Upgrade Priority for TH11 in Clash Of Clans 2019

Welcome individual clashers. Today we are going to examine what you should update first at TH11. TH11 has changed totally. A great deal of stuff was included. For this manual for bode well you should be a pushed to the limit TH10. We should feel free to get into the guide.

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Getting New Buildings

As another TH11, you do get some new structures and those new structures should be your main need. You get The Grand Warden. I suggest getting Grand Warden on the very beginning since it is a moment fabricate. The Grand Warden level one is a flat out monster. He truly improves your assaults and you ought to empty solution into Granden Warden as quickly as time permits.

With amazing superintendent, you get another gun, another toxophilite tower, another wizard tower, another x-bow, and bird mounted guns. Every one of them will be level one and it is exceedingly prescribed that you should update those barriers to Town Hall 10 max dimension. Make them coordinate with rest of your structures.

Get your Eagle Artillery. Hawk Artillery level one is sufficient until further notice. Try not to go to level two. Put your Eagle Artillery amidst the base and you are going to adore it. It is a super monster and dependent on the measurements it is most valuable structure that you can put down onto your base as another TH11. Make sure to get that dimension one Eagle Artillery as ahead of schedule as would be prudent. Trust me, it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

Notwithstanding every one of these things, you get some new dividers and some new snares. Get those dividers when you can on the grounds that the more dividers you have the better plan you can make.

Getting hostile


No.1 need whenever you begin another Town Hall is a research facility. The research facility gives you new troop levels and that is completely precious. It gives you a superior shot of being a superior assailant. Redesign your research facility on the very first moment it is certainly a main need.

Army Camps

At TH11 you get another military camp dimension for every one of the four of your military camps that expands your all out armed force to 260 in contrast with 240 at TH10. It is extremely decent in light of the fact that you can carry more troops to your assaults and that is important. So overhaul your camps as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances.


This overhaul is enormous on the grounds that this opens The Electro Dragon. The Electro Dragon is a monstrous brute and he is so incredible so I prescribe overhauling one of the sleeping quarters at any given moment toward the start of TH11.


Both gold and remedy stockpiles will get one progressively level at TH11. These redesigns increment your capacity ability to 10 million. You have to update the stockpiles to max a portion of the structures and troops.

Grand Warden

You previously got dimension one superintendent yet you need to get this person to level 5 with the goal that you can utilize the capacity which makes the troops safe for few moments. Each five dimension you add to Grand Warden, the more drawn out his Eternal Tomb capacity keeps going.


Legends are very significant for winning assaults against your individual maxed TH11s. Level 50 legends are vital to three gazing maxed TH11s.

Getting protective

Clan Castle

Redesigning your faction stronghold is gigantic. This time you won’t get additional troop limit as you have previously however at this point you can bring an additional spell. Prior you had the option to bring one like the toxic substance spell, tremor spell, and stop spell. Presently you can bring two. Regardless of whether it’s two toxin spells, two scramble spells or some other dim spell or you can bring one mixture spell like recuperate spell or anger spell or hop spell.

This overhaul is gigantic on the grounds that it truly opens up the conceivable outcomes in your assaulting so I prescribe to update CC as quickly as time permits.

Eagle Artillery to level two

Obviously, it is a brute and merits a no.1 spot. Bird Artillery covers the entire base. It has only a little no-fire zone. It has a colossal effect and it merits updating.

Inferno Towers

Inferno towers can consume the guests and intruders in a matter of moments. They are a solid safeguard and you should max them when you can.

Air Defenses

Useful for shielding against LavaLoon, Queen Walk, Dragons, and other air troops. You going to be assaulted by a great deal of air troops when you advance so complete them at the earliest opportunity.


Maxed Eagle Artillery, Inferno towers, and X-bows can give you a mental success over the trespasser. The vast majority of the ranchers will avoid a base with maximized Eagle, Inferno and X bow. X-quits a colossal range so they merit overhauling.

Wizard Towers

Useful for safeguarding against air troops like Balloons and even bat spells. Their sprinkle harm can demolish a digger, inflatable or hoard assault.

Archer Towers

They have great range and DPS. They merit investing energy and gold.

Bomb Towers

A decent cautious structure. Great against ground troops, for example, diggers, swines and goliaths.


Help you guard against witch assaults and voracious ranchers. Mortars secure your town against Barch, GiBarch and Goblin assaults.


Guns complete a decent measure of harm to ground troops. Their job in shielding can’t be disregarded.


Hidden Tesla and other traps

Shrouded teslas can be a decent amazement to the guests. They can kill a great deal of troops like a flash. Rest of the snares are likewise imperative to shield your base.


Dividers improve your base look and can hinder the ground armed force. They merit updating and it is prescribed to continue emptying your additional gold into your dividers every once in a while.

That is totally supportive of today. Let me know in remarks in the event that I missed something. Conflict On!

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