, Luck is a detail that impacts numerous parts of Re-Logic’s acclaimed sandbox game. In fact, players that need to expand their one of a kind thing drops, uncommon adversary brings forth, and Fairies in Terraria 1.4 should build their Luck, and this guide will cover precisely how that is done and broadly expound on what is influenced by the detail.

Garden Gnomes In Terraria 1.4

Being almost a Garden Gnome concedes good Luck.

Ladybug Luck In Terraria 1.4

Coming into contact with a customary ladybug that has been discharged awards good Luck for 12 minutes, and coming into contact with a brilliant ladybug that has been discharged awards good Luck for 24 minutes. Then again, killing a standard ladybug allows misfortune for three minutes, and killing a brilliant ladybug gives misfortune for six minutes. Angling with a ladybug considers murdering it.

Lantern Nights In Terraria 1.4

Lamp Nights award good Luck in all areas.

Luck Potions In Terraria 1.4

Devouring a Lesser Luck Potion, Luck Potion, and Greater Luck Potion will expand Luck for three, five, and 10 minutes individually. Elixirs don’t stack.

Torch Luck In Terraria 1.4

Being close to a Torch put in the relating biome, or holding one in the comparing biome, concedes good Luck. There is no awful Torch Luck in Terraria 1.4, as of May 20, and here is a rundown of the favored biomes for each kind of Torch:

  • Light: Does not concede Luck
  • Bone Torch: All biomes aside from Corruption, Crimson, Desert, Hallow, Jungle, and Snow
  • Coral Torch: Ocean profundities
  • Desert Torch: Desert, Underground Desert
  • Consecrated Torch: Hallow, Underground Hallow
  • Ice Torch: Snow, Underground Snow
  • Wilderness Torch: Jungle, Underground Jungle
  • Degenerate Torch: Corruption, Underground Corruption
  • Reviled Torch: Corruption, Underground Corruption
  • Blood red Torch: Crimson, Underground Crimson
  • Ichor Torch: Crimson, Underground Crimson


With the approaches to build Luck in Terraria 1.4 set up, it is currently time to plunge into what the detail does. To put things essentially, a player that has augmented their Luck has twofold the opportunity of seeing certain things, NPCs, and adversaries, and a player that has limited their Luck has around a large portion of the opportunity of seeing those equivalent things. Furthermore, a player’s harm is impacted by Luck as a rule, and here is a rundown of some particular things influenced by the detail:

  • Material drop rates
  • Special thing drop rates
  • Hearts and Mana Star drop rates
  • Uncommon adversary brings forth
  • Pixie generates

To take note of, this is definitely not a thorough rundown of everything affected by Luck in Terraria 1.4, yet it should make one thing very clear: the detail really affects ongoing interaction. In that capacity, players should make a point to have an assortment of Torches, Potions, and Garden Gnomes available as they take on Terraria 1.4’s new supervisors and proceed with their investigation.

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