The Witcher 3: The Best Weapons and Armor

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All through your excursion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’ll run over an assortment of weapons and covering, all of which have diverse rewards of advantages that accompany them. Right now the best weapons and protective layer in The Witcher 3, we’ll be directing you through how to obtain tip top weapons like the Griffin School Gear, the Ursine School Gear, and different things like the Aerondight sword.

In the event that you rather required whatever else identifying with the game, at that point make certain to look at our broad Witcher 3 aides walkthrough center point, including total journey walkthroughs, just as the areas of incredible Witcher gear outlines.

Witcher 3 Best Weapons

The discussion about the best weapon in any game is a natural one. Players are continually hoping to get that little edge that will put them over the top and see them rout their adversaries. Here and there the discussion is an exceptionally straightforward one with an unmistakable champ, and afterward different occasions it’s progressively confounded. With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the conversation is increasingly convoluted, however such that will profit you under any conditions. How about we start with the best weapons in the game:

  • Gesheft Silver Sword
  • Griffin Steel Sword – Mastercrafted
  • Bloodsword
  • Ofieri Saber
  • Dark Unicorn Relic Steel Sword
  • Shrew Relic Silver Sword
  • Aerondight

Best Weapons and Armor Stats

Picking the best shield and weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is about play style. On the off chance that you don’t utilize your signs frequently you may favor the Ursine School Gear for most extreme assurance. In the event that you rely vigorously upon your signs, maybe the Griffin School Gear is best for you. In case you’re similar to us and favor something lighter, depending more on your development to assist you with winning battles, the Cat School Gear may be the best approach. Obviously, each sort of rigging has four varieties (Basic, Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted), and what one you use will rely upon what level your witcher is at.

Beneath you’ll locate a table that will give you what level you can begin utilizing each sort of shield at. For instance, when you hit level 30 you will have the option to specialty and wear the mastercrafted variety of the Feline School Gear. This incorporates chest reinforcement, gauntlets, pants and boots. Obviously, you should have the graphs that are required to make this apparatus, and you can discover connections to the entirety of their areas on the correct side of this page. If it’s not too much trouble additionally note that the subsequent table shows at what level you can begin utilizing every sword type at. They follow a similar fundamental thought as the protective layer, with each apparatus set having four distinct varieties.

Variation Griffin School Armor Feline School Armor Ursine School Armor
Basic 8 14 17
Enhanced 15 20 22
Superior 22 26 27
Mastercrafted 31 31 31


Variation Griffin School Swords Feline School Swords Ursine School Swords
Basic 7 14 15
Enhanced 14 19 21
Superior 21 25 26
Mastercrafted 30 30 30


Witcher 3 Griffin School Gear

As we referenced over, the Griffin School Gear is about your sign force. In the event that you are somebody who likes to pummel your enemies Igni and Aard, this apparatus set will furnish you with that chance. It won’t give you as much assurance as the Ursine School Gear, yet you shouldn’t require it given that you’re an ace of enchantment. Make certain to mirror your decision in gear by altering your character customization alternatives with the goal that your attention is on utilizing your signs.

Witcher 3 Feline School Gear

This is effectively our preferred apparatus set. Some portion of that has to do with what it looks like, and the other part is a result of the advantages it gives in battle. The Cat School Gear doesn’t furnish you with a similar degree of insurance that you get from The Ursine (Bear) School Gear, yet it allows you to recoup stamina all the more rapidly. This implies you can utilize your signs all the more regularly, yet they won’t be as extreme as though you utilized the Griffin School Gear. It likewise benefits your play style if the way to deal with your battle experiences is about development. As opposed to depend on Geralt having the option to take a great deal of discipline, this rigging is appropriate for individuals who like to avoid and turn off the beaten path when their adversary assaults.

Witcher 3 Ursine School Gear

Next is the Bear (Ursine) School Gear, and it’s everything about having the option to take insane measures of harm when you’re in a battle. It gives most extreme insurance, yet you surrender the stamina recovery that you appreciate with the Feline School Gear. In any case, you could utilize speculative chemistry to tip the scales further in support of you, hurling bombs and scouring your swords with oils to cause your enemies more harm. In case you’re a major fanatic of utilizing loads of signs while you’re in battle, you might need to skirt this rigging.

Witcher 3 Aerondight Sword

To get this world class weapon, you’ll need to right off the bat claim the Blood and Wine development for The Witcher 3, and you’ll at that point need to attempt the mission called There Can Only be One, which can be found on any notification board in Toussaint. Next, you’ll have to finish the entirety of the accompanying missions, just as finishing them with the subtleties that we’ve noted down beside every one:

  • May You Endure until the very end – Solve the debate between the two apparitions, and at the finish of the mission, select the ‘really, only a conjugal spat’ discussion alternative.
  • Father Knows Worst – Save the sibling inside the house, and afterward pick the ‘nobody kicks the bucket, not today’ discussion choice.
  • Major Game Hunter – Ask the watchmen about the Count’s life, and afterward pick the choice to go to his presentation.
  • Go to Face the Strange – You don’t need to finish this mission, however you do need to give the ambassador a tip when he conveys the note from Yennefer.
  • Feet as Cold as Ice – Once you’re inside the journey and the Knight begins conversing with you, pick the ‘take the doomed head, return to Beauclair’ choice.

Witcher 3 Vitis Steel Sword/Toussaint Armor

There’s just a single method to get this weapon and reinforcement set, and it’s completely conceivable to miss it when you’re attempted the Night of the Long Fangs journey in the Blood and Wine DLC extension. You’ll initially need to pick the alternative to follow Syanna, and once you’re in the dream land, you’ll have to head towards the tall stone pinnacle, generally in the center of the center point zone.

Head towards the southern side of the pinnacle, where you’ll locate a little lake. Close to the lake will be the body of a fallen knight, totally wearing Toussaint Armor and conveying the Vitis steel sword, the two of which are presently yours for the taking.


Witcher 3 Gesheft Silver Sword

You’ll have to get a chart to create Gesheft, which you can then just prepare once Geralt is level 45 or above, and you’ll have to possess the Blood and Wine development for The Witcher 3. Go to north east Beauclair, past the Dun Tynne Crossroads, and past the waterway bank. Presently enter the close by Monster Den, and continue heading left, until you go to a little open air fire almost a stalagmite. There’s a chest beside the stalagmites, which contains the graph expected to create the Gesheft silver sword.

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