Where to find all 100 of the hidden action figures locations in GTA Online

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Where to find all 100 of the hidden action figures

On the off chance that you’re searching for a collectibles challenge, at that point you’ve discovered one here, as there’s an incredible 100 GTA Online activity figures covered up around San Andreas. No, we haven’t committed an error, Rockstar truly distributed one hundred concealed things over the island! Fortunately these activity figures are significantly bigger than the past GTA Online playing a game of cards collectibles which makes them somewhat simpler to spot, anyway you’re despite everything going to need to investigate regions off the fundamental courses to follow them all down. On the off chance that you’re prepared to set out on another fortune chase in GTA Online, at that point look at the data underneath and jump on the path of those GTA Online activity figures.

To commence the quest for these GTA Online activity figures

“Hello, u dont know me yet Lester gave me ur number. I run the no-nonsense comic store on obscuration and the previous evening my foe took like my entire assortment of mint condition activity figures and afterward he reacted to my lifeinvader crisis status and he resembled LMAO ULL NVR FIND THEM so I went to the police yet they just chuckled like a great deal. In any case can u plz discover them for me? On the off chance that u do I’ll connect u with the great crap.”

As should be obvious in the screen over, the GTA Online activity figures are quite simple to spot once you’re in the correct area, and they additionally shine to help feature where they are. There are different various characters to discover, including Impotent Rage and Princess Robot Bubblegum, and each reacts with a suitable soundbite once got by strolling into them. So now you realize what you’re searching for, it’s a great opportunity to get out there and begin gathering.

GTA Online Action Figures Rewards


You might be taking a gander at the assignment of discovering every one of the 100 GTA Online activity figures, and thinking about what the purpose of doing everything is, which is reasonable thinking about the extent of the inquiry. Indeed, not exclusively will you win a sizeable piece of RP and money by following them down , however once you have the total set you can make a beeline for the Hardcore Comic Store to get a prize that cash can’t purchase – a total Impotent Rage hero outfit, with coordinating Impotent Rage hair style!

Also Unlock the Following Eight Decorations

  • Smaller than normal Alien
  • Smaller than normal Beast
  • Smaller than normal Impotent Rage
  • Smaller than normal Pogo
  • Smaller than normal Princess Robot Bubblegum
  • Smaller than normal Commander
  • Smaller than normal Space Ranger
  • Smaller than normal Sasquatch


GTA Online Action Figures Map

The above guide shows the areas for each of the 100 GTA Online activity figures, which you should tap on to extend and maybe download a duplicate of so you can separate the collectibles as you go. Note that there are really 98 ordinary markers and one bigger marker, as it appears the last two activity figures that are found on and inside wreckages at the plane scrapyard southeast of Sandy Shores don’t show up until you’ve discovered the other 98 collectibles. Good karma, and glad chasing!

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