Witcher 3: How to Farm Red Mutagen (2020)

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Out of the numerous ways that Witcher 3 offers you to enable Geralt, one of the most intense are mutagens, things that permit you to enormously improve your own battle centered capacities.

Where to Get Red Mutagens

Tragically there’s no foes who can be ensured to drop these mutagens, yet some are more inclined to doing as such than others. Supervisors specifically will in general drop them when murdered, however they never respawn, and along these lines cultivating them isn’t generally an alternative after that first slaughter. In any case, we found that Dead Drowned and Arachas were marginally more common than most, and that Nekkers were a nearby second.

How to Farm Red Mutagens

Two known cultivating strategies for red mutagens have emerged since Witcher 3 was discharged, one including murdering a Fiend in Crookback Bog, and the other including chasing Drowned Dead along the banks of Skellige.

In any case, the Fiend has since been fixed out of the game, implying that players who wish to cultivate should utilize the Drowned Dead technique. To do as such, quick travel to the Whale Graveyard in Skellige, over the island from Kaer Trolde.

Once there, you’ll promptly be assaulted by Drowned Dead, basically simply increasingly amazing renditions of Drowners. Use Igni to keep them down and put Necrophage Oil on your sword for included harm. There are two gatherings, one by the Signpost, and another some path up the coast by the messed up wreck of a vessel. Murder every one of them and plunder their bodies. They drop a wide range of lesser mutagens, including red ones. It’s not ensured, however we discovered you could get a couple of lesser red mutagens each time. When they’re all dead, discover a spot some way off to ponder and skip time forward for at any rate two days, or quick travel to an alternate locale and back. The Drowned Dead should’ve respawned, permitting you to cultivate them once more.


How to Craft Red Mutagens

The option is to create your own mutagens in the speculative chemistry menu, however you can just do this with the Blood and Wine DLC. By heading off to the vendor in Hauteville, Toussaint, players can purchase recipes that tell the best way to transform other green and blue mutagens into red ones. These both require the Rubedo fixing just as Winter Cherries, however in any event, realizing what’s required, you’ll despite everything need to purchase the recipe to have the option to make them.

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