Valorant Sage Guide: How to Play Sage

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In case you’re somebody who preferences assuming a progressively strong job in legend based shooters, at that point Sage is likely the one for you. She’s a circle throwing fight doctor who can make easing back fields, and excitingly, dividers which will square adversary assaults or escapes. They’ll likewise work very well as meager heights to help you partners get the drop on adversaries with startling edges.

Beneath we’ll separate how every last bit of her capacities work, and stay tuned for legitimate procedure counsel once we’ve gone hands on with the game!

How to play Sage in Valorant

Here’s a brief glance at all of her capacities and how we envision they’ll prove to be useful.

Signature Ability – Healing Orb

Sage will throw out a circle that will recuperate a partner or yourself to full wellbeing over a couple of moments. A straightforward capacity which will prove to be useful if it is possible that you or a partner need to get once more into the quarrel, yet would prefer not to get dinked to the ground in one shot since you have no wellbeing.

Ultimate Ability – Resurrection

This current one’s quite straightforward – focus on an inviting body and after a brief pause, restore them with full wellbeing. It will be incredible for bringing partners again into fight, particularly in case you’re deficient in numbers. We can see it being utilized as an incredible method for dodging one on one circumstances in case you’re the sole survivor, or toppling an adversary group’s economy in case you’re ahead.

Purchasable Ability 1 – Slow Orb

This’ll cast out a radianite sphere that breaks into an easing back field after hitting the ground. All trapped in the field are eased back, grounded, and make commotion while moving. It’s unmistakable this will demonstrate a helpful zoning instrument and one which doesn’t simply cloud vision yet will spell calamity for anybody made up for lost time in it. Maybe it’ll work pleasantly with another operator’s vision concealing capacity, as the adversary may not understand they’re strolling straight into a snare.


Purchasable Ability 2 – Barrier Orb

Buy this capacity and you’ll have the option to invoke a huge, strong divider. Right-snap and you’ll pivot the divider before throwing. In addition to the fact that this is extraordinary for blocking chokepoints or persuasively isolating foe groups, it’s additionally going to be splendid for picking up rise. Utilize this under a partner and it’ll give them some additional tallness, ideal for hopping to concealed spots, or for holding unimaginably solid plots for a brief timeframe.

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